Lautus Cydia Tweak to Clear iPhone App Cache

Clear iPhone App Cache with Lautus Cydia Tweak

Everyone has faced the low storage issue in their lifespan of using iPhone. The problem exists with everyone, regardless of their iPhone storage capacity. One with high storage will face it later, compared to the one having a low storage iPhone. One of the culprits is the Cache files created by apps. Yes, it’s possible to clear it, but need to be done individually inside Settings app.

If you have Jailbroken your iPhone with iOS 9, then this tedious task can be eased. A new Cydia tweak called Lautus is now to the rescue. The tweak is available on BigBoss repo and currently supports only iOS 9. Apart from that, it uses 3D Touch functionality.

Lautus Cydia Tweak to Clear iPhone App Cache

That means it works on iPhone 6s series. If you are having any earlier model of iPhone, then you must be having additional 3D Touch tweak installed, to use Lautus.

After you have installed Lautus, it starts working instantly. The primary job of the tweak is to add an additional shortcut in the 3D Touch menu of the app. The additional shortcut is called “Clear Cache”, tapping on it will clear all the cache files of that particular app.

The tweak does not need any configuration and thus, it does not have any preferences under Settings app. Simply install and start using it. The tweak does not do any other fancy stuff, but it certainly helps in clearing cache files easily, that too from the Home Screen itself. Before I forget to mention, the tweak is completely free.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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