Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8

Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8

Cydia is growing day by day with a huge number of tweaks uploaded every day. Cydia tweaks are used to customize the device without any issues from the beginning and there are a number of amazing tweaks which are available out there. We have recently covered  articles on best cydia tweaks and Best Cydia lock screen tweaks exclusively for iOS 8 users. As we covered the lost of tweaks to customize lock screen and now we decided to do the same for notification center too with our list of best notification center tweaks for iOS 8. You can enhance the functions of the notification center and can customize it to its max.

As Apple has made many improvements in iOS 8 which also include revamped Notification center although it is revamped you can make the most out of it with the help of cydia tweaks. The default notification center on iOS 8 is simply superb and you can make it even more better. Most of the users reported that some of the tweaks which worked on iOS 7 are not working on iOS 8 so we thought of making a list of compatible notification center tweaks iOS 8.

Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8

We compiled this list which contains not only compatible one’s but also the best cydia tweaks for notification center for all iOS 8 versions. We have tried our best to write the info about the tweaks and how they can help you in customizing your notification center on iOS 8. You can do many things with the help of notification center tweaks ranging from calling your favorite ones to launching your favorite apps without abandoning your current application or work on your i-Device.

All the tweaks listed here are working on all devices ranging from iPhone 4 to latest iPhone 6 and iPad Mini, iPad Air, etc.

Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2

#1.Notification Killer

Notification Killer is a must have notification center cydia tweak which we recommend every one to install right away on your devices. Notification Center keeps you updated with the notifications from applications which may make it clumsy and messy. It also kills your precious time as you need to manually remove notifications of each application. Hugh !! My notification center looks clumsy with just 20-30 notifications imagine if you have hundreds of notifications, Scary isn’t it ??

To make things a bit more easier and to save your precious time the tweak named Notification Killer which will help you to remove all notification at once. The tweak is compatible with iOS 7 too. All you need us to tap on Today/Notification on iOS 8 and Today/All/ on iOS 7 to remove all notifications at once.


If you need to take a small note of things you want to purchase in Memo and You need to navigate away from your current application to save it. But there is no need from now on. NCMemo is a cydia tweak which is designed to help you take any notes right in the notification center.

You can play with the tweak settings and can change the background color, font size and many more. The tweak incorporates quick functions Cut, Copy and replace.


NCSingleTapClear is another cydia tweak which is similar to Notification Killer which makes your Notification center clean. After installing tweak there is no need of clicking twice on individual notifications to delete  you can tap just once to delete the tweak. You can clear the notifications instantly.


This little tweak will show the geek inside you and changes the way your notification center look like. It displays the available ram, free space and network speed in your notification center. You can customize the way it looks from fonts and colors of icons. At present the tweak is incompatible with iPad models.


If you are using a lot of widgets in Notification center then I bet that your device notification center looks clumsy with the headings of the widgets and if you thought to remove them if you have chance then noNCheader cydia tweak is designed for you. If you like a minimal NC then this tweak is designed for you.

You can remove the headings of the widgets although we don’t recommend this tweak for newbies as you might get confused. This tweak will help you to achieve a minimal and clutter free notification center experience.


HideMe8 is another amazing Notification Center Cydia Tweak available for iOS 8. It will help you to hide any UI element which is seen on notification center. You can hide from the separator or date with just a few taps from the settings menu. You can hide unnecessary elements from your notification center.

#7.Share Widget iOS 8

Users used to send tweets and Facebook status updates directly from the notification center but the feature is missing in the latest iOS 8 and people are missing the feature badly. Developers understand the feelings of the users and developed Share Widget for iOS 8 cydia tweak.

The tweak enables a share widget in the notification center with the icons of your favorite sites and all you need is just tap on the site icon and update or tweet on the go. You can enjoy the feature once you start using it.

#8.NCBrowser 8

The name says it all, When you want to search something you need t go to the browser app and start searching which will kill your time incase if you are in hurry. This tweak will help you browse right away from your notification center without the need of opening your browser. All you need to do is swipe down the notification center and navigate to browser tab and tada !!!

The tweak also features a bunch of other useful features like back/forward button, Lock screen support, Animations, and many more. It will give you a new browsing experience right from your notification center.

#9.Notification Keeper

Notification Keeper offers some amazing settings to tweak your notification center so that you can manage it even more better. You can access all the notification in DND mode too without any worries. The tweak comes with a settings panel from where you can tweak the NC. The tweaks come with settings like clear all notifications at once, Don’t allow certain apps to show notifications and many more.


NCObey will change the way you use NC on your device. The tweak is designed to enhance the user experience with notification center. You can set the default page which you want to visit every time you open your notification center which is a good thing. You can use gestures to navigate the notification center while pulling it down. You can swipe down or right or left to change the view of your notification center.

You can switch views of the notification center with just a swipe of your finger. The tweak will help your NC navigation even better.

The above are the Best Notification Center Tweaks for iOS 8 which will enhance your Notification center. Do comment your best  notification center tweaks for iOS 8 so that we can add them to our list. Do share the article if it helped you.