Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs

Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs

Mos of the iPhone or iPad users likes to listen to their favorite songs on the go and the only way to do this is sync your playlist onto the device with the help of iTunes if you didn’t jailbreak your device. You can’t even think of downloading Mp3 songs on your iPhone or iPod without Cydia. You can download MP3 songs with the help of a number of Cydia tweaks available out there. Upon the request of our subscribers, we decided to write a list of “Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs” on iPhone or iPod.

To install any of the Cydia tweaks mentioned in the article, you need to jailbreak your device and install Cydia on it. Cydia helps to download a number of tweaks and you can also download paid apps for free. You can get Cydia Themes, Tweaks and much more which will help you tweak your device. If you are having Cydia installed on your device then we recommend best Cydia sources to download amazing lock screen, notification center tweaks for you.

Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs

Before jumping directly into our article on Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs on iPhone, iPod do check the below prerequisites.

  • Make sure that your i-Device is jailbroken and Cydia installed on it.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded “Terminal” from Cydia.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection to download mp3 songs on iPhone iPod.

So let’s dive into our list of  Cydia mp3 tweaks which will help you download almost any song you like on iPhone iPod & iPad.

Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs

We have gone through a lot of tweaks which claimed to help users to download mp3 songs directly onto users iPhone or iPod and listed the most trusted & working one’s in our article. Feel free to comment down your favorite tweak which you use to download mp3 songs on your iPhone on the go.

#1.MusicDog Cydia Tweak

MusicDog is our first pick in our list of “Cydia tweaks to download mp3 songs”. MusicDog wins over other Cydia tweaks in terms of user experience, design, and many more things. We used the tweak for almost 10-15 days and we literally fell in love with the tweak. Upon a little research, many users recommended “MusicDog Cydia Tweak” to download mp3 songs on iPod iPhone. We have listed down few features which we liked the most in the tweak.

  • East to Use user interface.
  • A Huge database of songs, You can search within the database from the app itself.
  • You can either listen to songs Online or Offline.
  • Album art is available which is missing in many tweaks.
  • You can browse the list of top rated songs and download them.musicdog Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs

You can search for “MusicDog” in Cydia and Install it. After installing restart your device & Enjoy MusicDog on your iPhone or iPod.

#2.dTunes Cydia Tweak

After trying MusicDog upon my friend’s suggestion, I tried out dTunes Cydia tweak on my iPhone 4S. The app works flawlessly and does the job. The app can access content from a large pool of video and audio streaming sites so that you can download and enjoy them on the go. The features don’t end you can check the remaining below.

  • Shake your device to skip the song.
  • Search and download songs from a large database.
  • You can even stream youtube videos within the application.
  • Supports almost all file formats.
  • User-friendly and support to multitask.dtunes Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs

You can search for “dTunes” in Cydia and Install it. After installing, restart your device & Enjoy dTunes on your iPhone or iPod.

#3.EZ-MP3 Player Cydia Tweak

EZ-MP3 is similar to iTunes platform where you can listen to songs on the go with the help of it. You can have a look at the features offered by the application.

  • A wide range of online radio stations.
  • A list of top songs which will get updated daily.
  • A Wide range of genres which you can enjoy.

You can search for “EZ-MP3” in Cydia and Install it. After installing restart your device & Enjoy EZ-MP3 on your iPhone or iPod.

#4.Muze Player

As the name suggests Muze works as a full alternative to native music player with a lot of additional capabilities and features. Muze sports a number of features like download songs and imports them to A native music player. Although it’s a paid application you can follow below steps to download Muze Player for free. Follow the procedure and start downloading your favorite mp3 songs right away.

  • Make sure that you have appcake installed If not follow our guide “How to Install Appcake“.
  • After installing open the application and click on search.
  • Search for “Muze Player” and click on download.
  • It may take a while for the app to get downloaded depending on your internet connection.
  • After installation, you can open the application and enjoy downloading songs on the go.
  • You can even link your Dropbox account so that the downloaded songs will be saved to the cloud.

These are the best picks in our list of Cydia Tweaks to Download MP3 Songs. Hope this guide helped you to download mp3 songs on iPhone iPod or iPad. If you have any queries don;t hesitate to comment down. Do share the article if you liked it.