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Get Apple Watch Styled Notifications on iPhone with this Cydia Tweak!

Do you love the way the notifications are shown in the Apple Watch lock screen? Then, why not get similar notifications on your iPhone? Now you might be thinking that how that can be possible. When you have a Cydia store in your iPhone, every trick is possible to implement.

Just before few days, WatchNotifications Cydia tweak was released by using which, you can easily get Apple styled lock screen notifications on your iPhone pretty easily. Thomas Finch develops this tweak and it is available in BigBoss repo, which is one of the best Cydia repos of all time. WatchNotifications tweak costs you just $1. Now let’s see how you can use this tweak and get the Apple lock screen notifications on your iPhone.

How to Get Apple Watch Style Notifications on iPhone

How to Get Apple Styled Notifications on iPhone with WatchNotifications Cydia Tweak

The overall process is pretty simple because all you have to do is install WatchNotifications tweak from your BigBoss repo.

  • Once you install the tweak, open settings app on your iPhone and scroll to “WatchNotifications”.

WatchNotifications Cydia Tweak Settings

  • Now, simply tap on Enable button in the WatchNotifications’ tweak settings.

 and simply tap on Enable button in the WatchNotifications' tweak settings.

  • You should be able to receive all the notifications on your iPhone lock screen as similar to Apple Watch styled notifications.

In order to check the tweak functionality you can send test notification by taping “Send Test Notification”.

Send Test Notification from WatchNotification Cydia TweakApple Watch Style Notifications on iPhoneBesides just using the main feature, you can also customize the tweak according to your needs. App icon shadow option lets you see the app icon on the iPhone’s lock screen when you receive notifications.

You just can’t get a better way to get a unique style of receiving notifications on your iPhone.

I personally loved this tweak and $1 is not a big deal if you want to change the lock screen with notifications. What’s your opinion about this tweak? Do share your thoughts with us.

Price: $1 | Repo: BigBoss

Apple Watch UI on iPhone – Aeternum Cydia Tweak

Apple Watch is one of the best seller wearable in the market. there are many unique features about the Apple Watch and one such thing is Apple Watch OS which will differentiate with the other devices in the market. The Apple Watch UI is an amazing thing and many of us liked it. Everyone can’t afford an Apple Watch can experience “Apple Watch UI on iPhone“. Yeah, you heard it right, If you have an iPhone then you can get Apple Watch UI on it.

Apple devices come with limitations which you can overcome with the help of jailbreaking it. You can jailbreak your device which will install Cydia on it so that you can enjoy several tweaks to change to change the way your device looks like tweaking Lock Screen, Notification Center and much more. You can experience Apple Watch UI on iPhone with the help of Aeternum Cydia Tweak.

The most loved part of the Apple Watch is the UI which fits beautifully on the small screen without cluttering the user experience. Many users asked us to write a guide on “How to get Apple Watch UI on iPhone” and we are here to help you out. To try out our guide, you need a Jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. So make sure that you jailbreak your device and If you are running iOS 8.3 follow our guide to Jailbreak iOS 8.3.

There are a number of Cydia tweaks out there which promises to bring Apple Watch UI to iPhone and most of them fail miserably and Aeternum comes into play here as it delivers what it promises. It will change the overall UI of your iPhone into Apple Watch UI and that too in HD which is an amazing thing.

Apple Watch UI on iPhone,Aeternum Cydia Tweak
img source : EasyTechMX

Apple Watch UI on iPhone – Aeternum Cydia Tweak

Many users know about the Aeternum Cydia Tweak as it is around the corner from the past few months. After the recent iOS 8.3 Jailbreak developers updated it to support iOS 8.3 to avoid compatibility issues. You can get the Apple Watch UI by installing the tweak.

There are many cool features about the tweak which will make Aeternum Cydia Tweak stand out of the crowd. It has a built-in feature to enlarge the icons of frequently used applications as it will make the user experience even more comfortable. It will also add a new feature rich Spotlight button on your Home Screen to make your search experience smooth and fast.

Features of Aeternum Cydia Tweak

  1. Full featured Apple Watch UI on iPhone.
  2. You can rearrange the icons easily.
  3. User & Battery friendly.
  4. Enable or Disable the UI with Activator gestures and  many more.

How to Install Aeternum Cydia Tweak

  • Open “Cydia” application on your device.
  • Search for “Aeternum Cydia Tweak” in Cydia and Install it.
  • The tweak costs around $2.99 and you need to buy it or you can try it using our list of cracked Cydia sources before buying.

That’s it you have enabled Apple Watch UI on iPhone with the help of Aeternum Cydia Tweak. Do share your feedback and queries using comments.

How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is in the market from past few months and already making its impact in the wearable industry. Recently at WWDC 2015 Apple announced WatchOS 2 update for all its Apple Watch lineup. WatchOS 2 comes with a lot of new features and improvements which will enhance and take the user experience tp next level. WatchOS 2 brings the functionality of native apps for Apple Watch which will make the loading of apps easy and fast. You need to wait until the fall for the update to be pushed for your device. If you can’t wait follow our guide and enjoy WatchOS 2 on Apple Watch.

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Apple also announced WatchOS 2 Beta 1 for developers and If you are a developer then you can download and install WatchOS 2 Beta on your Apple Watch. If you don’t know “How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch“, Don’t worry we are here to help you out. You can follow this guide to install WatchOS beta on Apple Watch.

How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

Prerequisites to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

To download and install watchos 2 beta on Apple Watch, You need to take care of few prerequisites which are necessary and important.

  • Unpair your Apple Watch with iPhone.
  • Factory Reset your Apple Watch. To do this navigate to Settings on your Apple Watch. General >> Settings >>Reset >> Erase All Content &  If you have enabled passcode enter it & Tap Confirm.
  • Download & Install iOS 9 beta on your iPhone.

How to Register iPhone to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

  • Head over to Apple Developer portal and Download latest iOS 9 SDK. Install it on your computer.
  • Next connect your device to your Mac and Launch the program.
  • Navigate to Window >> Organizer.
  • Next you have to copy the UDID of your device from the Identifier field.  It will be of 40 chars.
  • Now you have to Sign in to “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” using your credentials and click on “+” to initiate the registration procedure.
  • Next name your device and paste the UDID copied earlier and click on “Continue“.
  • You have successfully registered iPhone to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch.

You are halfway through the process of installing Apple WatchOS 2 Beta on your Apple Watch.

Tutorial to Download & to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch

Note : Make sure that your Apple Watch has atleast 70% of battery and plugged into charger during the update procedure. Don’t unplug the watch from charger during the process.

  1. Pair Apple Watch with iPhone, Make sure that iPhone is connected to WiFi and is located near Apple Watch.
  2. Next you need to download WatchOS 2 Beta on your iPhone itself.
  3. Now you need to “Launch profile” & Click on Apple Watch as the location to install WatchOS 2 beta.
  4. Reboot the device whenever it prompted.
  5. Next navigate to Apple Watch App on iPhone >> General >> Software Update. If you have enabled Passcode then you will be prompted to enter it.
  6. This will initiate the update process. After the successful completion of the update, Your Apple Watch will be updated latest WatchOS 2.

If you are having troubles installing WatchOS 2 Beta on your Apple Watch, Do leave your comments below. Also comment the features which you like the most in latest WatchOS 2.

Hope this guide on “How to Install WatchOS 2 Beta on Apple Watch” helped you. Do share the guide if you like it.

How to Update Software Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Apple released the first software for Apple Watch which is 1.0.1 sums up a total size of 51.6 MB. The update brings in a lot of improvements and also fixes bugs faced by users. Other than that many new languages are included on the updates and Russian,Turkish etc are added. I bet that you are wondering “How to Update Software of Apple Watch“. The update also brings improvements in Siri and sensors which calculate the calories burned during your workouts and many more. The update also brings support to 3rd party applications and new emoji characters.

As the update increases the performance and fixed many issues, You are looking to update your Apple Watch to its latest watch firmware so that you can overcome any problems on your Apple Watch. We are going to guide you throughout the procedure step by step to update os on Apple Watch.

How to Update Software of Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Prerequisites to Update Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

  1. Make sure that your iPhone is having a working data connection.
  2. Make sure that your  Apple Watch is paired and is in reachable distance from your iPhone.
  3. Make sure that your Apple Watch is having atleast 50% battery and connected to charger while updating.
  4. Don’t try to disconnect the Apple Watch during the update, It will pause the update if you disconnect the device from charger.

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After checking the prerequisites do follow below step by step procedure to update apple watch OS 1.0.1.

How to Update Apple Watch to Apple Watch OS 1.0.1

Now follow below steps to update your Apple Watch.

  1. Launch Apple Watch application on your iPhone which is paired with your Watch.
  2. Next tap on General >> Software Update.
  3. Next tap on Download & Install.How to Update Software of Apple Watch
  4. If you are using any passcode the application will ask for it.
  5. Now you will be presented with a Terms & Conditions page click on Agree.How to Update Software of Apple Watch
  6. The final step is to click install on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

As mentioned above don’t disconnect your Apple Watch from charger during the update which may pause the installation. After downloading the update the Apple Watch will reboot to install it and it may take a few minutes. Enjoy Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 on your device.

Hope this guide helped you to update the software of Apple Watch. Do share the article if you liked it. Incase if you are having any issues so leave your comment below so that we can help you out.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update or App Installation

Apple Watch is the one of the most selling wearable devices and people are waiting desperately to own one. Many got their hands on this shiny Apple Watch and enjoying it by pairing Apple Watch with iPhone so that they can enjoy many applications which push notifications directly on to their watch and also can keep track of their health at the same time. Though there are many added advantages still some are complaining that their Apple Watch got stuck during installation of applications or while installing an update and Majority reported that the screen of the device hangs too.

Before jumping into How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update or App Installation  we need to find the culprit which is causing the issue. Maybe your WiFi signal range is weak or you are far away from your iPhone and many more are root causes. So we are going to cover the major problems which are causing Apple watch to stuck on update or app installation.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update or App Installation

How to Fix an Apple Watch stuck While App Installation

As we mentioned above the causes for the issue may differ from device to device and person to person. So we advice you to take a look at what causing the issue. We tried our level best on listing down each and every possible cause and their solutions. Hope this fixes your stuck Apple Watch.

1.ReBoot Apple Watch

Many users also faced the same issues on iPhone and iPad too. Some iPad users reported that their devices stuck on a white screen. The problem is solved my rebooting their devices. So we advice you to reboot your Apple Watch which will fix the issue in most of the cases. If you are still facing the issue even after rebooting apple watch then we advice you to check out the below solutions.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update

2.Turn On/Off Show App on Apple Watch

Incase rebooting your apple watch didn’t fix the issue then we advice you to follow this solution. For this, you need to navigate to the Apple Watch application on your iPhone.

Now navigate to Apple Watch >>  My Watch >>  Now Toggle Off show on Apple Watch. After doing, it the application will be uninstalled from your device so be patient. We advice to verify that on your apple watch too.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on app installation

Next Toggle On Show on Apple watch which will install the application on your watch. Verify whether the app is successfully installed or not.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update 1

If you are still facing the issue we advice you to proceed further.

3.Data or WiFi Connection

Sometimes a weak internet signal may cause the issue may be it’s your WiFi or Data pack on your device. So we advice you check your network strength also you can reset the network settings on your device. For this navigate to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings >> Confirm.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on app install

The above 3 solutions will help you fix your Apple Watch which is stuck while App Installation.

How to Fix Apple Watch which stuck while installing an update

We had discuss the possible problems nad solutions for the issued faced while app installation and many also reported that their Apple Watch got stuck while installing an update. If you are also facing the issue then there is no need to worry as we have taken care of the solutions. You can check the below solutions to overcome the issue.

  • Make sure that your apple watch was within the range of your iPhone if on try updating your Apple Watching by staying within the range.
  • Make sure that your Apple Watch should be charged above 50% and connected to the charger while updating.
  • Make sure that you have a working data connection on your device before starting the update.

If you are still facing the issues even after trying all the above then we would advice you to reset your Apple Watch. To reset apple watch navigate to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase all Contents and Settings >> Confirm. Now try to update your device.

Hope this guide on How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update or App Installation helped you solve the issue. Do share the article if you liked it. Incase if you are having any issues do let us know via comments.

How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps

Apple Watch is making a lot of buzz these days. You may come around Apple Watch torture tests and reviews all over YouTube. People are waiting for the Apple watch from a long time and finally their dream of owning one will come true. Apple Watch is designed to fit for every buyer they design it to suit everyone’s requirement. Apple Watch is not yet released in majority of the countries and If you managed to get one for yourself then I bet that the first thing you want to do is Pair Apple watch with iPhone so that you can receive notifications seamlessly on your Apple watch. All you need is follow simple steps we are going to mention in this guide.

In this article we are going to guide you through each and every step to pair, set up and connect Apple Watch with iPhone. Pairing your Apple Watch is needed as it will sync or share data between apps on your iPhone and Apple watch so that you can enjoy notifications right on your Apple watch. By pairing Apple Watch with your iPhone you can use applications like Apple pay, camera and much more. Follow below steps to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps.

Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

Note :- In order to pair your iPhone with Apple Watch you need to be running iOS 8.2 or up which is compatible with it. If you running previous versions it is advised to update your iPhone to iOS 8.2 or up.

How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps

  1. Turn On your Apple Watch and set it up.
  2. Upon successful boot the Apple watch will prompt you to open its app for ‘pairing’.
  3. Next tap on “Start Pairing” on your Apple Watch and do the same on your iPhone by going into Apple watch to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone
  4. Now camera app will be open automatically on your iPhone which will ask you align the Apple watch face with view finder. It will take few seconds for the iPhone to recognize your Apple watch after that you need to set a few things as follows.Pair Apple Watch with iPhone easily
    • Wrist Preference.
    • Accept Terms & Conditions
    • Enter your Apple ID
    • Enable Location services & Siri
  5. Now its time to tighten the security of your Apple Watch by protecting with a passcode you can create one by clicking “Create a Passcode” on your iPhone or you can skip it by clicking “Don’t Add Passcode”.Pair Apple Watch with iPhone install apps
  6. After that you will be asked whether you wish to unlock your Apple watch with your iPhone or not. You can either enable it or skip it as per your wish.
  7. In the final step all you need is to click on “Install All” button.
  8. It will take a while for sync and you can enjoy Apple Watch with all your favorite apps and notifications.

Video Walk through to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone


Voila ! You have successfully paired your Apple watch with iPhone. Now you can get all notifications on your Apple watch directly on its little screen. We are on our way to provide more Apple Watch tutorials. If you liked our article on How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone & Install Apps do share the article. If you are stuck at any step so let us know via comments so that we can help you out.