There isn’t much difference in design and UI of iOS 8 and iOS 9. No matter how efficient and secure iOS is, but it lacks a serious animation and design issues. We have no idea when Apple will address this issue, but we do know that if you have a Jailbroken iPhone with either iOS 8 or iOS 9, then Fingal Cydia tweak will spice things up.

Fingal is a newly launched Cydia tweak that brings the Home Screen icons to life. In simple words, you’ll have animated Home Screen icons. It’s a sweet little tweak to spice up the Home Screen and fall apart from other fellow iPhone users. The tweak is available for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

Animate the iPhone Home Screen Icons with Fingal Cydia Tweak

After you install the tweak, you’ll need to launch the Settings app from Home Screen. By default, the icon theme is set as disabled, you’ll have to manually scroll it to Enabled tab and then respring the device to see the effect.

The built-in icons pack deal with very few apps and don’t look like doing much of a wonder. But you can download other icon packs from Cydia like ShakeIt to make things better. In future, Fingal can work like a platform for theme developers to offer animated icon support for their existing Winterboard themes.

Fingal is surely worth a try if you like to have animations on your Home Screen. And yes, it hardly affects your battery life, because the icons are nothing but the tiny GIF images which keeps playing in the loop while your iPhone Home Screen is active. Above all, it’s completely free, so definitely worth a try.

Price: Free | Repo: ModMyi

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