Download Recboot for Windows & Mac

Download Recboot for Windows & Mac

We have covered RecBoot in our guide on How to recover an iPhone Stuck in Recovery loop and you might think to download recboot on your windows or mac machine. In case if you are searching for the same then you might me having problems with your device. Most of the people search for recboot because it is a simple piece of software which will help you boot into recovery mode of your iPhone or iPad with a single click. You can also download recboot and use it to get into recovery of your device incase you have broken or not working home button.

To all those who don’t know about recboot, RecBoot is a tiny piece of software which is serving the jailbreak community from a long time. It is used by many and got many amazing reviews. The tool saved many iPhone or iPad’s by getting into recovery mode with a single click. BootRec is available for both Windows and Mac. Incase if you are struggling to get into recovery mode then RecBoot is their for your rescue.

Download Recboot for Windows & Mac

RecBoot not only boots your device into recovery mode but also you can kick your device out of recovery mode if you did any mistakes while jailbreaking your device or restoring it. The reasons for recovery mode loop may be many and the you can fix it up using recboot. The loop may be caused due to software failure or hardware failure. To know which caused it you can download Recboot for Windows or Mac. If it is fixed then there is no need to worry if not you need to take it to Apple care for further treatment. Lets dive into our guide on “Download Recboot for Windows & Mac“.

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Guide to Download RecBoot on Windows or Mac and How to Use

There are a number of sites out there from where you can download recboot but some sites are spreading malware through downloads which may expose your computer to malware. So we decided to provide the files to download recboot from our site itself. You can download the files and also follow the process to use recboot on windows or mac.

Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop,Download Recboot for Windows  Ma

  1. You can download RecBoot for Windows &RecBoot for Mac before proceeding further.
  2. You can install them normally and after installation run the application.
  3. Now connect your iPhone,iPad or iPad to your computer.
  4. After successful recognition you will notice that two buttons became active in Recboot window.
  5. You can either Enter into recovery or Exit Recovery mode using Recboot.

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Voila !! You have successfully installed recboot and used it by following our guide on how to download recboot for mac or windows pc. Hope that it helped you to enter or exit recovery mode on your device. Do share the article and spread your love if liked it.

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