Change Direction of iOS 9 App Switcher on iPhone and iPad

Change The Direction of iOS 9 App Switcher on iPhone with SwitcherTweak

One of the primary benefits of Jailbreaking your iOS device is that it lets you break the limitations set by Apple. It allows you to come out of the boundaries fixed by the tech giant.

Apple has created an impenetrable eco-system and nobody can go outside that fences. Jailbreak gives you an opportunity to explore your iPhone or iPad the way you want to explore it. As a result, there is an entire community worldwide that supports Jailbreak.

Change Direction of iOS 9 App Switcher on iPhone and iPad

SwitcherTweak – Change The Direction of iOS 9 App Switcher

Apple has recently launched iOS 9, which was Jailbroken by Team Pangu in a short period. And many iPhone and iPad users Jailbroke their devices to bypass the restrictions of Apple.

With the help of hundreds of tweaks, users make the most of their iOS devices. SwitcherTweak is one such tweak that helps you change the direction of iOS 9 app switcher.

First off download this SwitcherTweak by following this link:

Once, the tweak is downloaded, follow the regular steps to download the tweak from the source. After you download SwitcherTweak, go for the respring.

Now you are all set to experiment with the app switcher.

What you can do with SwitcherTweak?

Go to the Settings of your iPhone and tap on SwitcherTweak from the list of tweaks. First, we are sure that you would like to change the direction of app switcher in your iOS 9 enabled device, as you must have got tired of the same old direction.

Apart from changing direction of app switcher from left to right, you would also like to go for up and down format of app switcher. This will be pretty easier for you; just tap on options given below the section of PAGE SCROLL DIRECTION.

There are four options: Stock, Flipped, Down and Up. Under ADDITIONAL OPTIONS, you can perform actions like Disable Page Blurring, Disable Background Blurring, Disable SB Page Blurring, Hide Page Labels and Swipe SB Page to Respring.

Another cool thing about this tweak is that if your app switcher mode is up or down, you can kill the apps by swiping from left to right or right to left. Check the two options given below SWIPE TO KILL DIRECTION FOR UP/DOWN SCROLL.

Last one is Enable Custom Padding, which is right below the title PADDING BETWEEN PAGES. This feature enables you to select the app from the list of multiple apps quite easily.

One of the major benefits of SwitcherTweak is that it is highly functional and gives you comfortable access to apps running in the background. Download the tweak and enjoy the amazing functions of SwitcherTweak.

Repo: Skylerk99 | Price: Free