Apple comes with an amazing collection of wallpapers with every iOS update and same happened with the iOS 9 too. There are some amazing and cool wallpapers bundled with iOS 9 update. It may take some time for the iOS 9 update to go public and If you are searching for a way to “Download iOS 9 Wallpapers for iPhone / iPad” then you are in right place.

Now you can download iOS 9 wallpapers and can enjoy them on your devices no matter what device you use iPhone or iPad or iPod. They look eye candy on all devices. All the wallpapers are of their original resolution which is 2712 x 2706. You can download them straight away and can set them as your wallpapers.

Download iOS 9 Wallpapers for iPhone / iPad

The beautiful iOS 9 Waves wallpaper is a click by professional named “Chris Burkard” and Apple made a few changes like retouching the image to give it an amazing look and feel on iPhone iPad or iPod. The picture was actually captured using “Sony NEX-7” Camera. Not only this he clicked many amazing pictures which you can download and set them as your wallpaper which make your device look cool and stand out of the crowd.

Download iOS 9 Wallpapers


link : Download iOS 9 wallpapers

If you are browsing¬†our site using iPhone or iPad then you can save the image to Camera Roll & If you are from Mac or Windows then you can use “Save As” feature to download the image.

You can get the feel on iOS 9 on iOS 8 by Downloading iOS 9 Wallpapers and following our guide to “Experience iOS 9 on iOS 8“. There is no need to update your device to get the feel of iOS 9 as it is still in beta. If you want to know how the iOS 9 wallpaper look on your device, Download & Give it a try.

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