Cydia Tweaks to transform iOS 8 into iOS 9

Cydia Tweaks to transform iOS 8 into iOS 9 iPhone, iPad & iPod

Everyone knows that Apple released iOS 9 recently at WWDC and many are amazed by the new features. iOS 9 promised to bring a lot of changes in the features list as well as to enhance the overall user experience. Currently, iOS 9 is not in public beta and you need to have a developer account to try it out. But wait a sec, You can transform your iOS 8 device to iOS 9 without the need of updating your device.

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Yeah, you heard it right there are Cydia Tweaks to transform iOS 8 into iOS 9. Most of the new features introduces in iOS 9 are already available over Cydia and you can Apple simply copied them. Some features like Split Screen to Multitask which are especially available to particular iPad model, but you can enjoy the same on iPhone. We are going to cover a list of iOS 9 features which apple copied from Cydia tweaks.

iOs 9 is currently in beta state and we can’t expect the jailbreak anytime soon which stops many jailbreak lovers from updating their devices to iOS 8 to iOS 9. If you are one of them then this article may surprise you and you can enjoy most of the iOS 9 features on iOS 8 itself without any issues. So let’s check our list of “Cydia Tweaks to transform iOS 8 into iOS 9“. You need a jailbroken device with Cydia installed on it to try them.

Cydia Tweaks to transform iOS 8 into iOS 9

Cydia Tweaks to transform iOS 8 into iOS 9

As mentioned above the majority of the new features introduced in iOS 9 are already available for iOS 8 users in the form of Cydia Tweaks. There is no doubt that Apple copied them and it is quite common in tech world nowadays. As everyone is copying from others and adding a little extra features to it and releasing them.

**NoteiOS 9 Feature <== Cydia Tweak

1.Split Screen <== ReachApp Cydia Tweak

Everyone was quite surprised by the new feature of iOS 9 which will help the users multitask simultaneously, but Apple announced that this feature will be available only for iPad Air 2 for now. Most of us liked the feature a lot, but wait do you know about “ReachApp Cydia Tweak” which will enable the same feature on your jailbroken iOS 8 device and you can use the tweak on any of the iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s without any issues.

The native Split Screen feature only supports a few inbuilt applications for now and it may support third-party application, but it may take a while. Unlike Split Screen, you can multitask using ReachApp tweak and there is no limitation of applications as all of the applications are supported. Great !! Isn’t it ??

2.Picture in Picture <== VideoPane Cydia Tweak

So next feature which Apple introduces in its new iOS 9 is Picture in Picture. The feature will allow a floating video window which you can drag anywhere on your screen. With this feature, you can watch the video and browse the internet at the same time. The feature was first spotted on Android devices and I bet that most of you know this. You may also come across “VideoPane Cydia Tweak” which serves the same purpose.

VideoPane has many advantages over the stock “Picture on Picture” feature of iOS 9. At present iOS 9 only supports a few media formats whereas VideoPane can run any file and is more user-friendly when compared to iOS feature. So you too can enjoy the same feature with a lot of advantages using “VideoPane“.

3.Search In Settings <== SearchSettings

Search In settings is another interesting feature which apple introduced at WWDC 2015. Although Apple thought that it might help the users, So that they can search by typing in the search bar. The feature was available for Android device and also available for iOS devices in the form of Search Settings Cydia tweak.

But the only difference between the iOS 9 feature and SearchSettings Cydia tweak is, the iOS 9 one is located at the top of settings application whereas you need to navigate to Settings >> General to use SearchSettings tweak.

4.Low Power Mode <= = BattSaver

Apple announced that the “Low Power Mode” on iOS 9 will extend the battery life by an hour before you need to plug the charger. Low Power Mode is a good idea and Apple said that enabling it will put some restrictions on the device settings so that a user can get an extra hour of battery.

BattSaver is the tweak which is available from a long time and serves the purpose. Unlike Low Power Mode, you can actually tweak a lot of settings and can prolong the device battery life. So nice try Apple, BattSaver Cydia Tweak is the all new Low Power Mode in iOS 9.

5.QuickType <== SwipeSelection Cydia Tweak

QuickType is another interesting feature introduced in the new  iOS 9 Notes app which will make the keyboard into trackpad using a gesture so that you can copy, cut or even edit the text. But iOS 8 users are enjoying the same from a long time using the SwipSelection Cydia Tweak which is quite popular.

6.Proactivity App Recommendations <= RelevApp Cydia Tweak

This is another feature Apple introduces in iOS 9 you can access this feature by swiping across the screen which will give recommendations depending on your location. Many thought it as an innovative new feature, but it isn’t. There are a tweak names “RelevApp” which will give relevant app suggestions on the control center of iOS 8 depending on the time of the day. So if you are thinking Proactivity App Recommendations as a cool feature then you might need to check “RelevApp Cydia Tweak“.

7.Music App Color <== ColorFlow

When Apple showcased this new feature on the Music player everyone thought it as an amazing feature. The color of the music player skin changes with the album art of the song, but it has been there from a long time in the form of “ColorFlow” Cydia tweak.

8.Text Contact Photos <== ConvoPics

This is another cool feature added in iOS 9 which will show the contact photos in messaging application which is available in the form of ConvoPics for iOS 8 Jailbreak users. So try this tweak out to get the iOS 9 feature onto your device.

9.Back To App <== LastApp

Another cool feature introduces in iOS 9 according to Apple is “Back To App” which comes handy in many scenarios. Let’s consider that you are browsing Facebook on your device and clicked on a video which took you to you tube application and now there is no need to press the home button to navigate to the previous application. You can find a toggle at the top left of the screen to use this feature.

But the feature is available in the iOS 8 itself using “LastApp” Cydia tweak. The tweak helps you customize gestures to go back to previous application. You can also set the same location as iOS 9 and tap the top left corner and Bingo, You will get back to previous application.

10.Hourly Battery Tracking <== DetailedBatteryUsage

Apple introduced “Hourly Batetry Tracking” in iOS 9 and it is available from a long time in the form of “DetailedBatteryUsage” intended for the same purpose. So if you are thinking it is a new feature then you need to check out the tweak which is available over cydia.

All the tweaks mentioned in the article can be found over cydia. You can also check our list of “Best Cydia Tweaks“, “Best Lockscreen Tweaks” ,”Best Notification Center Tweaks” & “Best Call Recorder Tweaks“. Do share the article if you liked it.

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