Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone

Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone/iPad

Cydia is one of the best way to customize a jailbroken i-Device as it gives the flexibility of making the device the way you want by using a number of Cydia Tweaks which are available for free as well as paid. iOS 8 brought a lot of improvements in terms of features and looks. The lockscreen on iOS 8 looks simple and beautiful still you can make it look even more sexier with the help of Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks for your iPhone/iPad. We have covered a guide on “Best 60 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8” which contains a huge list of Cydia tweaks which one can’t miss.

As we got bored with the lock screen of our iPhone’s and iPad’s, We thought of playing a bit with the Lock screen Cydia tweaks which are available for iOS 8. As we started testing out the tweaks we got curious and tried many tweaks and thought of making a list of best iOS 8 lock screen cydia tweaks which will help you all.

Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone

We have covered the best tweaks which will make your lock screen even more amazing and You can do a lot with your lock screen too with the help of these tweaks. All the tweaks we listed in this guide are our personal choice we listed them after trying a bunch of lock screen tweaks available for iOS on our i-Devices which includes an iPad Mini, iPhone 5s and iPod. Let’s jump into our list of best lock screen tweaks for iPhone/iPad.

Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone/iPad

You need to have a Jailbroken iPad or iPhone to try these tweaks. You can’t install iOS 8 lock screen tweaks without jailbreak because they are exclusively available over cydia for jailbroken devices and installing them on non-jailbreak devices is impossible.

#1.Sleek Code

Sleek Code is one of the best and unique lock screen tweak available for iOS 8 which we came across. Sleek Code does a pretty good job as it enhances the way your lock screen looks. You can change the way your lock screen looks with the help of pre-built settings of the tweak.

You can also tweak your lock screen by removing rings which are present around number and modify the buttons which are located at the bottom of lock screen. You need to respring or reboot your device every time you tweak the settings of the Sleek Code so that changes will take effect. You can respring the device with the help of shortcut button available within the tweak itself.

#2.AndroidLock XT – Top iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen

If you switch for an droid to an i-Device and missing the android pattern lock which you are used to. Then we have the solution, “AndroidLock XT” is the most used lockscreen cydia tweak to get look and features of Android Pattern Lock on iPhone or iPad. The beauty of the tweak is that the lock screen looks like an Android lock screen and you won’t notice any difference.

AndroidLock XT offers more security as you can try a number of patterns to lock your device which are hard to crack and guess by your friends. The tweak is more comfortable and easy to use when compared to default pass code lock on iPhone. You can change the pattern anytime you want by navigating to the settings where the tweak is located.


Convergence is another cool iOS 8 lock screen cydia tweak. Unlike most other tweaks this tweak which make your lock screen even more beautiful and your day productive. The tweak will transform the way you use your lock screen. You can customize your lock screen with toggles to access different applications right away from your lock screen.

You can also change the default look of the lock screen which comes with the tweak with the help of settings panel. As we mentioned you can make your day even more productive with the help of toggles. The theme makes the lock screen cool and trendy.


LockGlyph is one of the best lock screen tweaks available for touch id devices. The tweak adds the paytouch animation on your lock screen so that you can visualize the animation when you unlock your device using your finger print. You can also hear the confirmation audio after you unlock your device.

Though the tweak makes the touch id experience cool but it will take around 2 seconds to unlock your device. You can enable or disable the tweak anytime from your settings application. The tweak will work perfectly on all devices which have a touch ID.


BerryC8 is one of the best lock screen launcher cydia tweak which is updated and available for iOS 8 devices. The tweaks work as a launcher straight from your lock screen. The developer developed the tweak specially for devices which posses touch ID feature and we tested on normal devices and it worked flawlessly.

If you want to stay productive you can use the lockscreen to launch as many as upto 12 apps and you can customize them too. You can also certain number of apps per page which make the overall experience clutter free and easy.


LockSpeed is one of the amazing lock screen cydia tweaks for iOS 8. The tweaks will make it a lot more easier to call your loved one’s without the need of unlocking the device. The LockSpeed tweak will help you to add up to 9 contacts to your lock screen and you can call them straight away from your lock screen.

All you need is to swipe on the left end of the screen which will show the images of your favorite contacts. The only thing which we find risky is that one’s privacy is at stake and it can help in emergency cases too.

#7.Forecast – Best lock screen for IOS 8 

If you are living in places which is having unstable weather or want to check the live updates of the weather while you are on your date then “Forecast” is your must have lock screen cydia tweak. The tweak is what the name is it will forecast the weather on your lock screen. You can also check the future weather forecasts too right from your lock screen.

Another amazing feature the “Forecast” tweaks offers is, You can replace the wallpaper of your home or lock screen with an animated one which will match with the current weather conditions. You don’t feel it like a separate tweak it looks the same way as the stock app.


Spin is an amazing lock screen cydia tweak for music buffs. Spin tweak does an amazing thing by replacing the lock screen when you are listening to music which makes the experience even more better. You can get a glimpse on the track details and album art with controls on the lock screen itself. It will look amazing on large devices.

The tweak comes with gesture control to play/pause songs and you can hold the artwork which will launch the music application.

#9.IntelliScreenX 8

If you ask a question in any forum or community about “Which is the best Lock Screen cydia tweak?” I bet that you will get the answer “IntelliScreenX 8” which is not only the best lock screen tweak for iOS 8 but also one of the most used tweak. The tweaks make the most out of your lock screen with a wide range of features offered by the tweak.

By using IntelliScreenX 8 tweak you can do many things right from your lock screen which are using emails or having fun by commenting on your friends Facebook post and many more. The tweak enhances the overall user interface and makes the iOS experience even more smarter. There are a number of options to customize your lock screen from the settings of the tweak.

#10.AppBox 8 – Lock Screen for Cydis IOS 8

AppBox 8 is next in our list of best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen tweaks. AppBox 8 is one of the best cydia lock screen tweaks it will help you to launch your favorite application right from your lock screen. The feature which we liked the most is that you will be prompted to enter passcode to unlock your device if you try exiting the application.

The tweak also a packs a number of options and features. You will be amazed by the speed of launching your favorite apps without the need of unlocking your device.


LockSmoother+ is one of its kind. You can do a lot more with the help of this you can do many things like removing text from lock screen or carrier logo or signal bar and what not. You can customize everything which is available on the lock screen including Unlock text.

You can tweak anything you want from the settings of the tweak. The tweak comes with four sections like General, Lockpad, Options & Other Options so that you can tweak the settings more easily and fast.


SubtleLock is another lock screen cydia tweak which will help you customize your lock screen its core. You can tweak the font and color of the lock screen. You can also alter the way the slider and clock looks on your lcok screen.

The settings of the tweak which help you customize the looks of your lock screen you can disable or enable the tweak anytime you want. You can design an eye-catching lock screen which will look different from others.

These are our favorite list of “Best iOS 8 Cydia Lock Screen Tweaks For iPhone/iPad“. We tried our best to list each and every Cydia Lock Screen tweak which is supported on iOS 8 and above. Incase if you have any recommendations do comment below so that we can add them on our list.