Customize 3D Touch Shortcut Menu on iPhone with Brevis Cydia Tweak

Customize 3D Touch Shortcut Menu on iPhone [Brevis Cydia Tweak]

Everyone is very much familiar with the 3D Touch facility of iPhone 6s series. It certainly had made certain things a lot easier, but the limitation is that there is no option to customize this 3D Touch shortcut menu. If you are having a Jailbroken iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with iOS 9, then a new Cydia tweak called Brevis will remove this limitation.

In case you are using any earlier version of iPhone, then you will need to install a tweak to get artificial 3D Touch facility. We have already covered 3D Touch tweaks topic, you can refer to that. Anyways, coming back to Brevis; the tweak is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and it supports only iOS 9 or later.

Customize 3D Touch Shortcut Menu on iPhone with Brevis Cydia Tweak

The primary job of the tweak is to let you customize the 3D Touch shortcut menu. That includes customizing font size, icon size, icon only option, and many more features to come soon. In addition, you can also remove the background blur effect when you 3D Touch any app icon.

When removing blur effects, it is also recommended to highlight the 3D Touch Shortcut menu, to make it visible from the background Home Screen icons. The tweak certainly helps in customizing things the way you like in reference to 3D Touch shortcut menu.

Brevis isn’t free, but if customization is the only reason for Jailbreaking, then the tweak is worth every penny. In addition, the developer has also promised to add more features soon, so overall it’s a nice bet to place.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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