Respring is not a new term if you are using a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Most of the tweaks respring your device post installation. This is required to place all the tweak files to their respective destination and set them active for usability. There are also some tweaks that require a full reboot in order to activate the tweak.

When the device resprings, we just see an Apple logo. There’s no harm in that, but if we have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad we need customization in each and everything. To add a personalized touch to respring screen, there is a Cydia tweak called RespringProgress.

Add Progress Bar To The Respring Screen on iPhone with RespringProgress Cydia Tweak

The tweak simply adds a progress bar on the respring screen below Apple logo. There are no preferences or settings to be adjusted or configured. It is also very small in size and hardly takes a couple of minutes to download and install. Make sure you are using Jailbroken iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad. The tweak is not compatible with earlier iOS version.

The only drawback according to me is that the tweak is not free. You’ll need to pay $0.99 to get your hands on this tweak. Almost one dollar just to get a progress bar does not seem to be a smart purchase. There are no other advantages apart from the visual progress bar.

The tweak also displays a status bar after loading necessary daemons when rebooting your iPhone or iPad. RespringProgress is available on BigBoss repo in Cydia.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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