Fix iOS Date Bug with BrickingDate Cydia Tweak

Fix iOS Date Bug with BrickingDate Cydia tweak on iPhone/iPad

Recently, a new bug was discovered in iOS which completely makes your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch unusable. In technical terms this situation is shortly described as a bricked device. The bug is activated when you set your iDevice date to January 1, 1970. PLEASE NOTE: Do not rush to test it because there is no turning back after your device is bricked.

Even if you get into DFU mode and restore using iTunes, your iDevice will be stucked on the Apple Logo and won’t pass that screen. The only option for you would be to head to the Genius Bar at Apple. One more interesting fact about the bug is that it has affected only 64-bit chips. That means A7, A8, A8X, A9, or A9X chipset is at risk.

Fix iOS Date Bug with BrickingDate Cydia Tweak

Luckily, if you have Jailbroken the iOS, then there’s a Cydia tweak that will work as a defender against this bug. The tweak is called BrickingDate and it is available for free on Cydia. To install it, you’ll need to add developer’s repo given at the end of this post. For non-Jailbroken devices, we would only suggest them not to mess with the date, unless Apple fixes the issue in their upcoming update.

The bug is seriously dangerous because anyone with malicious intentions can mess up your iDevice, if he gets an access to it. So if you haven’t Jailbroken your device, make sure you do not hand over your device to someone you don’t trust enough.

Coming back to the BrickingDate tweak; you’ll need to add in Cydia. If you are new to Cydia, you can check how to add repo / sources in Cydia. It is highly recommended to download BrickingDate tweak, remember, precautions are always better than to cure.

Price: Free | Repo:

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