How to Download Appcake from Cydia on iOS 8

How to Download Appcake from Cydia on iOS 8

Appcake is the most heard name among the jailbreak community after the sudden shutdown of Installous and it is also often termed as the best installous alternative available out there. Installous served the community for pretty long time and after the shutdown people started to search for a better alternative so that they can enjoy cracked application on their jailbroken i-Devices. After doing a little bit of research and trying out Appcake ourselves, We finally decided to post a guide on “How to Download Appcake from Cydia“. Appcake got many amazing reviews and popularity. We don’t post BS on our site. We try the things out before posting anything on iCydiaOS.

If you are looking forward to install Appcake on iOS 8 then you can follow this guide as we will walk through the process of downloading & Installing Appcake from Cydia on your iOS 8 device. You can’t try this guide on devices without jailbreak, If you ever came across guide which mention that you can install appcake without jailbreaking and stay away from them. You can’t download Appcake on iOS 8 without Cydia and there are no workarounds to install it on a non-jailbroken device.

How to Download Appcake from Cydia on iOS 8

Appcake alone can’t help you to download applications there is another small tweak which is over cydia named “AppSync“. Appcake will work flawlessly with AppSync and you can’t use the tweak without it. Don’t freak out we will help you install everything which will help you download cracked applications from Appcake on your device.

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You can do a lot more than just downloading cracked applications from Appcake. You can back the cracked application which you install on your device to your computer, Install .ipa files on your iPhone or iPad, Update all applications directly from Appcake and much more.

Note : This method has been tested on iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 5S and iPad Mini. You can use this guide to install Appcake on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ running iOS 8 and 8.1 without any issues.

How to Download Appcake from Cydia on iOS 8

Summary : First things first, You need to add Appcake repository to cydia. Then open the source and install Appcake, Respring and enjoy cracked applications on your device.

The above is a brief summary and now let’s have a look at step by step procedure.

Step 1 : How to add Appcake repository to your device.

  • Navigate to Cydia application on your i-Device.
  • Then navigate to Manage >> Sources >> Edit >> Add.
  • Now you need to type in “” in the url field.
  • Now click on Add Sources and wait a while as cydia will check the repository.
  • It will take few seconds for the Appcake repo to get added to Cydia repos.
  • If you are prompted to respring then do a respring on your device.

How to Download Appcake from Cydia on iOS 8

Step 2 : Downloading Appcake from Cydia for iOS 8 devices

After respringing your device navigate to Cydia application and click on Sources. iPhone cake Repository will be seen in the list of repos on your device. Next click on iPhone cake repository and install Appcake on your device.

Note : There are two versions of Appcake available on iPhone Cake repository. They are Appcake and Appcake +. Appcake works flawlessly on all devices and Appcake + is meant for HD devices. Go with Appcake + only if your devcies support a retina display.

After successfull Appcake installation you will be prompted to respring your device. After rebooting you will find a shiny blue icon on your Application screen. That’s it you have opened gates to install a number of paid apps for free via Appcake.

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If the guide helped you installing Appcake on iOS 8 then don’t forget to share the guide and spread your love. If you are facing any issues do let us know via comments so that we can help you in resolving them. Thanks for following our guide on “How to Download Appcake from Cydia on iOS 8“.

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