How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen

How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen – Working & Tested

Apple is trying hard to fix bugs in iOS 9 and currently iOS 9 is available for public beta so that many users can try it. There are many guides for previous iOS versions to bypass iCloud Activation or Lockscreen and till iOS 8 Apple is using 4 digit passcode which is easy to crack. In iOS 9 they increased them to 6 digits which are impossible to crack still a security exploit made the iOS 9 Lock Screen bypass possible. Yes, you heard it right if you are running iOS 9 beta then you can “Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen” and can access Contacts and Pictures.

How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen

It can be termed as major security flaw and anyone can bypass iOS 9 lock screen after following a series of steps. Although Apple might fix the issue before iOS 9 public release you can try it on your device or your friends to freak them out. The process is simple and working on iOS 9 devices. So let’s Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen.

Note : We at iCydiaOS didn’t found the bug and it was originally found by folks at iDeviceHelp. Follow this guide at your own risk. Breaking into others devices may land you in some serious trouble. We advice you to test this guide to bypass your iOS 9 device Lock Screen.

Prerequisites to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen

  1. Make sure that you are running iOS 9 Beta on your iPhone.
  2. Enable “Passcode” on your device.
  3. Make sure that you disabled “Rotation Lock” on your device.

That’s it and now you are good to bypass iOS 9 lock screen. Follow our instructions and you can bypass your iOS 9 lock screen in no time.

How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen Easily

  1. Swipe up the screen for “Control Center” and Click on “Clock” option located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now click on “+” icon to set a new alarm.
  3. Next click on “Label“.
  4. Now select the text “Alarm” and rotate your device. Now from the options click on “arrow“.
  5. Next click on share and select messages.
  6. If you get the “Lock Screen” then you might need to follow the above 4 steps again and rotate your device and follow 5th step.
  7. Now you can type anything you want in the and click on it.
  8. You will get two options like Create New Contact and Add to Existing Contact.
  9. You can get the pictures by selecting “Create New Contact“.
    • Select Add Photo.
    • Next tap on “Choose Photo“.
    • You are now browsing the Photos on your locked iOS 9 device.
  10. You can click on “Add to Existing Contact” which will show all contacts on the device and you can get the contact info of all.

Video Tutorial on How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen

That’s it you have successfully bypassed the lock screen on iOS 9 by following our guide on “How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen“. Do drop your queries below and share the guide to spread your love.