Edit and Share Music from Stock Music App with Melodic 2 Cydia Tweak

Edit and Share Music from Stock Music App in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Stock Music app on iOS 9 is preferred platform when it comes to managing music; even though there are certain limitations to it. These kinds of limitations have forced many users to Jailbreak their iOS 9 and unleash their power of customization and enhancements.

Everyday many new tweaks are launched in Cydia, while some old tweaks are being updated to work with iOS 9. We have already listed some of the best Cydia tweaks for different purposes like: WinterBoard themes, lock screen tweaks and getting 3D touch on earlier versions of iPhones.

Edit and Share Music from Stock Music App with Melodic 2 Cydia Tweak

Today we reviewed Melodic 2 Cydia tweak, which adds certain useful features to stock Music app in iOS 9. Few of the limitations of stock Music app is that you cannot edit details of a song, share your favorite track, and many more. The tweak suffices these limitations.

With Melodic 2, you can edit information of any song in your library. That includes editing song name, genre, and artist names. It is not limited to editing song information; you can do the same for an entire album in your library.

The best feature of this tweak is that you can share your favorite songs over different platform like: Email, AirDrop, MMS and more. The changes you make are also applied to ID3Tag metadata, which is reflected in iTunes as well, so nothing is lost when you share the song.

Melodic 2 is not a free tweak, but examining the features, it seems to be worth the price.

Price: $1.49 | Repo: BigBoss

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