BerryC8 Cydia Tweak JellyLock iOS 8

BerryC8 Cydia Tweak [JellyLock iOS 8]

Many jailbreak users are seriously waiting for the JellyLock8 which will be an updated version of JellyLock7. To all those who don’t know about JellyLock7 which is termed as one of the best iPhone Lockscreen or best iPad Lockscreen tweak for iOS 7 but after the iOS 8 update the previous tweak was incompatible with the latest iOS version and people are waiting desperately for the release of JellyLock8 for iOS 8. If you have tried JellyLock7 then you might know why it is called as the best lock screen Cydia tweak. Now the waiting has finally come to an end with the release of BerryC8 Cydia Tweak which is the new JellyLock for iOS 8 which is one of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 8.

BerryC8 Cydia Tweak JellyLock iOS 8

BerryC8 Cydia tweak is developed by the same developer Max Katzmann, which is released a few days back. JellyLock7 was one of the best tweaks in terms of performance and looks and we didn’t notice any lags in that tweak. Unfortunately, the old version of the tweak is only supported for iOS 7 devices and we updated ours to the latest iOS 8. We are also waiting for the latest version of JellyLock and finally tried our hands on BerryC8 Cydia Tweak which is dubbed as JellyLock8 for iOS 8.

The main feature no there the tons of features which made JellyLock7 an amazing tweak and made people wait for the latest version of jellylock for iOS 8. One such feature is that you can launch your favorite applications right from your lock screen. Not only you can launch applications from your lock screen on your iPad or iPhone but you can also set the desired order of the applications and many more.

The developer put great efforts in making a new Cydia tweak rather than simply updating the previous version of jellylock to support iOS 8. The developer has integrated the touch ID feature in the latest BerryC8 tweak as the latest Apple devices are coming with touch ID and people are opting for them. The developer also made the tweak work on devices which don’t have a touch ID.

BerryC8 Cydia Tweak for iOS 8 [[Updated jellyLock7]]

BerryC8 is pronounced as “barricade” which means an obstacle which is the new name and form of the JellyLock7. The tweak is working flawlessly on iOS 8 and we have tested the same on our iPad Mini. You can arrange your favorite application shortcuts on your lock screen so that you can launch them quickly or quick launch anytime you want.

You can also customize the number of apps you want to show per page on your lock screen, Size of Icons, Opacity of the Icons and much more.

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Download BerryC8 Cydia Tweak – Best iPhone Lock Screen replacement

If you are waiting for the JellyLock for iOS 8 for a long time then you might also be wondering how to download JellyLock on iOS 8? As the new tweak is not named after JellyLock7 and it is named as BerryC8. If you are a Cydia user then you might be able to download and install the BerryC8 Cydia tweak by now. If you are a new to this stuff then don’t worry we are here to help you to “Download BerryC8 Cydia Tweak“.

BerryC8 Cydia tweak is available for free over Bigboss repository which comes pre-installed on all jailbroken devices. But if you can’t find the repository in your Cydia application then most probably you or your friend might have deleted it. Don’t freak out you can add it back by following below steps.

1.How to Add Bigboss Repository

We advice you to check whether you have Bigboss repo installed on your device or not before trying to install it on your device. You can check it by navigating to Cydia >>> Sources which is available at the bottom of the application.

Adding Bigboss Repository:-

  • Tap on Cydia icon on your app screen which launches the Cydia application.
  • Scroll down a little bit and you will find  “More Package Sources” option, Click on it.
  • Now look for Bigboss repo and tap on Ok when you are prompted with a confirmation screen.
  • Tada !! You have successfully added Bigboss repo.

2.Download and Install BerryC8 Cydia Tweak

You have added Bigboss repo successfully on your iPhone or iPad. Now you can download BerryC8 Cydia tweak on your i-Device.

  • Now in Cydia application tap on search option which is located at the bottom of the application.
  • Next type in BerryC8 in the search field and Select the tweak from results.
  • Now in the tweak page click on Install.Install BerryC8 Cydia Tweak
  • After installation, you will be prompted to Restart Springboard so that the changes take effect.

Voila ! You have successfully installed BerryC8 Cydia tweak on your device. After restarting it will be your default lock screen with settings icon at the bottom of lock screen. Now it’s time to customize BerryC8 according to your needs.

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Customize BerryC8 Cydia Tweak on iOS 8

BerryC8 Cydia Tweak JellyLock iOS 8

As we mentioned above that BerryC8 comes with the lots of functions to help you make your device’s lock screen look even more cool. BerryC8 is made for touchID devices in mind, but it works flawlessly on normal devices too. We tested the tweak on our iPad Mini and we didn’t notice any problems with the tweak.

For devices with touch ID

if you are using any i-Device which has touch ID then this tweak is especially for you. You can follow the below method to launch apps from your lock screen.

Hold the icon of the application and then drag it to the middle bottom of the lock screen, Without leaving your hold come down and touch on touch ID once. Application you are trying to open will open instantly.

For devices without touch ID

If you are having a device without touch ID and traditional pin lock then there is no need to worry the tweak will also work on them.

To use the quick launch feature you can navigate to the settings of the tweak and enable Auto Unlock feature. Next drag the app icon to the Bottom-middle of the lock screen.

Customize App Shortcuts

Navigate to Settings >> BerryC8  settings >> App Shortcuts >> Select desired position and Respring the device from the settings app itself.

Change Opacity of the Icons

You can adjust the opacity of the icon with the slider located in the settings of the tweak.

You can also customize the number of apps per page and much more. Hope this guide helped you to download and install BerryC8 best lock screen Cydia tweak for iOS 8. If you liked our guide on Best iPhone/iPad LockScreen replacement for iOS 8. Do share the guide and help us grow.

  • Azell

    Mine only works once and that’s on initial bootup. Any idea how to keep it on everytime I open my phone. I have a iPhone 6 Plus on 8.1.2

    • admincydia

      Seems that you are having issues with the tweak. Till now I didn’t face any issues, I recommend you to reinstall the tweak and check whether your problem is solved or not.

      • Azell

        Nope, I reinstalled alone. Reinstalled with substrate and I disabled all my tweaks involving the lock screen and still a no go.

  • jose

    excellent tweak, thank you