Downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3

Downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 – Quick & Easy

Apple announced iOS 9 with  lots of features and additions which will be rolled out for all iOS 8 users.  But for now only developers can enjoy the latest iOS 9 in the form of beta and users need to wait till the fall. We also made a post on how to transform your iOS 8 device into iOS 9. The beta version is not recommended as it is full of bugs which apple fixes in every update until the public release. Many users updated their devices to iOS 9 and enjoying it. But there are several bugs in iOS 9 beta 1 mainly the power draining bug.

If you are facing a lot of issues on iOS 9 beta 1 then you need to downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 which is the latest stable version. The downgrade procedure is simple, but many people get confused by a number of articles over the internet which deals with different techniques. So we thought of providing a super simple guide on How to downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 quick & easy.

Before getting into the guide make sure that you took a backup of your device running iOS 9 beta 1 to avoid data loss on your device. We recommend backing up your data using iTunes so that in case if you want to return back to iOS 9 beta 1 you can do it without any issues.

Downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3

If you are having a backup of iOS 8.3 then you know how to downgrade from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 as it a simple thing everybody know how to restore from an iTunes backup. In case if you forget to backup your iOS 8.3 device via iTunes in a hurry to update to iOS 9 beta then you can follow our tutorial.

Prerequisites to downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3

  • Make sure that you have downloaded iOS 8.3 file for your device from here.
  • Now navigate to Settings >> iCloud on your iOS 9 device.
  • Now you need to “Turn OFFFind My iPhone to avoid error during the downgrade process.

If you have read the prerequisites then you can follow below process to “downgrade your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3“.

How to downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 -Easy & Quick

  • Now turn off your iPhone or iPad completely.
  • Launch iTunes on your computer or Mac and connect your iPhone or iPad with the USB cable which came along the device.
  • Now you need place your device into DFU Mode to do this all you need to do is “Hold Power + Home button for 10 seconds and leave power button holding the Home button“. Now your device will be in DFU mode which is also known as “Device Firmware Update” mode.
  • Now you can downgrade your device from iOS 9 to iOS 8.3.
  • Now you will get a PopUp in iTunes like the one below. Downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3
  • Next Click on restore button by holding the shift key which will open a popup where you need to select the iOS 8.3 ipsw file which you had downloaded earlier.Downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8
  • The process will start and it will take around 5 – 10 mins for the procedure to complete. After the completion, your device will be booted and you need to set up your device like a fresh device.

That’s it you have successfully downgraded your device from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3. If you are having any queries regarding this article on “How to downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3” do leave your comments below so that we can help you out.