Best iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

60 Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4 – Top List 2015

Did you jailbreak your iOS 8 Device and looking for some best Cydia tweaks? Well, chill down! you are at the right place. Here is the list of 60 top Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 devices like iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 4,iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c,iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. If you have upgraded to iOS 9, have a look at some of the best Cydia tweaks for your jailbroken iOS 9 device.

Best iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks

Here is the list of best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.4:

1. Springtomize 3

This is something like an All in one tweak hub. You can perform a wide range of tweaks using this Springtomize3. There are many features like editing Dock, notification bar, changing colors, editing lock screen etc. This is a must have Cydia tweak for iOS 8.

2. Dye:

This will let you customize the color of your Dock, lock screen, notification bar, and a lot more. Settings are pretty simple. There is also an option called “Darken keyboard”, where you can darken the keyboard color to make it look better. To reset the changes made by this tweak you need to tap on the Respiring device.

3. weatherboard:

This gives you a good number of animated weather conditions as the overlay on your wallpaper. You can even set it automatic to your weather conditions so that if it is rainy you will find rain animated overlay on the wallpaper. You can even choose any particularly animated overlay of your wish.

4. App heads:

We normally see Facebook messenger on our devices with chat heads, which overlay on our screen. They are really helpful in switching between the chats. This APP HEADS will let the apps appear in a similar way on your device, making the multi-tasking easy.

5. No tracking:

There are many applications that track our locations, which is a private data of ours.For all those who don’t want their location to be tracked by other applications, “No tracking” is the best solution.

6. Spectral:

Though this is a small teak, it’s an interesting one. While listening to music if you open the lock screen, this app will blur the album pic on the lock screen.

7. Vertex:

This enhances our multi-tasking functionalities. Basically, this is a tweak that gives us extra control over app switcher. You will also get some basic settings on the app switching screen in the form of toggles. You can rearrange those toggles for Auto lock, Airplane mode, Flashlight, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc in it.

8. CyDelete8:

Deleting Cydia packages is made easy using this tweak. This will let you uninstall apps directly from springboard which are visible on the lock screen.

9. 3G unrestricted 5:

This app is built to lift the restrictions set on the iOS devices. With this, you can download applications that are above 100mb and you can even watch the YouTube videos in HD quality.

10. Zeppelin:

This teak will let you change the logo of your carrier. It will provide you a bunch of logos from which you can choose. You can also download few other logos if you want more. This will also let you change the name of your carrier in a simple way.

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11. JellyLock7:

This is an Android sort of launcher which will let us pick apps right away from the lock screen, you can select those apps which you want them to appear on the lock screen. There are also few themes that are available with this jelly lock.

12. colorY0urBoard:

As the name itself says this tweak is related to the keyboard of our iOS 8 devices. If you are bored with using the keyboard in the same color from ages, you can give this a try. You can pick any color from the wide range of available colors. You will see the keyboard color changed in no time without any reboot.

13. Apex 2:

Using apex2 you can make four other apps to hide behind the single application. You just need pre-set those apps which you want to hide behind an application. This is also one of the efficient ways to hide the application on your iOS 8 devices.

14. BattSaver: – Top Cydia Tweak for iOS 8

This tweak helps our battery to stay long. During the idle state, that is after the device is locked many process and services will still be running in the background eating away our battery life. This tweak will disable all the unwanted process after the device got locked.

15. CustomMessages: – Simple Tweak for iOS 8

This app will let you customize your messages screen in a lot better way. You can change the Bubble color, text color of your messages and also the color of bubble and text of the other person. It also fetches your features like adjusting Bubble width, transparency and lot more.

16. Killbackground8:

Using this, you can kill all the processes and applications that are running in the background with a single tap. You can even make the settings excuse few apps that you don’t want to close when all the applications are killed.

17. TetherMe for iOS 8+:

There are few mobile network carriers which will also charge for tethering on iOS devices. Using this Tweak you can use unlimited Tethering for by purchasing this for 5 dollars.

18. BytaFont2 :

This is a like a library of fonts. You can pick any font you wish to appear on your iOS device. There are many good looking fonts from which you can choose the best one.

19. Eclipse:

If you feel that the lowest brightness of your device is also way too bright, then this will really help you. Using this, you can lessen the brightness of the devices even further to the lowest level of iOS 8. This will also save your battery in turn.

20. PriorityHUb:

PriorityHUB organizes your lock screen notifications in an awesome way. You can check notifications from different applications in an organized way. You can even remove all the notifications from a particular application without clearing the notifications from other applications.

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21. PrefDelete:

To delete a tweak we normally want to open Cydia, but using this Pref delete deleting tweaks is made even easy. We just need to go to settings and Hold on the tweak that we wish to remove.

22. Segue :

This gives us amazing transitions while viewing images. There are many transitions available with this, you can choose from  them.

23. OSLite8: iOS 8 cydia Tweak

This increases our device memory by deleting the temporary folders that are created by other applications. Only unwanted files will be detected and deleted by this no other important files will get deleted.

24. stealth cam:

Want to take pictures even when the screen it off ?, well here comes StealthCam for you. All you need to do is, open your camera and then lock the screen. By pressing the volume control buttons you can take any number of pictures you need. Its better if you turn off your capture sounds so that it works perfectly to take pics secretly.

25. Predix:

This is a handy tool to predict the time of battery charging and discharging. To get the battery status you need to tap of status bar. If the device is plugged in it will show you the time it will take to charge completely and if the device is  discharging it you give you the time left for the battery to go down.

26. StatusHUD:

We normally get the Volume control as an overlay on our screen right ?At time it irritates us while watching some videos on our devices. How about having the volume control on your status bar? Cool isn’t it? Using this StatusHD you can have in volume increase and decrease settings on your status bar in a simple way.

27. Guestmode:

in few cases we hesitate to give our device to others, as it many contain some personal things that we don’t want to share. Guestmode is really a helpful tweak, this mode can be enabled my settings GUEST button on the lock screen. Guests will have only limited controls over the device, you can even alter them.

28. Icleaner Pro:

This will help us in removing all the unwanted junk files from our devices.

29. Clex 2 : iOS 8 latest Cydia tweak

This is a whole new way to interact with you iOS 8 device. On your springboard, if you swipe from extreme right you will be displayed the music control panel. If you swipe it from extreme left all the albums and songs will be displayed. You can even enable on lock screen and other applications. It’s just like enabling music panel all over your device.

30. PM,really? :

We all do this mistake of setting AM instead of PM or PM instead of AM while setting up our alarm. So while setting up the alarm, if you have this “PM,really?” on your iOS 8 device it will ask, if that’s what you really wanted to set. This is a real life saver for me, which helped me many times.

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31. Miniplayer:

This will enables you to get the music player over lay on your iOS screen, you can even switch between dark and light themes of it by just a tap on it.

32. BioProtect:

To make this tweak work your device need to have touch ID based unlocker. Using this BioProtect you can enable Touch ID based lock for applications to stop people from spying on you. The best thing about this application is you can even pick the finger print animations and circle colors from its settings.

33. TimePasscode :

So are you forgetting your passcode often but still want to make your passcode complex ? Using this Timepasscode, the time on your device will be your passcode for that moment, as the time changes the passcode changes too

34. Appelancy:

This is a face detection based unlocker, it initially takes and stores multiple pictures of you for easy detection. You can enable it from settings. There are also bunch of settings to play with.

35. Barrel :

if you are bored with using regular animation while switching between the pages, you should definitely try this barrel. This comes with about 10 awesome animations and if you need more you can download them too.

36. Winterboard:

it’s one of the oldest tweaks that we have. There are thousands of themes available on the cydia store and you can get any of them. These themes really add an amazing look to our iOS 8 devices.

37. Senddelay: –

How many times have you sent a message accidentally without your notice? This will create a delay time of your wish, after which the message will be sent. As we can’t Undo a message after being sent, you can use this SENDDELAY instead.

38. Powertap:

This iOS 8 cydia tweak will add some great features to your power button. Initially you need to press and hold the power button. if you tap on the power button that appears on the screen for the first time it will reboot, two times to respiring and three times for save mode. You can even change this order by changing its settings.

39. Snoverlay:

This will let animated snow to appear on your iOS 8 Device. This will appear on lock screen, home screen, on applications and everywhere. It is basically an overlay which means that you will get it on all parts of your iOS device, no matter on which screen you are. But to make it work you need to add the following source Repo:

40. AppelLocker:

This is a sort of application locker, which can be set to any number of individual applications that you wish.

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41. SBflip:

If you are desperate to get landscape mode on your mobile, SBflip is the best solution for you. It really does a fair job is switching between the landscape and portrait modes. This even works on latest iPhone 6. I tried using it and haven’t found any issues with it.

42. Aeternum:

We love Apple watch UI isn’t it? Aeternum will help you to get the best UI of Apple watch. Its pretty fast and simple. I tried using it and fell in love with it <3

43. Facebook++ :

Bored of using Facebook app ? if so, you better install this Facebook++, this will let you to have chat conversations in the same app instead of using separate app for the messaging. You can also find some interesting features like saving your Facebook videos and disabling the SEEN option.

44. BounceNotify8:

This tweak will let the application icons on the dock to bounce if there is any new notifications with them. You can change the number bounces and other settings as you wish from the settings panel.
SafariRefresh: using this you can refresh your page on safari web browser just by pulling the screen down. You can also get the similar tweak for mail application.

45. SwipeSelection:

In all of our iOS devices,if we have to go to a particular place while typing a sentence we have to press hold our finger and then move the cursor to any of the place required. Using this swipe selection you just need to swipe across your keyboard and that’s it you can move your cursor anywhere of the sentence

46. PowerInformer:

By default the Low battery notification is set to a level on all of our iOS devices and we can’t tweak it. But using this tweak you can make the changes in such way that low battery notification can be set to any percentage of battery left. The best part is you can even disable it. The text that appears while your battery is low can also be modified to anything you wish.

47. ConvoPics:

This gives you the IPhone 6 plus style messaging on your device With contact images included. Due to the screen size issues, this is not even added to the IPhone 6. But by using the ConvoPics you get it easily.

48. Dim :

The lowest brightness of the devices running on iOS 8 is also way to bright if we are using it in a completely dark place. To dim it even further we need to use this DIM, which allows you to Dim the brightness of the device as low as you want it to be.

49. ClassicDock :

Do you remember that Dock which is present on the old version iOS devices ? (iOS 5, iOS 6) . Classic Dock brings back that dock in a new way,which looks impressively on iOS 8. You must give this a try.

 50. Savegram

Instagram doesn’t Provide us any option to save the images in the news feed. People normaly save those images by taking screenshots. Using this Savegram you can save any image from your news feed.

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51. Alkaline

This is special cydia tweak which helps us to change the icons on our status bar. We can change the icons for Battery, Wifi in an easy way.

52. Activator

using this tweak you can set shortcuts for any application on your iOS 8 device. Apps can be launched using easy gestures that you can preset. These gestures can be operated anywhere on your device like, Home screen,Lock screen,applications screens etc.

53. NoSlowAnimation

The iOS 8 cydia tweak enhances the animation speed on any iOS 8 device. As the name itself says, your device will no more have slow animations.

54. Maps opener

By default, all the iOS 8 devices use apple MAP application  and we are not provided with any feature to change it to google maps. Using the Maps opener we can make the Google Map for default usage.

55. Locationfaker8

You can fake your location using this Cydia tweak. Many applications that track our location will assume the fake location as our original location if required settings are done 😉

56.BerryC8 Cydia Tweak

It is one of the most amazing things for which many people are waiting for it is also known as jellylock8. The tweak allows the users to customize the lock screen to the core and enjoy the awesomeness. You can launch your favorite apps right from the lock screen. The tweak is mainly made for touch ID devices still  it works perfectly on all devices. Do give it a try.

So Thats the list of Best Cydia tweaks Available which contains many tweaks ranging from best lock screen cydia tweaks and also best Notification center tweaks for iOS 8.As you can see that we have listed only  best cydia tweaks for iOS 8 as we want you to comment the remaining cydia tweaks which you use on your device which are not listed here so that we can update the guide with them. If you think that any other top cydia tweak is missing in our list kindly comment below so that we can add that in to your list .