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Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue (How To)

iPhone’s became part of most of our lives and we may have little troubles using our iPhone’s now & then. One such issue is iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive or frozen and you cannot unlock your iPhone. Many users reported the issue and majority of then are using iPhone 4S or 5. The issue is may be due to older hardware of these devices.  But there are quick fixes to iPhone Lock Screen unresponsive issue.

So if you are facing iPhone Lock Screen unresponsive issue on iPhone 4S or 5 then you are in right place. You can try some quick fixes we are about to mention to overcome the issue. The main reason behind writing this post is because I too faced the issue on my old iPhone 4S which I use as a backup device. I usually freak out and try several things to solve Phone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue on iPhone 4S. Hope these quick fixes will help you too.

Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

You can unlock your device or overcome the lock screen frozen issue on iPhone by using these easy fixes.Try them out and don’t forget to comment which fix helped you to solve iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue. So let’s dive into our guide

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#Quick Fix 1: Ask your Friend  to call you

It may seem a bit weird asking your friend or colleague to call your number. I bet that they will give a weird look at you, but it will help to solve the issue. Most of the times when my iPhone 4S lock screen becomes unresponsive I either grab my other device to call my number or ask a friend to do to solve the issue. It works most of the time like a charm and in case if it didn’t work for you then you can try other quick fixes.

#Quick Fix 2: Reboot your Device to fix unresponsive lock screen issue

So if you tried calling from your friends device and still stuck at frozen lock screen issue then we advice you to reboot your device which will work as an instant fix. All you need to do is turn off your device and turn it back on after few seconds. Many users reported that they fixed the issue by rebooting.

#Quick Fix 3: Try Hard Reset your iPhone

If you tried above 2 solutions and still facing the issue then we advice you to “Hard Reset” your iPhone to fix it. Hard Reset fixes all minor glitches and bugs in most cases. It is advised to use it when you face weird issues with your iDevices. But it is advised to use this feature minimum number of times as it may have effects in thea long run.

Hold “Power” + “Home” button for 10-15 seconds which will turn off your iPhone. Next wait for few seconds and press the power button which will “Power On” your device and the iPhone Lock Screen frozen issue will be fixed.

#Quick Fix 4: Using Siri to Overcome the issue

Yeah, you heard it right and you can try this if you have enabled Siri on your iPhone. Siri seems to solve the issue and all you need to do is “Launch an Application using Siri“. The majority of the users reported that it didn’t help them still minority reported that this helped them to overcome “iPhone Lock Screen Frozen Issue”. So all you need try your luck with “Siri”.

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miscellaneous Fixes to solve iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

If you tried all the above and still facing the Lock Screen frozen issue on iPhone 4s or 5 then we advice you to remove unnecessary applications from your devices which are culprits for the issue. Freeing memory will fix the issue and moreover maintain free space in your device which will keep you away from weird problems like this one.

Hope this guide on “How to Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue” helped you to fix frozen lock screen on iPhone 4s or 5. Do share the article if it helped you.

Guide to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iPhone iOS 8-7

Apple is trying hard to solve bugs in their iOS and they are trying to level best with every update they push to their device. Some of the bugs or issues can’t be solved while some of them like iMessage Waiting for activation error can be fixed easily. iMessage is one of the best features apple introduced and many users are using it. If you got yourself an iPhone running iOS 7 or 8 and you are unable to use “iMessage” due to “Waiting for Activation” error on the screen. Some users reported that the iMessage waiting for activation error is popping out of nowhere.

If you are also getting the same error then we can understand how frustrated you are as we faced the same situation quite a while back. If you are searching the internet for a fix then I bet that you may come across hundreds of solutions and most of them don’t work. Some even reported that even factory resetting their devices didn’t help them to activate iMessage on their device.

Guide to Fix iMessageWaiting for Activation on iPhone iOS 7/8

We searched all the forums and sites to check whether any methods mentioned will help us overcome the issue. But all our efforts went in vain. Finally, we listed a few methods to overcome imessage waiting for activation screen and tried on our devices as well as our friends devices which are facing the same issue. If you tried several times and didn’t activate iMessage then we advice you to give it one more try with the methods we are going to mention in this article on Guide to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iPhone iOS 7/8.

Prerequisites to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iPhone iOS 7/8

So before jumping into the procedure on How to fix iMessage “Waiting for activation” screen, You need to check a few things which we are going to mention below.

  1. Unlock your device and navigate to “Contacts“, Now you can see your phone number on the top of all contacts. If you are unable to see it then we advice you to set it up by navigating to “Settings>>Phone>>My Number” and enter your “Phone Number“.
  2. We advice you to check your device’s Date & Time settings is up to date. To avoid any issues we advice you to set them to “Set Automatically” which you can find under “Settings >> General“.
  3. Make sure that you are in good reception areas no matter you are using your mobile data or WiFi  as you may face issues while iMessage activation if you are having issues with internet connection.

We noticed that sometimes iMessages send an international message while activation so make sure that you have enough balance. Next, Contact your operator and cross check whether they support iMessage or not. If they support it then you can follow below solutions to fix iMessage waiting for activation error on iPhone 4s,5 or 5s. You can follow this guide on any device as all the steps are same for all of them.

Quick solutions to fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iOS 7 , 8 – iPhone / iPad

We found that there are 2 solutions for this problem which are working for all. So do give them a try and do to let us know whether it fixed your iMessage waiting for activation issue on your device.

#1.Try Airplane Mode to fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” issue

You may call me crazy, but it’s true you can try yourself to check if “Airplane Mode” fixes your issue or not. Many users even reported that it fixed the issue and it is also the most simple fix for the problem. So let’s see how Airplane mode fixes the issue.

  1. Navigate to “Settings>>Messages”  >>Turn Off iMessage & FaceTime“.Guide to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation on iPhone iOS 7/8
  2. Next “Enable Airplane Mode” on your device & If you are using WiFi on your device, then it will automatically turned off.
  3. Wait for a minute or two and Turn On Wifi on your device.
  4. Now navigate back to “Settings>>Messages” and turn on “iMessage“.
  5. You need to enter your “Apple ID & Password” if you never used it before. Otherwise, you won’t get any notifications.
  6. Now you can turn off “Airplane Mode” on your device.
  7. You may get a notification saying “Your Carrier may Charge for SMS“, tap on “Ok“.
  8. In a minute or two your “iMessage” will be activated and in some cases it will take around 10-15 mins.

Airplane Mode helped many users to fix the issue which includes me too. So if you are having trouble in fixing the iMessage activation issue then do try the second method to fix it.

#2. Try Sign Out & SignIn to Apple Account

Some users reported that Airplane Mode didn’t help them fix the issue even when their carrier supports iMessage. We found an interesting solution for the problem. Your device is linked with all Apple services using your Apple ID and sometimes the culprit is your “Apple ID“. You can use the steps to fix iMessage waiting for activation error on your device.

  1. Navigate to “Settings” >> “Messages” >> “Send & Receive” and click on it.Guide to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation
  2. Now tap on your “Apple ID” & Sign Out.
  3. Next turn off “iMessage” and your WiFi or Cellular data too.
  4. After a while turn on WiFi or Data and after a minute or two “Turn On iMessage“.
  5. Next repeat the “Step 1” and enter your Apple ID and Password. Enjoy iMessage on your iPhone or iPad.

That’s you can overcome the waiting for activation error and we advice you to follow the solutions mentioned here. If you are having issues don’t hesitate to comment down so that we can help you with a solution. If you are unable to overcome the issue then do a fresh restore or factory restore your device.

The above-mentioned fixes helped many users to overcome iMessage “Waiting for Activation” Error on iOS 7 & iOS 8. Do share the guide if it helped you and Don’t forget your feedback on this guide.

Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem

iPhones are the most selling Apple products and they have a huge user base when compared to other products. Still many people are complaining that their iPhone’s are restarting automatically and it is very annoying to see your device restart without your notice. So if you are also facing same problem then our guide on “Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem“. Although if you faced the problem earlier and searched for it, then you might come across several methods and you might have tried each and every solution to fix the issue of iPhone restarting automatically.

We came across several solutions on forums and tried several things on our own. It’s quite annoying to search for the fix every time you face it. So we thought of listing down the working solutions which might help you solve the issue. After trying out the solutions, we mentioned in this article, You can fix the issue within no time. So let’s have a look at the possible solutions to fix iPhone 5s restarting itself.


Possible Solutions to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically

After a bit of research, we found the following as the working solutions which are tried by ourselves and the Apple community.

  1. Faulty Applications on your iDevice
  2. Toggle On/Off Mobile Data
  3. Reset your iPhone 
  4. Restore From Backup

#1.Faulty Applications on your iPhone

Sometimes the reason for your iPhone restarting problem is due to some faulty applications which will consume a lot of battery and resources. Most of these type of applications are updated on regular basis. As they are consuming the most of the battery there is no doubt that your iPhone is restarting automatically. So we advice you to check the installed applications and uninstall the one’s which you barely use.

After uninstalling the applications we advice you to reboot your device and check whether the issue is resolved or not. If the iPhone restarting itself again and again then you can check other solutions to fix it.

#2.Toggle On/Off Mobile Data

Sometimes Mobile Data is the culprit. You need to turn on or off mobile data on your device. Do try restarting your device to check whether the issue is fixed or not. Do check other solutions if this doesn’t help you.

Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically

#3.Reset your iPhone 

If the above two solutions didn’t help you, then you can try resetting your iPhone. If you don’t know how you can follow these steps to resets your iPhone.

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> General.
  3. Next click on “Reset All Settings“.

Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically problem

Even resetting your iPhone didn’t help you then you can try restoring from the iTunes backup.

#4.Restore from iTunes Backup

Restoring from iTunes backup is the last resort of solving the problem. If you previous made a backup of your device using iTunes then you can restore it on your device. To do this “Connect your device to the computer” and “Launch iTunes“. After that, you can navigate to the device page and click “Restore Backup“. It will take few minutes and after restoring you can say goodbye to the iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem.

That’s it, Hope this guide on “Solution to Fix iPhone Restarting Automatically Problem helped you. If you are still facing the issue then you can comment below so that we can guide you to overcome the solution. Do share the guide with your friends.

How to Block a Number on iPhone – [Working Ways]

Apple’s iOS is one of the finest mobile operating systems which is crafted especially for Apple devices. It is trying to add new features with every new update they are bringing. Every mobile OS has some mandatory features like “Call Blocking” and You might heard of it several times. It is quite annoying receiving calls from strangers or marketing calls which only waste your time and whenever you receive such call you will feel frustrated. You can simply overcome it by blocking a number or contact. The reasons might be many but if you are looking for a guide on “How to Block a Number on iPhone“, then you are in right place.

I too faced several situations which tested my patience and many of my friends faced the same situation. Most of the iPhone users knows how to block a number and some might not know about. If you also don’t know about it then don’t worry we are here to help you out. In this article, we will be discussing the working ways to block a number on iPhone. We tried them ourselves to ensure that they are working flawlessly.

How to Block a Number on iPhone

Working Ways to Block a Number on iPhone

So we played with our devices a little bit to figure out ways to block a phone number on iPhone. We came up with 3 working solutions which might solve your problem.

1.Contact your Carrier (If you are running iOS 6 or Older).

2. Manually add the number to Block List (iOS 7 & UP)

3.Third- Party applications as last resort.

So you can use anyone of the above ways to block a number on iPhone. We are going explain each solution we listed above so that you can block any number on iOS fast and easy.

1.Contact your Carrier (If you are running iOS 6 or Older).

If you are using any device which is running iOS 6 or lower then there are low chances of blocking a number on your iPhone. As iOS 6 has many limitations. So you need to follow a few steps mentioned below to block a phone number on iOS 6.

  1. First, You need to find out the carrier of your device. To do this, you can navigate to Settings >> Carrier which will show your carrier details.
  2. After finding out your carrier details, all you need to do is contact the custom care and request them to block a number behalf of you. They will block the number and will also let you know how many numbers you can block. If they failed to block the number, we have a last resort which you can try.

2. Manually add the number to Block List (iOS 7 & UP)

iOS 7 changed the way iOS looks with a complete overhaul in the UI and features. iOS 7 brought a lot of features natively which are unavailable in the previous versions. One such feature is Call Blocking which became a native iOS 7 feature and made the overall procedure of  blocking a contact even more simple on iOS. If you are running iOS 7 or 8 and don’t know how, then you can follow the mentioned steps to do so.

There are a few different ways to block a number in iOS 7 & 8 and they are as follows

  1. Block from Settings: 
    • Navigate to Settings >> Phone on your device.
    • Next tap on  “Block” followed by “Add New” and add the number you want to block.
  2. Select any number you want to block:
    • You can navigate to Contacts or Recent Call Log or message and find the number you want to block.
    • You will find an icon “i” click on it and tap on “Block“. Simple isn’t it.

If the above two methods are not working for you then you can have a look at the last method which can help you block the number. The last method will work perfectly in most of the cases.

3.Third- Party applications as last resort

If the above two methods are not working for you then you need to opt for third-party applications like “True Caller” which will help you block the numbers as well as report spam numbers. If you are running a jailbroken devices then you can try Cydia tweaks to block number on iPhone. There are many Cydia tweaks out there which help you. To make your job even easier, we handpicked  a few tweaks for you.

  1. Call Blocker
  2. Call Bliss
  3. iBlacklist

You can download and install them by searching their names in Cydia. Now you can block any number without any issues.

If you are having issues with the methods mentioned on “How to Block a Number on iPhone“. Do drop your comment so that we can help you. Do share the guide if it helped you.

Enable Whatsapp calling on iPhone – WhatsappCallEnabler

Whatsapp is the most used messaging application and it gave tough competition to many messaging applications. Most of the competitors can’t cope up with the competition some are discontinued while some are still trying to overtake Whatsapp market share. After Facebook bought whatsapp there are a lot of changes and improvements. Most of the new features are liked by many and especially Whatsapp Calling which is the most discusses feature now a days.

Whatsapp calling feature was first came to android devices and there are some tricks to “enable whatsapp calling on iPhone“. As the feature was first tested on android smartphones and one can get the whatsapp calling feature on invite basis before its public release. Now every android smart phone supports whatsapp calling but iPhone’s are still lagging behind. If you are searching for a guide to Enable Whatsapp calling on iPhone iPad then do check our guide which will help you get the feature on your iDevice.

Enable Whatsapp calling on iPhone - WhatsappCallEnabler

When we compared iOS users with Android users, Android users are considered lucky that the feature is now available for all devices and majority of the users are enjoying the feature. Many users posted that the call quality is simply amazing even on 2G which is a great thing. Although the official Whatsapp calling for iPhone will be released sooner or later you can enjoy it with a tweak named “WhatsappCallEnabler“.

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Whenever Android users or some good functionalities are discontinued by the developers and developers over cydia try their level best to bring them back same happened in many cases like Chatheads, NoFB Messenger tweaks etc. Incase if you are using an iPhone waiting for the feature then you can follow our guide to “Enable Whatsapp calling on iPhone – WhatsappCallEnabler“.

Note : Before trying this guide make sure that your device is jailbroken and cydia installed on your device. If you are running iOS 8.3 then you need to wait some more time as the jailbreak for iOS 8.3 is not out yet.

WhatsappCallEnabler – Enable Whatsapp calling on iPhone

So you are eager to enable whatsapp calling on your iPhone then here you go. You can enable it with the help of WhatsappCallEnabler Cydia tweak. You can get this feature easily by following the below steps.

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  1. You need to have whatsapp installed on your device.
  2. Now launch Cydia on your device and Add to the list of cydia sources on your iPhone. You need to add the above repo to get WhatsappCallEnabler tweak.
  3. After adding the tweak install WhatsappCallEnabler from the repository.
  4. After installing the tweak navigate to Settings >> WhatsappCallEnabler >> Enable it.
  5. Incase if you are running Whatsapp in background, Relaunch it. Now you can see the call button on the top of conversation.

That’s it you have successfully enabled Whatsapp calling on iPhone with the help of WhatsappCallEnabler tweak. If you have any queries on “How to Enable Whatsapp Calling on iPhone” do let us know via comments. Do share the article if you liked it.

List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps for installing on iPhone/iPad/iPodList of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps for installing on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Android is giving tough competition to iOS devices and I bet that you might have used at least one android device in the past. When it comes to applications there is no big difference between these two eco systems as majority of the applications are available both on android and iOS. If you are searching for cracked android application you may come across a number of sites to download cracked applications but when it comes to iOS you may find only a few sites which help to Download free Cracked IPA’s for iPhone or iPod or iPad. You might have landed on this page after extensive googling then you are at right place.

List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps

Like android you may find a bunch of sites which provide free IPA downloads and you may have come across sites which will ask you to complete a survey which will test your patience and will frustrate you. But we have prepared a list of sites which provides paid iPhone apps for free. By following our list of top ipa download sites you can install cracked apps on iPhone or iPod or iPad easily.

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Note : To download or install cracked iPhone apps or Cracked iPad apps you need a jailbroken device with cydia installed. As they don’t function without cydia.

iCydiaOS is not encouraging piracy in any manner. We are advising our users only use them to try applications before buying them. We respect the works of developers and advice our users to buy applications legitimately. They only cost a few bucks and supports developers to build more amazing applications in return.

If you are searching for a list of sites to download cracked ipas for iPhone iPad iPod then your search might probably end here right away. Lets dive into our list of top ipa download sites.

1.PandaAPP IPA Site

When I got my first iPhone which is iPhone 5 I used to search for  a way to download cracked iPhone games as I cannot afford them at that time. One day I stumbled upon PandaAPP IPA site and surprised to see many paid games which are available to download for free though they are cracked IPA’s. While most of my friends are buying the games I am enjoying them absolutely for free and when I revealed the site among my friends they were amazed.

  • Link to PandaAPP IPA Site :


iApplications is a russian site which hosts a number of cracked iPhone iPad or iPod applications. It is a reliable site and only barrier is, It is in russian language. If you are using chrome as your daily driver then you can use the built-in feature to translate it into english. Though the site is inactive these days still it serves a huge number of cracked ipas which you can download and enjoy.

  • Link to iApplications :

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3. Mob IPA Site

Mob IPA is another amazing site not only to download cracked iPA apps but also you can download wallpapers, ringtones and much more. What I like the most about the site is we can choose our device model and the site will display contents for our device. No matter which device you use whether it is iPod or iPad or iPhone the site has content for you. You can forget incompatibility issues with the applications as the site shows applications which are compatible with your device.

  • Link to Mob IPA Site :

4.vShare IPA Site

vShare is one of the best installous alternative and we have covered guides to Install vShare from Cydia and Install vSahre on iOS 8 without jailbreak. You can also use their site to download cracked applications without the need of installing the application. You can download iPhone, iPad or iPod content as they have separate sections for each device. You can check it out from below link.

  • Link to vShare IPA Site :

5.iPhone Cake

iPhone Cake is another site in our list of top ipa download sites. The site was popular and gained success after shutdown of some popular sites in this area. You can find almost all cracked applications and many new applications are added to the site on daily basis. Downloading them is also easy task as they are stored on free file hosting servers so that you can download them without any surveys.

  • Link to iPhone Cake :


APVV is another amazing site to download cracked ipa apps but the main drawback is that it is the subsidiary version of vSahre as you will be redirected to vShare to download any applications. We like the UI of the application which is simple and amazing.

  • Link to APVV IPA Site :

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This is another amazing site which is similar to most of the above mentioned sites. You can find almost any app on the website which will work flawlessly on your iPhone or iPad or iPod without any issues. You can try it out using below link.

  • Link to :

The list doesn’t end here we have some bonus sites waiting for you which are iDownloads and 51ipa. Incase if you are inconvenient about advertisements on their site you need to know that they need to make at least a few bucks to pay bills so you can help them by clicking ads.

So these are our list of free ipa download sites for iPhone or iPad apps. Hope you liked our guide on List of Sites to Download Cracked IPA apps for installing on iPhone/iPad/iPod. If you have any queries do drop your comments below and do share the article if you liked it.

How to Restore iCloud Contacts to iPhone and iPad

iCloud is a part of Apple iOS ecosystem which has been integrated into it  a long time back. iCloud can be used in many scenarios ranging from backing up photos or videos and even contacts. Many people think that they can restore contacts from iCloud easily and it is not so easy as many think and sometimes it will test your patience too. Some of the users reported that they lost some contacts after restoring iCloud Contacts and searching for a perfect guide to restore iCloud Contacts to iPhone and iPad without losing any one of them. You can restore each and every contact which is backup up in iCloud by following our guide.

Restoring iCloud contacts is pretty easy and quick which involves a series of steps. So we advice you to follow this guide carefully without skipping any step. So lets dive into the procedure to restore contacts from iCloud.

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How to Recover iCloud Contacts to iPhone and iPad

  • Navigate to Settings >> iCloud Restore iCloud Contacts to iPhone and iPad
  • Now you will get a list of options turn on Contacts option. (If it’s already enabled turn it off and enable it)Restore iCloud Contacts for iPhone and iPad
  • Now the contacts will be redownloaded.
  • Next you will be prompted whether to keep the existing contacts or delete them.Restore iCloud Contacts to iPhone and iPad
  • Tap on Delete Option.
  • In some cases you will get an additional option called Merge Contacts. Choose it instead of tapping on delete.
  • Now all you need to do is click on contacts application and check whether all your contacts are available or not.

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The overall procedure may consume few minutes as all the contacts are downloaded on to your iPhone or iPad. You can fix the missing contacts issue after restoring contacts on iPhone iPad using iCloud. Hope this guide on How to Restore iCloud Contacts to iPhone and iPad helped you. Do share the article and drop your queries.

Download vShare from Cydia & Install on iPhone/iPad/iPod

As you can see that we are trying to cover some of the best installous alternatives on our site and we have already covered a few and you can check them below

The above are just two of the installous alternatives we have covered until now. We tried them before posting the guides but when we compare them with installous something is missing which can’t be filled. I have been searching for a perfect installous alternative and finally settled on vShare which works pretty similar to installous. So we thought of writing a detailed article on “How to Download vShare from Cydia & Install on iPhone iPad iPod“.

To all those who are thinking what is vShare then vShare is an application which hosts a number of paid apps and games for free in simple word the application hosts cracked applications. vShare is specially for jailbreak devices, You can install cracked applications on your iPhone or iPad using vShare. So incase if you are wondering how to download cracked applications so that you can test them before buying then you can follow this guide to Download vShare iOS 8 and Install on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.

iCydiaOS doesn’t encourage piracy of app or tweaks. We know how much hard work the developer puts in making amazing application. We recommend you to download the applications or tweaks to test before buying. You can buy them from iTunes or Cydia which will help the developers to develop more amazing applications or tweaks. This guide on Download vShare from Cydia and How to use it ? is for educational purposes only.

vShare is not new for most of the jailbreak users, It is known as AppVV previously as it has served the jailbreak community after the sudden shutdown of Installous. Everything was working fine until iOS 7 update and it showed strange issues which made the developer to release major update for the application and renamed it as vShare. After shutdown of installous jailbreak community searched for alternatives and vShare arrived in right time.

You may question us why am I recommending vShare inspite of many alternatives available for the device. The list of installous alternatives goes on and still we find comfortable with vShare because of its simplicity as you can install applications easily as the process is minimal and easy. So are you interested to check out How to Download vShare iOS 8 from cydia and install on your iPhone or iPad or iPod.

Prerequisites to Download vShare iOS 8 from Cydia and Install

  • A working iPhone, iPad or iPod which is jailbroken.
  • Cydia installed on your device.
  • A working internet connection which is mandatory.

There are guides on the internet which will make you believe that you can download vShare on your i-Device without jailbreak which is impossible and only way to install vShare on your iPhone or iPad is via cydia.

Download vShare iOS 8 Cydia

How to Download vShare iOS 8 from Cydia

If you are new to jailbreak community and you might not have tried applications like apptrackr or appcake which will help you download cracked apps. They need AppSync to work properly so as vShare. If you don’t have AppSync installed on your device then you can follow our guide to install AppSync on iPhone iPad. We covered almost everything related to AppSync in that guide to make the overall process of installing AppSync on your device easy and fun.

After installing AppSync the next step is adding vShare official repository to cydia and installing vShare on your i-Device. So lets jump into it.

Add vShare Official Source to Cydia

  1. Navigate to Cydia on your jailbroken i-Device.
  2. Tap on sources which are located at the bottom of application.
  3. Next tap on Edit followed by Add.
  4. Now you will get a pop-up dialog box in which you need to enter the url of the repository which is
  5. It will take a while for cydia to add source and If you get any warnings just tap on Add Anyway.

Download vShare

After checking the prerequisites and installing AppSync & Adding vShare source. The next thing is to download vShare from Cydia.

  1. After adding vShare cydia repo we recommend you to respring your device.
  2. Next naviget to Cydia >> Sources and click on Appvv source.
  3. You will be presented with a list of packages. Search for vShare and install it.
  4. Restart your device and enjoy vShare on your device.

So that its you have just installed best installous alternative vShare on your device. You can now installing thousands of applications absoluetly for free.

Hope this guide on How to Download vShare from Cydia & Install on iPhone iPad iPod do share the article and spread your love. Do drop your comments incase if you are facing any troubles.

How to Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Did your iPhone 4S stuck in Recovery Loop? Struggling to get it out of recovery mode ? iPhone 4S is pretty old and still constitute a fair amount of users who are still using the device. The device supports iOS 8 and won’t get any further updates as Apple will stop the updates after certain period of time because of the incompatibility of the latest version with the hardware of old devices. Many users complained that their iPhone 4S stuck in recovery mode loop while they trying to upgrade their devices.

If you are also facing the same issue then you can bring your device back to life, Yeah you heard it right you can exit the recovery mode loop on iPhone 4S. You may have tried each and every solution out their to bring your device exit recovery mode loop. You might have tried iTunes to restore a previous backup which might not helped you either. Don’t freak out we have a solution for you which will help you to overcome the recovery mode loop on your iPhone 4S and you can try this on any i-Device including iPhone 4S.

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Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

The reasons for the recovery mode loop may be many which ranges from older iTunes version, Installing wrong firmware on your device, and the list goes on. So lets dive into our guide on “How to Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop“.

Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop iOS 8

I faced the similar situation on my iPhone 4S and my friends iPhone 5c. I have filtered the internet and searched all forums to get a solution to kick my iPhone 4s out of recovery mode which i get anytime whenever I try to switch on my device. I narrowed down the solutions to fix my iPhone 4S which stuck in recovery mode loop which will help you too. The solutions to fix the problem are as follows

  1. RecBoot
  2. TinyUmbrella
  3. Using the DFU Mode

#1.How to Use BootRec to exit an iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

BootRec is a handy tiny piece of software which is available for both Windows and Mac. BootRec is used to enter or exit recovery mode on any iOS device. Here we are going to use it to exit iPhone 4s from the recovery loop. Incase if you don’t know how to use it don’t panic, We are here to help you out.

Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Procedure to use RecBoot :

  1. To use RecBoot you need to download, You can download RecBoot for Windows & RecBoot for Mac before proceeding further.
  2. Now fire up RecBoot on your machine and connect your iPhone 4S to the computer.
  3. After successful recognition you will find buttons on RecBoot window.
  4. Now all you need to do is to tap on “Exit Recovery Mode”.
  5. That’s it now your iPhone 4s will most probably boots normally and there are low chances that the method may not work. You can follow the remaining methods to exit iPhone 4s which is stuck in recovery.

Do let us know if the RecBoot method worked for you or not via comments.

#2.How to use TinyUmbrella to exit an iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

TinyUmbrella is another handy tool, Unlike RecBoot you can do a lot more than just using it to enter or exit from recoevry. TinyUmbrella has many excellent features which is serving the Jailbreak and iOS community from a long time.

Procedure to use TinyUmbrella :

  1. To use TinyUmbrella on your machine you need to have java installed on your machine.
  2. Now download TinyUmbrella for Windows & Mac.
  3. Unzip the package and run the program. On the first run it will fetch some necessary libraries do be patient.
  4. Now connect your iPhone 4S to your computer while TinyUmbrella is still running on your computer.
  5. Now in the left pane click under Recovery Device and click on the number which will look like numeric digits.
  6. Next look for Exit Recovery button and click it.
  7. Now wait for the device to reboot normally and disconnect it afterwards.

The above two methods will most probably work to kick your iPhone 4S stuck in recovery mode loop. Incase if your device stuck in recovery mode loop while upgrading you can also use below method.

#3.Using DFU Mode to exit iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

DFU mode is used when your device stuck in recovery mode loop while upgrading the firmware of your device. Incase if the above methods didn’t worked for you then you can try this method.

  1. Turn Off your device.
  2. Press & Hold Power button for 3 seconds.
  3. Now hold the home button without leaving power button for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Now release Power button while still holding the home button.
  5. Tada !! Your device will be in DFU mode.

Hope this guide helped you to Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop. Do let us know the methods which worked for you via comments.

Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia

This guide is all for those who are eagerly looking for single guide which covers each and every working method to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad  without Cydia Application. As many of the users don’t want to jailbreak their devices yet they want to enjoy features like OpenSSH on their iPhone/iPod or iPad, If you are one we have covered all methods which will help you to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad with or without Cydia Installer on your device.

OpenSSH helps you control your device remotely and OpenSSH is a cydia tweak which is available for all jailbroken devices. But there are ways with which you can Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia too.

What is OpenSSH for iPhone/iPod ?

Before getting into the guide many of you might already know what is OpenSSH ? and If you are new to this term then, OpenSSH is a program which will help you communicate with a device or set of devices and transfer files between you and the device remotely using the encrypted SSH Protocol. All you need to use OpenSSH on your iPhone or iPod or iPad is a working internet connection ( We recommend a stable WiFi connection).

Advantages of OpenSSH for i-Device

As we mentioned above that you can use OpenSSH to transfer files remotely between devices and that is not only a single use of it. There are number of uses other than transferring files. So let’s have a look at the uses of OpenSSH for i-Device.

1)Semi-Restore your i-Device : You might hear the word Semi-Restore if you are a jailbreaker and are following the community. Many of the users tend to restore the device when they messed up with some tweaks which made them to restore the i-Device with the firmware files from the official servers itself using iTunes but it is a lengthy procedure and you need to set up the device once again as you will lose all the data and settings on your i-Device. Semi-Restore is a boon for jailbreak community and by using Semi-Restore there is no need to completely restore your device you can restore it with all your settings intact with a single mouse click. All you need to use Semi-Restore application is that you need to have OpenSSH installed on your i-Device.

2)Saves yourself and your devices from Soft Bricks : Another amazing use of OpenSSH is that you can save yourself as well as your devices from soft bricks in case you are facing issues like Boot Loop on your devices. Apple Devices can’t been hard bricked and overall you can face only Soft Bricks which you can solve and use the device normally.There are many Soft bricks which are faced by users and they can be solved easily using OpenSSH.

3)Remote File Transfer and Password Support You can use OpenSSH to remotely transfer files between your computer and i-Device without the need of iTunes or any cables. Cable free file transfer and you can secure the file transfer with the help of a password too.

Methods to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPod without Cydia

  1. Install OpenSSH using iFunBox : You can use this method if you are not an iFile users or facing Cydia app crashing issues on your device.
  2. Install OpenSSH using iFile : You can use this method incase you somehow messed up with your device.
  3. Install OpenSSH using Cydia : Easiest way to install OpenSSH by most of the users.

How to Install OpenSSH without Cydia

You will find the above mentioned 3 procedures to install OpenSSH on your device below in detailed. Make sure that you follow the process without skipping a single step.

Install OpenSSH using iFunBox

As mentioned above you can use this method if you are having issues with iFile and Cydia on your device.

  1. Download iFunBox application for your computer from official site : Mac or Windows.
  2. Install it like normal applications on your computer. We recommend you to install in its default path.
  3. After successful installation of iFunBox on your computer, Launch the application and connect your i-Device with the help of USB cable which you got in the box.
  4. Download OpenSSH from our site Link to download, Save it somewhere on your desktop.
  5. In the bottom left corner you will see your device name click on it.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  6. In the next window scroll down a little and select “iFunBox Classic”.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  7. Now from Left Sidebar select “Cydia App Install” option. So that you can enable drag and drop app install feature.Install OpenSSH using iFunBox
  8. Now drag and drop the OpenSSH file which you have downloaded in step 4 into iFunBox.
  9. The file will be transferred to your device. After installation make sure that you reboot your device twice.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

Install OpenSSH using iFile

The above method works if you don’t have iFile tweak installed and having issues with Cydia application on your device. If you are having iFile tweak pre-installed on your device then you can use the below procedure to install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPod without Cydia.

  1. install OpenSSH using iFileOpenSSH is free cydia tweak which you can download from Cydia, As you are having issues with Cydia you can download  OpenSSH.deb
  2. Open the link from Safari browser on your i-Device.
  3. After downloading file and If you have iFile tweak pre-installed you will get an option to “Open in iFile” select it.
  4. You have successfully installed Open SSH on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

How to Install OpenSSH using Cydia

  1. install OpenSSH using Cydia App Fire Up Cydia application on your device and click on the search icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now in the search field type in “OpenSSH” and click search.
  3. Select the result and tap on install button located at top right corner of the application.
  4. After successful installation reboot your device and enjoy OpenSSH on your device.

Note : You won’t see any icons for OpenSSH application though you have installed it.

So we have covered ways to download & Install OpenSSH on i-Devices. If you have installed OpenSSH on your device by following our guide on “Guide to Install OpenSSH on iPhone/iPad without Cydia” and in case if you are having any doubts do comment below so that we can help you out.