How to Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo

How to Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo

Apple Store is one of the biggest application stores in the world. It hosts a lot of paid content in the form of Games, Applications which are worth the price. Still many of us search for ways to download paid applications for free and you can download and enjoy paid applications for free on normal devices. You need to jailbreak your device which will help you overcome it. Cydia comes pre-installed on your device when you jailbreak it.

Cydia acts like a store from where you can download Cydia tweaks to enhance your device, Cracked Applications and many more. After the release of iOS 8 jailbreak many users jailbreak their devices and some of them didn’t update their device to iOS 8.3 as there is no jailbreak for iOS 8.3 and only way is Semi Jailbreak iOS 8.3. Cydia has a number of amazing things and one such thing is a variety of Cydia repositories for users need.

There are a number of Cydia Sources out there which are created to help the jailbreak community. Among them, there are few Cydia sources which can be termed as the best ones. Sinful iPhone Source comes under the same category. Many of the users who jailbreak their devices want to enjoy paid applications for free or want to customize the device. We termed Sinful iPhone repository as the best because it’s hosts content which is not available anywhere on the internet.

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The jailbreak community is growing day by day so as the Sinful Repo users. Many people jailbreak their iPhone or iPad’s and some of them may be new to the community who don’t know “How to Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo“. If you are one of them, then there is no need to worry or search for it as we will show you steps to install Sinful iPhone Cydia URL.
How to Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo

How to Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo

As mentioned above you will find a the huge collection of cracked applications. You can download any paid application you came across for free from Sinful Repo. If you want to install Sinful Cydia Source right away, then follow the mentioned instructions.

  1. Make sure that you are using a Jailbroken device with Cydia installed on it. Most of the times you will get Cydia installed automatically when you jailbreak your device. You may come across guides like “Install Cydia without Jailbreak“, using those you can install Cydia but of limited functionalities.
  2. Navigate to “Cydia” application on your device.
  3. Next tap on “Manage>>Sources“.
  4. Now you can see the list of sources installed on your device. Tap on “Edit>>Add“.
  5. Now you can add “Sinful iPhone Repo Source Url” which is “” in the URL field and tap on “Add“.
  6. You may get warnings, Simply press on “Add Anyway“. Cracked Cydia Sources for iOS 7 & 8,Download & Install Sinful iPhone Repo
  7. Cydia will download the “Sinful Source” onto your device which may take a while.

That’s it you have successfully installed Sinful iPhone Cydia repo on your device. You can download a number of cracked applications for free and without any limitations. Do drop your queries, if you have any. Share the article and spread your love.

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