Download vShare iOS 8 Cydia

Download vShare from Cydia & Install on iPhone/iPad/iPod

As you can see that we are trying to cover some of the best installous alternatives on our site and we have already covered a few and you can check them below

The above are just two of the installous alternatives we have covered until now. We tried them before posting the guides but when we compare them with installous something is missing which can’t be filled. I have been searching for a perfect installous alternative and finally settled on vShare which works pretty similar to installous. So we thought of writing a detailed article on “How to Download vShare from Cydia & Install on iPhone iPad iPod“.

To all those who are thinking what is vShare then vShare is an application which hosts a number of paid apps and games for free in simple word the application hosts cracked applications. vShare is specially for jailbreak devices, You can install cracked applications on your iPhone or iPad using vShare. So incase if you are wondering how to download cracked applications so that you can test them before buying then you can follow this guide to Download vShare iOS 8 and Install on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.

iCydiaOS doesn’t encourage piracy of app or tweaks. We know how much hard work the developer puts in making amazing application. We recommend you to download the applications or tweaks to test before buying. You can buy them from iTunes or Cydia which will help the developers to develop more amazing applications or tweaks. This guide on Download vShare from Cydia and How to use it ? is for educational purposes only.

vShare is not new for most of the jailbreak users, It is known as AppVV previously as it has served the jailbreak community after the sudden shutdown of Installous. Everything was working fine until iOS 7 update and it showed strange issues which made the developer to release major update for the application and renamed it as vShare. After shutdown of installous jailbreak community searched for alternatives and vShare arrived in right time.

You may question us why am I recommending vShare inspite of many alternatives available for the device. The list of installous alternatives goes on and still we find comfortable with vShare because of its simplicity as you can install applications easily as the process is minimal and easy. So are you interested to check out How to Download vShare iOS 8 from cydia and install on your iPhone or iPad or iPod.

Prerequisites to Download vShare iOS 8 from Cydia and Install

  • A working iPhone, iPad or iPod which is jailbroken.
  • Cydia installed on your device.
  • A working internet connection which is mandatory.

There are guides on the internet which will make you believe that you can download vShare on your i-Device without jailbreak which is impossible and only way to install vShare on your iPhone or iPad is via cydia.

Download vShare iOS 8 Cydia

How to Download vShare iOS 8 from Cydia

If you are new to jailbreak community and you might not have tried applications like apptrackr or appcake which will help you download cracked apps. They need AppSync to work properly so as vShare. If you don’t have AppSync installed on your device then you can follow our guide to install AppSync on iPhone iPad. We covered almost everything related to AppSync in that guide to make the overall process of installing AppSync on your device easy and fun.

After installing AppSync the next step is adding vShare official repository to cydia and installing vShare on your i-Device. So lets jump into it.

Add vShare Official Source to Cydia

  1. Navigate to Cydia on your jailbroken i-Device.
  2. Tap on sources which are located at the bottom of application.
  3. Next tap on Edit followed by Add.
  4. Now you will get a pop-up dialog box in which you need to enter the url of the repository which is
  5. It will take a while for cydia to add source and If you get any warnings just tap on Add Anyway.

Download vShare

After checking the prerequisites and installing AppSync & Adding vShare source. The next thing is to download vShare from Cydia.

  1. After adding vShare cydia repo we recommend you to respring your device.
  2. Next naviget to Cydia >> Sources and click on Appvv source.
  3. You will be presented with a list of packages. Search for vShare and install it.
  4. Restart your device and enjoy vShare on your device.

So that its you have just installed best installous alternative vShare on your device. You can now installing thousands of applications absoluetly for free.

Hope this guide on How to Download vShare from Cydia & Install on iPhone iPad iPod do share the article and spread your love. Do drop your comments incase if you are facing any troubles.

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