Download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak

Download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak

MovieBox is one of the most used jailbreak tweak and there is no surprise if someone is jailbreaking their device just to enjoy MovieBox as they can get access to almost all movies and their favorite tv shows on the go. In case if you are looking for a way to download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak then there is some good news for you as you can finally install MovieBox on iPad iPhone or iPod without Cydia. Many people are searching for MovieBox alternatives for devices without jailbreak and I bet that if you are also searching then  you can’t find one. So the developers thought of making the application available for non-jailbroken devices too. Why do Jailbreak users have all the fun 😛

I have been using MovieBox on my jailbroken iPad Mini to catch up with the episodes of my favorite tv shows on the go. I became the fan of the application the UI and the features are simply amazing. The streaming of the content is simply unbelievable as you can get to watch your favorite shows and movies without the need of downloading torrents on iPad or iPhone or computers. We have tested to make sure that you can Install MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak before posting this guide.

MovieBox for iOS 8 and Up features

MovieBox is an all in one entertainment box in which you can watch your favorite movies or shows on the go or you can simply download them onto to your device and watch them some other time. The previous version of MovieBox which is V3.1 had issues with non-jailbroken devices and the jailbreak for the recent iOS version is not out yet.

Developers released an update of the application which is MovieBox V3.3 which comes packed with a lot of features as well as optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The developers take a lot of care in patching several bugs which may cause the issue while using the app so that users will get a rich experience and fewer bugs.

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I am always amazed by the user interface of the application, It is kinda sleek and sexy and I have no words to explain. The user interface makes it stand out of the crowd. The latest version guarantee increased performance when compared to previous one. I used to experience some lag in the previous version which is fixed now.

When it comes to new features now you can experience faster streaming when compared to previous versions. They had also fixed a bug which is messing with the images of downloaded movies. So If you are thinking to jailbreak your device to use MovieBox then do follow this guide to Download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak.  So let’s dive into the guide.

Download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak

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Download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak

Installing MovieBox without Jailbreak is a piece of cake and easy walk through the process which anyone can follow. There is no need to use a computer to install MovieBox all you need is an iPhone or iPad with working internet connection.  Follow below steps and you will have Moviebox up and running.

  • Open Safari browser on your device.
  • Type in “” in your browser or Click Here.
  • Next select UnJailbroken button and next click on installDownload MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak
  • vShare will be installed on your device.
  • Now open vShare and click on the Magnifying glass.
  • Next search for MovieBox and click install.
  • Now click on Download tab which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • After successful completion of download click on install button which will install MovieBox on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Tada, you have successfully installed MovieBox on iOS 8 without jailbreak.

Video  on How to Download MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak

That’s it You can now enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows just a single tap away. Hope you liked our guide on How to Download & Install MovieBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak. Do share the article if you liked it.

  • Dave

    It doesn’t work for me. My iPad air has ios 8.3.

    Message is: movie box cant be installed at the moment.

    Could somebody provide me with a solution?

    • admincydia

      Dave it worked fine on my iPad air running iOS 8.3 by the way many users are reporting about issues with MovieBox you can try to install PlayBox on iOS 8.3 no Jailbreak which is an amazing alternative to MovieBox. I bet that you will keep using it 🙂

  • jose

    excellent worked like a charm Kudos for the guide 🙂