Apple Watch UI on iPhone,Aeternum Cydia Tweak

Apple Watch UI on iPhone – Aeternum Cydia Tweak

Apple Watch is one of the best seller wearable in the market. there are many unique features about the Apple Watch and one such thing is Apple Watch OS which will differentiate with the other devices in the market. The Apple Watch UI is an amazing thing and many of us liked it. Everyone can’t afford an Apple Watch can experience “Apple Watch UI on iPhone“. Yeah, you heard it right, If you have an iPhone then you can get Apple Watch UI on it.

Apple devices come with limitations which you can overcome with the help of jailbreaking it. You can jailbreak your device which will install Cydia on it so that you can enjoy several tweaks to change to change the way your device looks like tweaking Lock Screen, Notification Center and much more. You can experience Apple Watch UI on iPhone with the help of Aeternum Cydia Tweak.

The most loved part of the Apple Watch is the UI which fits beautifully on the small screen without cluttering the user experience. Many users asked us to write a guide on “How to get Apple Watch UI on iPhone” and we are here to help you out. To try out our guide, you need a Jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. So make sure that you jailbreak your device and If you are running iOS 8.3 follow our guide to Jailbreak iOS 8.3.

There are a number of Cydia tweaks out there which promises to bring Apple Watch UI to iPhone and most of them fail miserably and Aeternum comes into play here as it delivers what it promises. It will change the overall UI of your iPhone into Apple Watch UI and that too in HD which is an amazing thing.

Apple Watch UI on iPhone,Aeternum Cydia Tweak
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Apple Watch UI on iPhone – Aeternum Cydia Tweak

Many users know about the Aeternum Cydia Tweak as it is around the corner from the past few months. After the recent iOS 8.3 Jailbreak developers updated it to support iOS 8.3 to avoid compatibility issues. You can get the Apple Watch UI by installing the tweak.

There are many cool features about the tweak which will make Aeternum Cydia Tweak stand out of the crowd. It has a built-in feature to enlarge the icons of frequently used applications as it will make the user experience even more comfortable. It will also add a new feature rich Spotlight button on your Home Screen to make your search experience smooth and fast.

Features of Aeternum Cydia Tweak

  1. Full featured Apple Watch UI on iPhone.
  2. You can rearrange the icons easily.
  3. User & Battery friendly.
  4. Enable or Disable the UI with Activator gestures and  many more.

How to Install Aeternum Cydia Tweak

  • Open “Cydia” application on your device.
  • Search for “Aeternum Cydia Tweak” in Cydia and Install it.
  • The tweak costs around $2.99 and you need to buy it or you can try it using our list of cracked Cydia sources before buying.

That’s it you have enabled Apple Watch UI on iPhone with the help of Aeternum Cydia Tweak. Do share your feedback and queries using comments.