ASBlur Cydia Tweak

ASBlur Cydia Tweak: Get the Blur Effect in iPhone App Switcher

We all tend to have one of such friends who peeks on our shoulder and checks what activities we do on our iPhone. The things cannot be public all the time. You might have confidential emails or personal messages, which you like to keep personal. Things can be little frustrating when you open the App Switcher and at the same time, you have your gossiping friend over your shoulder to see all of your past activities.

Good news is that if you have Jailbroken your iPhone, then a newly released Cydia tweak can help you in such situations. It’s called ASBlur and it is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. There aren’t much of configurations to be done after you install the tweak.

ASBlur Cydia Tweak

Once you have installed the tweak, it starts performing instantly. By default, all the apps are set to blur when you invoke the App Switcher. It means that you’ll just see the name of the app on the top while the content of the app is completely blurred. So even if you have your irritating friend over your shoulders, he will just see the name of the app you recently visited but not the content.

Inside preferences of the tweak under Settings app, you can enable/disable the tweak. Apart from that, you can also select apps you don’t wish to blur out. As said earlier, there are no advanced level configurations to be done to use this tweak. It certainly is worth the download, keeping in mind the privacy you get.

On a closing note, a free tweak that protects the privacy is always welcome. Above all, you can trick your friend as well to see his expression when he finds no stuff to gossip about.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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