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Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8

Cydia is growing day by day with a huge number of tweaks uploaded every day. Cydia tweaks are used to customize the device without any issues from the beginning and there are a number of amazing tweaks which are available out there. We have recently covered  articles on best cydia tweaks and Best Cydia lock screen tweaks exclusively for iOS 8 users. As we covered the lost of tweaks to customize lock screen and now we decided to do the same for notification center too with our list of best notification center tweaks for iOS 8. You can enhance the functions of the notification center and can customize it to its max.

As Apple has made many improvements in iOS 8 which also include revamped Notification center although it is revamped you can make the most out of it with the help of cydia tweaks. The default notification center on iOS 8 is simply superb and you can make it even more better. Most of the users reported that some of the tweaks which worked on iOS 7 are not working on iOS 8 so we thought of making a list of compatible notification center tweaks iOS 8.

Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8

We compiled this list which contains not only compatible one’s but also the best cydia tweaks for notification center for all iOS 8 versions. We have tried our best to write the info about the tweaks and how they can help you in customizing your notification center on iOS 8. You can do many things with the help of notification center tweaks ranging from calling your favorite ones to launching your favorite apps without abandoning your current application or work on your i-Device.

All the tweaks listed here are working on all devices ranging from iPhone 4 to latest iPhone 6 and iPad Mini, iPad Air, etc.

Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2

#1.Notification Killer

Notification Killer is a must have notification center cydia tweak which we recommend every one to install right away on your devices. Notification Center keeps you updated with the notifications from applications which may make it clumsy and messy. It also kills your precious time as you need to manually remove notifications of each application. Hugh !! My notification center looks clumsy with just 20-30 notifications imagine if you have hundreds of notifications, Scary isn’t it ??

To make things a bit more easier and to save your precious time the tweak named Notification Killer which will help you to remove all notification at once. The tweak is compatible with iOS 7 too. All you need us to tap on Today/Notification on iOS 8 and Today/All/ on iOS 7 to remove all notifications at once.


If you need to take a small note of things you want to purchase in Memo and You need to navigate away from your current application to save it. But there is no need from now on. NCMemo is a cydia tweak which is designed to help you take any notes right in the notification center.

You can play with the tweak settings and can change the background color, font size and many more. The tweak incorporates quick functions Cut, Copy and replace.


NCSingleTapClear is another cydia tweak which is similar to Notification Killer which makes your Notification center clean. After installing tweak there is no need of clicking twice on individual notifications to delete  you can tap just once to delete the tweak. You can clear the notifications instantly.


This little tweak will show the geek inside you and changes the way your notification center look like. It displays the available ram, free space and network speed in your notification center. You can customize the way it looks from fonts and colors of icons. At present the tweak is incompatible with iPad models.


If you are using a lot of widgets in Notification center then I bet that your device notification center looks clumsy with the headings of the widgets and if you thought to remove them if you have chance then noNCheader cydia tweak is designed for you. If you like a minimal NC then this tweak is designed for you.

You can remove the headings of the widgets although we don’t recommend this tweak for newbies as you might get confused. This tweak will help you to achieve a minimal and clutter free notification center experience.


HideMe8 is another amazing Notification Center Cydia Tweak available for iOS 8. It will help you to hide any UI element which is seen on notification center. You can hide from the separator or date with just a few taps from the settings menu. You can hide unnecessary elements from your notification center.

#7.Share Widget iOS 8

Users used to send tweets and Facebook status updates directly from the notification center but the feature is missing in the latest iOS 8 and people are missing the feature badly. Developers understand the feelings of the users and developed Share Widget for iOS 8 cydia tweak.

The tweak enables a share widget in the notification center with the icons of your favorite sites and all you need is just tap on the site icon and update or tweet on the go. You can enjoy the feature once you start using it.

#8.NCBrowser 8

The name says it all, When you want to search something you need t go to the browser app and start searching which will kill your time incase if you are in hurry. This tweak will help you browse right away from your notification center without the need of opening your browser. All you need to do is swipe down the notification center and navigate to browser tab and tada !!!

The tweak also features a bunch of other useful features like back/forward button, Lock screen support, Animations, and many more. It will give you a new browsing experience right from your notification center.

#9.Notification Keeper

Notification Keeper offers some amazing settings to tweak your notification center so that you can manage it even more better. You can access all the notification in DND mode too without any worries. The tweak comes with a settings panel from where you can tweak the NC. The tweaks come with settings like clear all notifications at once, Don’t allow certain apps to show notifications and many more.


NCObey will change the way you use NC on your device. The tweak is designed to enhance the user experience with notification center. You can set the default page which you want to visit every time you open your notification center which is a good thing. You can use gestures to navigate the notification center while pulling it down. You can swipe down or right or left to change the view of your notification center.

You can switch views of the notification center with just a swipe of your finger. The tweak will help your NC navigation even better.

The above are the Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8 which will enhance your Notification center. Do comment your best  notification center tweaks for iOS 8 so that we can add them to our list. Do share the article if it helped you.

Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone/iPad

Cydia is one of the best way to customize a jailbroken i-Device as it gives the flexibility of making the device the way you want by using a number of Cydia Tweaks which are available for free as well as paid. iOS 8 brought a lot of improvements in terms of features and looks. The lockscreen on iOS 8 looks simple and beautiful still you can make it look even more sexier with the help of Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks for your iPhone/iPad. We have covered a guide on “Best 60 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8” which contains a huge list of Cydia tweaks which one can’t miss.

As we got bored with the lock screen of our iPhone’s and iPad’s, We thought of playing a bit with the Lock screen Cydia tweaks which are available for iOS 8. As we started testing out the tweaks we got curious and tried many tweaks and thought of making a list of best iOS 8 lock screen cydia tweaks which will help you all.

Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone

We have covered the best tweaks which will make your lock screen even more amazing and You can do a lot with your lock screen too with the help of these tweaks. All the tweaks we listed in this guide are our personal choice we listed them after trying a bunch of lock screen tweaks available for iOS on our i-Devices which includes an iPad Mini, iPhone 5s and iPod. Let’s jump into our list of best lock screen tweaks for iPhone/iPad.

Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone/iPad

You need to have a Jailbroken iPad or iPhone to try these tweaks. You can’t install iOS 8 lock screen tweaks without jailbreak because they are exclusively available over cydia for jailbroken devices and installing them on non-jailbreak devices is impossible.

#1.Sleek Code

Sleek Code is one of the best and unique lock screen tweak available for iOS 8 which we came across. Sleek Code does a pretty good job as it enhances the way your lock screen looks. You can change the way your lock screen looks with the help of pre-built settings of the tweak.

You can also tweak your lock screen by removing rings which are present around number and modify the buttons which are located at the bottom of lock screen. You need to respring or reboot your device every time you tweak the settings of the Sleek Code so that changes will take effect. You can respring the device with the help of shortcut button available within the tweak itself.

#2.AndroidLock XT – Top iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen

If you switch for an droid to an i-Device and missing the android pattern lock which you are used to. Then we have the solution, “AndroidLock XT” is the most used lockscreen cydia tweak to get look and features of Android Pattern Lock on iPhone or iPad. The beauty of the tweak is that the lock screen looks like an Android lock screen and you won’t notice any difference.

AndroidLock XT offers more security as you can try a number of patterns to lock your device which are hard to crack and guess by your friends. The tweak is more comfortable and easy to use when compared to default pass code lock on iPhone. You can change the pattern anytime you want by navigating to the settings where the tweak is located.


Convergence is another cool iOS 8 lock screen cydia tweak. Unlike most other tweaks this tweak which make your lock screen even more beautiful and your day productive. The tweak will transform the way you use your lock screen. You can customize your lock screen with toggles to access different applications right away from your lock screen.

You can also change the default look of the lock screen which comes with the tweak with the help of settings panel. As we mentioned you can make your day even more productive with the help of toggles. The theme makes the lock screen cool and trendy.


LockGlyph is one of the best lock screen tweaks available for touch id devices. The tweak adds the paytouch animation on your lock screen so that you can visualize the animation when you unlock your device using your finger print. You can also hear the confirmation audio after you unlock your device.

Though the tweak makes the touch id experience cool but it will take around 2 seconds to unlock your device. You can enable or disable the tweak anytime from your settings application. The tweak will work perfectly on all devices which have a touch ID.


BerryC8 is one of the best lock screen launcher cydia tweak which is updated and available for iOS 8 devices. The tweaks work as a launcher straight from your lock screen. The developer developed the tweak specially for devices which posses touch ID feature and we tested on normal devices and it worked flawlessly.

If you want to stay productive you can use the lockscreen to launch as many as upto 12 apps and you can customize them too. You can also certain number of apps per page which make the overall experience clutter free and easy.


LockSpeed is one of the amazing lock screen cydia tweaks for iOS 8. The tweaks will make it a lot more easier to call your loved one’s without the need of unlocking the device. The LockSpeed tweak will help you to add up to 9 contacts to your lock screen and you can call them straight away from your lock screen.

All you need is to swipe on the left end of the screen which will show the images of your favorite contacts. The only thing which we find risky is that one’s privacy is at stake and it can help in emergency cases too.

#7.Forecast – Best lock screen for IOS 8 

If you are living in places which is having unstable weather or want to check the live updates of the weather while you are on your date then “Forecast” is your must have lock screen cydia tweak. The tweak is what the name is it will forecast the weather on your lock screen. You can also check the future weather forecasts too right from your lock screen.

Another amazing feature the “Forecast” tweaks offers is, You can replace the wallpaper of your home or lock screen with an animated one which will match with the current weather conditions. You don’t feel it like a separate tweak it looks the same way as the stock app.


Spin is an amazing lock screen cydia tweak for music buffs. Spin tweak does an amazing thing by replacing the lock screen when you are listening to music which makes the experience even more better. You can get a glimpse on the track details and album art with controls on the lock screen itself. It will look amazing on large devices.

The tweak comes with gesture control to play/pause songs and you can hold the artwork which will launch the music application.

#9.IntelliScreenX 8

If you ask a question in any forum or community about “Which is the best Lock Screen cydia tweak?” I bet that you will get the answer “IntelliScreenX 8” which is not only the best lock screen tweak for iOS 8 but also one of the most used tweak. The tweaks make the most out of your lock screen with a wide range of features offered by the tweak.

By using IntelliScreenX 8 tweak you can do many things right from your lock screen which are using emails or having fun by commenting on your friends Facebook post and many more. The tweak enhances the overall user interface and makes the iOS experience even more smarter. There are a number of options to customize your lock screen from the settings of the tweak.

#10.AppBox 8 – Lock Screen for Cydis IOS 8

AppBox 8 is next in our list of best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen tweaks. AppBox 8 is one of the best cydia lock screen tweaks it will help you to launch your favorite application right from your lock screen. The feature which we liked the most is that you will be prompted to enter passcode to unlock your device if you try exiting the application.

The tweak also a packs a number of options and features. You will be amazed by the speed of launching your favorite apps without the need of unlocking your device.


LockSmoother+ is one of its kind. You can do a lot more with the help of this you can do many things like removing text from lock screen or carrier logo or signal bar and what not. You can customize everything which is available on the lock screen including Unlock text.

You can tweak anything you want from the settings of the tweak. The tweak comes with four sections like General, Lockpad, Options & Other Options so that you can tweak the settings more easily and fast.


SubtleLock is another lock screen cydia tweak which will help you customize your lock screen its core. You can tweak the font and color of the lock screen. You can also alter the way the slider and clock looks on your lcok screen.

The settings of the tweak which help you customize the looks of your lock screen you can disable or enable the tweak anytime you want. You can design an eye-catching lock screen which will look different from others.

These are our favorite list of “Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone/iPad“. We tried our best to list each and every Cydia Lock Screen tweak which is supported on iOS 8 and above. Incase if you have any recommendations do comment below so that we can add them on our list.

60 Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4 – Top List 2015

Did you jailbreak your iOS 8 Device and looking for some best Cydia tweaks? Well, chill down! you are at the right place. Here is the list of 60 top Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 devices like iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 4,iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c,iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. If you have upgraded to iOS 9, have a look at some of the best Cydia tweaks for your jailbroken iOS 9 device.

Best iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

Here is the list of best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4:

1. Springtomize 3

This is something like an All in one tweak hub. You can perform a wide range of tweaks using this Springtomize3. There are many features like editing Dock, notification bar, changing colors, editing lock screen etc. This is a must have Cydia tweak for iOS 8.

2. Dye:

This will let you customize the color of your Dock, lock screen, notification bar, and a lot more. Settings are pretty simple. There is also an option called “Darken keyboard”, where you can darken the keyboard color to make it look better. To reset the changes made by this tweak you need to tap on the Respiring device.

3. weatherboard:

This gives you a good number of animated weather conditions as the overlay on your wallpaper. You can even set it automatic to your weather conditions so that if it is rainy you will find rain animated overlay on the wallpaper. You can even choose any particularly animated overlay of your wish.

4. App heads:

We normally see Facebook messenger on our devices with chat heads, which overlay on our screen. They are really helpful in switching between the chats. This APP HEADS will let the apps appear in a similar way on your device, making the multi-tasking easy.

5. No tracking:

There are many applications that track our locations, which is a private data of ours.For all those who don’t want their location to be tracked by other applications, “No tracking” is the best solution.

6. Spectral:

Though this is a small teak, it’s an interesting one. While listening to music if you open the lock screen, this app will blur the album pic on the lock screen.

7. Vertex:

This enhances our multi-tasking functionalities. Basically, this is a tweak that gives us extra control over app switcher. You will also get some basic settings on the app switching screen in the form of toggles. You can rearrange those toggles for Auto lock, Airplane mode, Flashlight, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc in it.

8. CyDelete8:

Deleting Cydia packages is made easy using this tweak. This will let you uninstall apps directly from springboard which are visible on the lock screen.

9. 3G unrestricted 5:

This app is built to lift the restrictions set on the iOS devices. With this, you can download applications that are above 100mb and you can even watch the YouTube videos in HD quality.

10. Zeppelin:

This teak will let you change the logo of your carrier. It will provide you a bunch of logos from which you can choose. You can also download few other logos if you want more. This will also let you change the name of your carrier in a simple way.

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11. JellyLock7:

This is an Android sort of launcher which will let us pick apps right away from the lock screen, you can select those apps which you want them to appear on the lock screen. There are also few themes that are available with this jelly lock.

12. colorY0urBoard:

As the name itself says this tweak is related to the keyboard of our iOS 8 devices. If you are bored with using the keyboard in the same color from ages, you can give this a try. You can pick any color from the wide range of available colors. You will see the keyboard color changed in no time without any reboot.

13. Apex 2:

Using apex2 you can make four other apps to hide behind the single application. You just need pre-set those apps which you want to hide behind an application. This is also one of the efficient ways to hide the application on your iOS 8 devices.

14. BattSaver: – Top Cydia Tweak for iOS 8

This tweak helps our battery to stay long. During the idle state, that is after the device is locked many process and services will still be running in the background eating away our battery life. This tweak will disable all the unwanted process after the device got locked.

15. CustomMessages: – Simple Tweak for iOS 8

This app will let you customize your messages screen in a lot better way. You can change the Bubble color, text color of your messages and also the color of bubble and text of the other person. It also fetches your features like adjusting Bubble width, transparency and lot more.

16. Killbackground8:

Using this, you can kill all the processes and applications that are running in the background with a single tap. You can even make the settings excuse few apps that you don’t want to close when all the applications are killed.

17. TetherMe for iOS 8+:

There are few mobile network carriers which will also charge for tethering on iOS devices. Using this Tweak you can use unlimited Tethering for by purchasing this for 5 dollars.

18. BytaFont2 :

This is a like a library of fonts. You can pick any font you wish to appear on your iOS device. There are many good looking fonts from which you can choose the best one.

19. Eclipse:

If you feel that the lowest brightness of your device is also way too bright, then this will really help you. Using this, you can lessen the brightness of the devices even further to the lowest level of iOS 8. This will also save your battery in turn.

20. PriorityHUb:

PriorityHUB organizes your lock screen notifications in an awesome way. You can check notifications from different applications in an organized way. You can even remove all the notifications from a particular application without clearing the notifications from other applications.

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21. PrefDelete:

To delete a tweak we normally want to open Cydia, but using this Pref delete deleting tweaks is made even easy. We just need to go to settings and Hold on the tweak that we wish to remove.

22. Segue :

This gives us amazing transitions while viewing images. There are many transitions available with this, you can choose from  them.

23. OSLite8: iOS 8 cydia Tweak

This increases our device memory by deleting the temporary folders that are created by other applications. Only unwanted files will be detected and deleted by this no other important files will get deleted.

24. stealth cam:

Want to take pictures even when the screen it off ?, well here comes StealthCam for you. All you need to do is, open your camera and then lock the screen. By pressing the volume control buttons you can take any number of pictures you need. Its better if you turn off your capture sounds so that it works perfectly to take pics secretly.

25. Predix:

This is a handy tool to predict the time of battery charging and discharging. To get the battery status you need to tap of status bar. If the device is plugged in it will show you the time it will take to charge completely and if the device is  discharging it you give you the time left for the battery to go down.

26. StatusHUD:

We normally get the Volume control as an overlay on our screen right ?At time it irritates us while watching some videos on our devices. How about having the volume control on your status bar? Cool isn’t it? Using this StatusHD you can have in volume increase and decrease settings on your status bar in a simple way.

27. Guestmode:

in few cases we hesitate to give our device to others, as it many contain some personal things that we don’t want to share. Guestmode is really a helpful tweak, this mode can be enabled my settings GUEST button on the lock screen. Guests will have only limited controls over the device, you can even alter them.

28. Icleaner Pro:

This will help us in removing all the unwanted junk files from our devices.

29. Clex 2 : iOS 8 latest Cydia tweak

This is a whole new way to interact with you iOS 8 device. On your springboard, if you swipe from extreme right you will be displayed the music control panel. If you swipe it from extreme left all the albums and songs will be displayed. You can even enable on lock screen and other applications. It’s just like enabling music panel all over your device.

30. PM,really? :

We all do this mistake of setting AM instead of PM or PM instead of AM while setting up our alarm. So while setting up the alarm, if you have this “PM,really?” on your iOS 8 device it will ask, if that’s what you really wanted to set. This is a real life saver for me, which helped me many times.

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31. Miniplayer:

This will enables you to get the music player over lay on your iOS screen, you can even switch between dark and light themes of it by just a tap on it.

32. BioProtect:

To make this tweak work your device need to have touch ID based unlocker. Using this BioProtect you can enable Touch ID based lock for applications to stop people from spying on you. The best thing about this application is you can even pick the finger print animations and circle colors from its settings.

33. TimePasscode :

So are you forgetting your passcode often but still want to make your passcode complex ? Using this Timepasscode, the time on your device will be your passcode for that moment, as the time changes the passcode changes too

34. Appelancy:

This is a face detection based unlocker, it initially takes and stores multiple pictures of you for easy detection. You can enable it from settings. There are also bunch of settings to play with.

35. Barrel :

if you are bored with using regular animation while switching between the pages, you should definitely try this barrel. This comes with about 10 awesome animations and if you need more you can download them too.

36. Winterboard:

it’s one of the oldest tweaks that we have. There are thousands of themes available on the cydia store and you can get any of them. These themes really add an amazing look to our iOS 8 devices.

37. Senddelay: –

How many times have you sent a message accidentally without your notice? This will create a delay time of your wish, after which the message will be sent. As we can’t Undo a message after being sent, you can use this SENDDELAY instead.

38. Powertap:

This iOS 8 cydia tweak will add some great features to your power button. Initially you need to press and hold the power button. if you tap on the power button that appears on the screen for the first time it will reboot, two times to respiring and three times for save mode. You can even change this order by changing its settings.

39. Snoverlay:

This will let animated snow to appear on your iOS 8 Device. This will appear on lock screen, home screen, on applications and everywhere. It is basically an overlay which means that you will get it on all parts of your iOS device, no matter on which screen you are. But to make it work you need to add the following source Repo:

40. AppelLocker:

This is a sort of application locker, which can be set to any number of individual applications that you wish.

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41. SBflip:

If you are desperate to get landscape mode on your mobile, SBflip is the best solution for you. It really does a fair job is switching between the landscape and portrait modes. This even works on latest iPhone 6. I tried using it and haven’t found any issues with it.

42. Aeternum:

We love Apple watch UI isn’t it? Aeternum will help you to get the best UI of Apple watch. Its pretty fast and simple. I tried using it and fell in love with it <3

43. Facebook++ :

Bored of using Facebook app ? if so, you better install this Facebook++, this will let you to have chat conversations in the same app instead of using separate app for the messaging. You can also find some interesting features like saving your Facebook videos and disabling the SEEN option.

44. BounceNotify8:

This tweak will let the application icons on the dock to bounce if there is any new notifications with them. You can change the number bounces and other settings as you wish from the settings panel.
SafariRefresh: using this you can refresh your page on safari web browser just by pulling the screen down. You can also get the similar tweak for mail application.

45. SwipeSelection:

In all of our iOS devices,if we have to go to a particular place while typing a sentence we have to press hold our finger and then move the cursor to any of the place required. Using this swipe selection you just need to swipe across your keyboard and that’s it you can move your cursor anywhere of the sentence

46. PowerInformer:

By default the Low battery notification is set to a level on all of our iOS devices and we can’t tweak it. But using this tweak you can make the changes in such way that low battery notification can be set to any percentage of battery left. The best part is you can even disable it. The text that appears while your battery is low can also be modified to anything you wish.

47. ConvoPics:

This gives you the IPhone 6 plus style messaging on your device With contact images included. Due to the screen size issues, this is not even added to the IPhone 6. But by using the ConvoPics you get it easily.

48. Dim :

The lowest brightness of the devices running on iOS 8 is also way to bright if we are using it in a completely dark place. To dim it even further we need to use this DIM, which allows you to Dim the brightness of the device as low as you want it to be.

49. ClassicDock :

Do you remember that Dock which is present on the old version iOS devices ? (iOS 5, iOS 6) . Classic Dock brings back that dock in a new way,which looks impressively on iOS 8. You must give this a try.

 50. Savegram

Instagram doesn’t Provide us any option to save the images in the news feed. People normaly save those images by taking screenshots. Using this Savegram you can save any image from your news feed.

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51. Alkaline

This is special cydia tweak which helps us to change the icons on our status bar. We can change the icons for Battery, Wifi in an easy way.

52. Activator

using this tweak you can set shortcuts for any application on your iOS 8 device. Apps can be launched using easy gestures that you can preset. These gestures can be operated anywhere on your device like, Home screen,Lock screen,applications screens etc.

53. NoSlowAnimation

The iOS 8 cydia tweak enhances the animation speed on any iOS 8 device. As the name itself says, your device will no more have slow animations.

54. Maps opener

By default, all the iOS 8 devices use apple MAP application  and we are not provided with any feature to change it to google maps. Using the Maps opener we can make the Google Map for default usage.

55. Locationfaker8

You can fake your location using this Cydia tweak. Many applications that track our location will assume the fake location as our original location if required settings are done 😉

56.BerryC8 Cydia Tweak

It is one of the most amazing things for which many people are waiting for it is also known as jellylock8. The tweak allows the users to customize the lock screen to the core and enjoy the awesomeness. You can launch your favorite apps right from the lock screen. The tweak is mainly made for touch ID devices still  it works perfectly on all devices. Do give it a try.

So Thats the list of Best Cydia tweaks Available which contains many tweaks ranging from best lock screen cydia tweaks and also best Notification center tweaks for iOS 8.As you can see that we have listed only  best cydia tweaks for iOS 8 as we want you to comment the remaining cydia tweaks which you use on your device which are not listed here so that we can update the guide with them. If you think that any other top cydia tweak is missing in our list kindly comment below so that we can add that in to your list .

Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia

This guide is all for those who are eagerly looking for single guide which covers each and every working method to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad  without Cydia Application. As many of the users don’t want to jailbreak their devices yet they want to enjoy features like OpenSSH on their iPhone/iPod or iPad, If you are one we have covered all methods which will help you to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad with or without Cydia Installer on your device.

OpenSSH helps you control your device remotely and OpenSSH is a cydia tweak which is available for all jailbroken devices. But there are ways with which you can Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia too.

What is OpenSSH for iPhone/iPod ?

Before getting into the guide many of you might already know what is OpenSSH ? and If you are new to this term then, OpenSSH is a program which will help you communicate with a device or set of devices and transfer files between you and the device remotely using the encrypted SSH Protocol. All you need to use OpenSSH on your iPhone or iPod or iPad is a working internet connection ( We recommend a stable WiFi connection).

Advantages of OpenSSH for i-Device

As we mentioned above that you can use OpenSSH to transfer files remotely between devices and that is not only a single use of it. There are number of uses other than transferring files. So let’s have a look at the uses of OpenSSH for i-Device.

1)Semi-Restore your i-Device : You might hear the word Semi-Restore if you are a jailbreaker and are following the community. Many of the users tend to restore the device when they messed up with some tweaks which made them to restore the i-Device with the firmware files from the official servers itself using iTunes but it is a lengthy procedure and you need to set up the device once again as you will lose all the data and settings on your i-Device. Semi-Restore is a boon for jailbreak community and by using Semi-Restore there is no need to completely restore your device you can restore it with all your settings intact with a single mouse click. All you need to use Semi-Restore application is that you need to have OpenSSH installed on your i-Device.

2)Saves yourself and your devices from Soft Bricks : Another amazing use of OpenSSH is that you can save yourself as well as your devices from soft bricks in case you are facing issues like Boot Loop on your devices. Apple Devices can’t been hard bricked and overall you can face only Soft Bricks which you can solve and use the device normally.There are many Soft bricks which are faced by users and they can be solved easily using OpenSSH.

3)Remote File Transfer and Password Support You can use OpenSSH to remotely transfer files between your computer and i-Device without the need of iTunes or any cables. Cable free file transfer and you can secure the file transfer with the help of a password too.

Methods to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPod without Cydia

  1. Install OpenSSH using iFunBox : You can use this method if you are not an iFile users or facing Cydia app crashing issues on your device.
  2. Install OpenSSH using iFile : You can use this method incase you somehow messed up with your device.
  3. Install OpenSSH using Cydia : Easiest way to install OpenSSH by most of the users.

How to Install OpenSSH without Cydia

You will find the above mentioned 3 procedures to install OpenSSH on your device below in detailed. Make sure that you follow the process without skipping a single step.

Install OpenSSH using iFunBox

As mentioned above you can use this method if you are having issues with iFile and Cydia on your device.

  1. Download iFunBox application for your computer from official site : Mac or Windows.
  2. Install it like normal applications on your computer. We recommend you to install in its default path.
  3. After successful installation of iFunBox on your computer, Launch the application and connect your i-Device with the help of USB cable which you got in the box.
  4. Download OpenSSH from our site Link to download, Save it somewhere on your desktop.
  5. In the bottom left corner you will see your device name click on it.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  6. In the next window scroll down a little and select “iFunBox Classic”.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  7. Now from Left Sidebar select “Cydia App Install” option. So that you can enable drag and drop app install feature.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  8. Now drag and drop the OpenSSH file which you have downloaded in step 4 into iFunBox.
  9. The file will be transferred to your device. After installation make sure that you reboot your device twice.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

Install OpenSSH using iFile

The above method works if you don’t have iFile tweak installed and having issues with Cydia application on your device. If you are having iFile tweak pre-installed on your device then you can use the below procedure to install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPod without Cydia.

  1. install OpenSSH using iFileOpenSSH is free cydia tweak which you can download from Cydia, As you are having issues with Cydia you can download  OpenSSH.deb
  2. Open the link from Safari browser on your i-Device.
  3. After downloading file and If you have iFile tweak pre-installed you will get an option to “Open in iFile” select it.
  4. You have successfully installed Open SSH on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

How to Install OpenSSH using Cydia

  1. install OpenSSH using Cydia App Fire Up Cydia application on your device and click on the search icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now in the search field type in “OpenSSH” and click search.
  3. Select the result and tap on install button located at top right corner of the application.
  4. After successful installation reboot your device and enjoy OpenSSH on your device.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

So we have covered ways to download & Install OpenSSH on i-Devices. If you have installed OpenSSH on your device by following our guide on “Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia” and in case if you are having any doubts do comment below so that we can help you out.

Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak

Are you an iPad user who wish to download torrents on iPad but fearing to jailbreak your device to use tweaks like iTransmission, then you are on right page as now you can download torrents on iPad without jailbreak. You can use the guide to download torrents on iPhone, iPod too. You can download torrents at no speed limitations on your device. We posted a detailed guide on “Best Torrent Downloader for iPhone” previously and If you are ready to jailbreak your device then you can try it out. From now on you can enjoy torrents right on your i-Device without the need of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Torrents are a great way to download whatever content you like, You can find almost anything on torrents which ranges from music to latest sitcoms. Sometimes you may struggle with connection drops when you are trying to download huge files but when it comes to torrents you won’t face any problems. You can achieve maximum speed on torrents and you can tweak it a little bit to achieve even more speeds.

Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak

When we compare the iOS ecosystem with the leading Android ecosystem you will find a number of applications to download torrents on android without the need of rooting your device. But Apple doesn’t allow or promote piracy which is the reason you can’t see any torrent applications in store.

However Cydia hosts a number of tweaks or applications which will allow you to download torrents on iPad, In case if you are not interested to jailbreak your device then this guide will help you to download torrents on iPad without jailbreak. Hope it helps you out.

We are not going to make the guide complex all we are going to use during the procedure is a bunch of sites and inbuilt safari browser to download torrents on iPad. Lets jump into our guide.

How to Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak

The procedure we are going to show is one of the easiest method to download torrents on iPad. You can follow the exact procedure to download torrents on any i-Device and it works like charm without any issues.

  • Navigate to Safari browser on your iPad and navigate to your favorite torrent site which you use to download torrents.
  • Now search for your favorite movie or file which you want to download.
  • On the file page long tap on get this torrent.Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak
  •  From the options which will pop up on the screen and select Copy from them.Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak
  • Next open another tab in the browser and type in url : www.zbigz.comDownload Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak
  • On the homepage you will get a field to insert link, Post the link which you copied earlier and click Go.
  • After few seconds you will get a download link to download files.
  • Download the files and enjoy torrents on iPad.

Voila ! You can now download torrents on iPad without jailbreak by following our guide. We will keep this guide updated in case if we found any other methods to download torrents on iPad. Share the article if it helped you.

Best iPhone Torrent Downloader for iOS 8

If you are a torrent user who frequently downloads torrents on your devices and wondering How you can download torrents on i-Device which you own. If you searching for a way to download torrents on iPhone iPad running latest iOS then you are in right place. If you are a jailbreak user then you may come across several tweaks and applications which will help you download torrents on the go. But most of the cydia tweaks will throw incompatible messages when you tried them on latest iOS firmware as they aren’t updated to work with latest iOS firmware. I faced similar situation which made me search for the best iPhone torrent downloader which is iTransmission.

At first I thought it would be another cydia tweak which may or may not allow me to download torrents on my iPad or iPhone. But after trying iTransmission – Best iPad Torrent downloader I fell in love with the application as you can download any torrent on the go and all you need is enough free space on your device. Incase if you don’t know how to use iTransmission on your i-Device then iCydiaOS is here to help you out.

Features of iPhone Torrent Downloader

  • Previously when I used the iTransmission torrent client the user interface is quite buggy and boring. With the latest update the application is having amazing UI.
  • You can use the application like the normal torrent client which you will find on your computer which means you can set maximum number of connections per torrent and you can change the port too.Best iPhone Torrent Downloader

A Small Note : According to my experience setting maximum number of connections per torrent made my device quite unstable. Although I am using iPhone 4S and iPad Mini I am pretty sure that other devices can handle it pretty well but I recommend a low number of maximum connections per torrent.

  • You can set Upload limit on iTransmission torrent client. It is always good to give back the community what you take. Most of us will stop the torrent after downloading it and only a few seed it. We ask you to seed the torrents at least in the ratio 1:1. A minimum of 20 KB/s upload speed is recommended.Best iPhone Torrent Downloader
  • After upload speed one searches for Download Speed. Sometimes you need to cap the download speed if you are on a limited plan. By default the download limit is disabled and you can tweak according to your needs.Best iPhone Torrent Downloader
  • The beauty of the application is that you can switch between networks and Wifi. If you are at home you can use Wifi and while you are travelling you can use Mobile Network to download torrents.

Best iPhone Torrent Downloader for iOS 8 : iTransmission

iTransmission is a free cydia tweak which is available over BigBoss repository. iTransmission torrent client is just a click away on your iPhone or iPad. But you need a jailbroken device to download iTransmission torrent downloader on your iPhone from Cydia.

  1. BigBoss Repo comes pre-installed in Cydia application.
  2. You can follow below steps to Download iTransmission.
    • Navigate to Cydia application on your device.
    • Now click on Search Icon which is located below.
    • Next search for iTransmission 4 and hit enter.Best iPhone Torrent Downloader
    • Select the one with iTansmission 4 and Install it.
    • After successful installation iTransmission icon will appear on your app screen.

You have successfully installed iTransmission – Best iPhone Torrent Downloader for iOS 8 on your device. If you have any queries do leave your feedback so that we can help you out.

Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS 8

Cydia is one of the best and awesome things for a jailbroken iDevice. Saurik the creator of jailbreak and Cydia who has done a great job which is now used by millions of i-Device owners. Cydia is a place where you can find a number of awesome tweaks and applications to customize your device according to your will. The number of users using Cydia are growing rapidly. If you are facing any issues with Cydia app on iOS 8 ? You are unable to use Cydia because it is crashing all the time ? We understand the situation you are facing and we understand the frustration of users who are facing Cydia App Crashing issues on iOS 8.

Fix Cydia Crashing Issue

As an iPad users I recently came across this problem, Cydia application on my iPad keeps on crashing all the time whereas the one on my iPhone 5S is pretty stable. As a normal user I started checking out several forums and websites to Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS 8. I also found that there are few people out their who are also facing the issue. When took a look at the issues faced by other users many of them said that they are unable to Open cydia application or Unable to download any tweaks from Cydia or Cydia App crashing continuously.

So we came up with a few solutions which will help you fix cydia app crashing issue. You can try this guide on any i-Device running any iOS version as the guide will serve the solutions for Cydia App crash fix which work on all versions.

Common Cydia App crashing issues and their fixes

In this guide on “How to Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS” we are covering a few common issues among the users and their fixes so that you can enjoy cydia application without any issues.

#1. Unable to Open Cydia Application

The most common Cydia issue faced by many users is that they are unable to open the application. The application won’t load and you are unable to open the application no matter what you try to do. Sometimes performing a reboot doesn’t help too.

Fix : After digging a bit deep we came to know that the Cydia is hosted on servers and that they make multiple connections with all users. Most of the times the servers can’t handle high traffic which will kick the site off and you can’ use the application as application can’t communicate with the server to get data. You can wait for some time til the administrators make the site live again.

#2. Unable to Load Cydia package you have downloaded

You may notice sometimes that the downloaded packages are not visible in cydia. Many users complained that they have faced the issue at least once. You can check the installed tweaks under Cydia → Manage → Packages → Installed Tweaks and You may not find some tweaks here and on your home screen too. Don’t panic we have a solution.

Fix : We recommend you to reboot the device and check whether the tweaks or showing up or not. If you are still facing the issue we recommend you to remove unused Cydia Repos from your application which will most probably fix the issue.

#3. Cydia Application not loading at all

Now and then you may see the message “Unable to Load” when you try to use the application. The most probable reason might be that your internet connection might be down.

Fix : I faced the issue once and I noticed that I have incorrect date and time on my iPad. If you are facing the issue check the date and time on your device and confirm whether you are having a stable internet connection.

#4. Cydia app keeps crashing all the time

Many users reported that they are facing Cydia app crashing issues after jailbreaking their devices. Some of them reported that they are seeing error message “x HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error” which means that you have incomplete cydia installation on your device. You will keep noticing the issue no matter how many times you reboot your device.

Fix : We recommend you to re-jailbreak your device which will install cydia on your device. It is the easiest way to fix the issue.

Fix Cydia App crashing on iOS 8 for Unknown reasons 

We have covered some of the most common cydia app crashing issues and their fixes. Still many people face cydia app crashing issues for unknown reasons and for that you can try our below solution to fix Cydia App crashing issue on iOS.

Fix : One of my friend installed several tweaks and suddenly one day Cydia app started crashing for no specific reason. After doing a little bit of research we came up with a solution which will solve the issue.

  • Turn off your i-Device and wait for few minutes.
  • Hold the power key for few minutes and Upon seeing Apple logo hold Volume + Key.
  • You will notice that there are no cydia tweaks as they are disabled.
  • Now navigate to Cydia and delete recently installed cydia tweaks.
  • Respring the device and reboot the device.

Hope that you have fixed Cydia App crashing issues on iOS 8 by following our guide. If you are facing issues other than the above mentioned ones do leave your comment so that we can help you out.