MiniPower Cydia Tweak to Turn Off iPhone and iPad

Additional Way to Turn Off your iPhone/iPad [MiniPower Cydia Tweak]

Note: Minipower Cydia Tweak works only on iOS 9 running iPhone and iPad

When switching off your iPhone, you don’t have many options – either switch off or restart. We usually don’t need much of them, but it’s good to have a Cydia tweak in this regards, which might come in handy rarely. Thankfully, MiniPower is a recently released tweak that brings additional options to iPhone when you press the power button.

MiniPower Cydia Tweak to Turn Off iPhone and iPad

MiniPower Cydia tweak is available for free on BigBoss repo. After you install the tweak, it will respring your device. There is no preference section of this tweak under Settings app and thus, you’ll not need to configure anything to use this tweak. It will start working on its own.

Now, when you press the power button to turn off your iPhone, you’ll get a floating bar with four different options. You can restart, respring, switch off, and restart in Safe Mode using this options bar. It’s quite obvious that most of the time when we press the power button it is either to wake up our device or to send it to sleep.

The tweak doesn’t offer anything more than this and isn’t useful in day-to-day operations. I personally find this tweak useful for developers or tech-savvy people, who keep trying some or the other thing on their device and need to enter Safe Mode or respring very frequently.

In case you are either of them, you should surely download MiniPower Cydia tweak on your Jailbroken iOS 9. Its size is very compact and hardly takes a couple of minutes to download and install.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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