Best Status Bar Cydia Tweaks

Best iOS 8.4 Status Bar Cydia Tweaks for Your iPhone and iPad

Status Bar is something that you check quite often in your iPhone. Isn’t it? But don’t you feel that you need to change the look of the bar and add some extra spice to it? Well, if you want to do it, you will be happy to know that today we are going to list the best status bar Cydia tweaks which will surely help you to customize the status bar in the way you like.

There are hundreds of Cydia tweaks in the store, but we have selected the top 10 so that you can experience the best and make the most out of the status bar tweaks’ features. Not making you wait anymore, let’s start the countdown of top 10 Status Bar Cydia tweaks:

Best Status Bar Cydia Tweaks

Best Status Bar Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8-iOS 8.4

#1. NoNowPlayingStatusBar

There are times when you just want to enjoy the music and feel it. When having a look at the iPhone while now playing, you will find the status bar on the top. Now that, you just want to see the now playing in the total screen and want to remove the status bar, you need to install NoNowPlayingStatusBar Cydia tweak. This tweak when installed automatically hides the status bar from the top when now playing is on.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

#2. Battery Temperature

Battery Temperature tweak might not make a major difference to the status bar looks but yes, it certainly changes the way you see the battery levels. This tweak allows you to see the temperature of the battery instead of the power. You can set the battery temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales. It is very easy to configure the options from the settings and chance the status bar battery display accordingly.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

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#3. StatusbarColor

Now this tweak is something which is completely different in the list. With StatusbarColor installed in your iPhone, you can easily chance the color of the home screen text, lock screen text, home screen bar and lock screen bar. Isn’t it amazing when you get a chance to change the color of the home screen, lock screen and the status bar? So what are you waiting for? Install StatusbarColor today!

Price: Free | Repo: Free

#4. Protean

Do you want to control all your iPhone apps or frequently used files from your status bar? The Protean tweak is your way to go. You can now customize the status bar your way. Add icons in the status bar to quickly open any app. It is also possible to add, remove, hide or even change the icons design in the status bar. Although, this tweak is a paid version, looking at its features, it’s worth to spend few bucks for them.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: Free

#5. StatusBarTimer

Right from the time you wake up from your bed, every second in your life matters a lot to you. If you are too busy and have a tight schedule every day, you would really love to know that how much time you are spending in a particular task. StatusBarTimer is one such tweak that allows you to display the normal time with stopwatch in the status bar. This would let you see the stopwatch from the home screen itself without opening any app in your iPhone.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

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#6. InterAccess

Internet is something which you keep turned on all the time, in most of the cases. If you have any kind of network problems, you might not know that you have actually lost the internet connection. InterAccess tweak gives you a chance to see whether the internet connection is on or off from the status bar with the help of a simple icon. By this, you can easily know that whether you are connected to the internet or not. The tweak works for cellular data and Wi-Fi to display the network availability.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

#7. StatusWeather

StatusWeather tweak enables the weather report to display right in your status bar. If you are pretty lazy to open the weather app and check the updates or want every single weather detail in your status bar, this tweak is a perfect pick for you. Just tap on the time or weather numbers in the status bar and you will get all the updates right on your home screen. Please take a note that this tweak doesn’t work on iPad.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

#8. TypeStatus

iMessages is the app which you might use a lot to message your loved ones. If you are eager to know what would be the reply or when would it come to you, TypeStatus tweak is something which you need to install. This tweak notifies you via status bar whenever you receive a message, when the person is typing (from any location), or when the person read your message. There are many options to set in the tweak which can be easily configured from the tweak’s settings.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

#9. Fairydust

Sprinkle your status bar color with Fairydust to give your iPhone a new look. You might get bored when you see the same color of your status bar in your iPhone. So if you want to change the status bar color with lavish ones, Fairydust is a perfect tweak for you. It is also possible to set different colors for navigation too. Configure more options from the settings with ease.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

#10. CustomStatusBar

CustomStatusBar is a special tweak which is just meant to hide different icons or things from the status bar. You might not like to see battery levels, network strength or even time. Now that you have CustomStatusBar, you can easily hide them all from the bar. By using Protean tweak you can add the required icons in the status bar pretty easily.

Price: Free | Repo: Free

So this completes the list of best iOS 8.4 Status bar Cydia tweaks. If you find something interesting other than the above mentioned tweaks, do let us know, we will add them to our list.