Cannot Connect to iTunes Store error

Fix “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” on iOS

iTunes is the home of thousands of applications, Videos and Music and it is also termed as largest app store. Apple has revolutionized the whole app eco system with its iTunes which benefits developers as they can serve all their apps to their user base without any difficulties. We can’t imagine the journey of Apple devices without iTunes. Many users frequently report that they are facing “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” Error on iPad iPhone or iPod. If you also came across the error then I bet that you have filtered the internet for a solution. The reasons for the error may vary from device to device and from person to person. We have listed down the problems and solutions which may cause unable to connect to iTunes Store error.

Common Problems causing Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Error and their Fixes

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store error

As mentioned above there are several problems which will cause Unable to connect to iTunes error, We had done a little bit of research and digging to come up with the most common problems which causes the error cannot connect to iTunes on iPad iPhone or iPod and their solutions so that you don’t have a hard time in fixing them. Incase if you are facing any troubles other than the below mentioned ones do drop your comment so that we can help you fix it.

Checking Internet Connectivity

Before freaking out about the error do perform a check whether you have internet connectivity on your device or not. If you are connected to the Internet via WiFi then do check if you are in an area which have good reception or check with your operator. If you are using Mobile Internet then may be you are getting bad reception at the place you are using your device.

Switch Between Wifi 3G

Sometimes while using WiFi we move away from the router and we hardly notice the difference as we may be watching a you tube video which is already buffered onto our device or regular facebooking or whatsapping but if you are having low signal strength then you might face the error. We advice you to switch between WiFi and 3G and check whether it solved your problem or not.

Enabling & Disabling Parental Control on iTunes

Apple has come up with many amazing features with its latest iOS updates and Parental Controls is one of them which will help users from stopping their cards charged accidentally if their children bought something from iTunes without their notice which is a quite handy feature. The feature also can do wonders and sometimes it may fix your “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” error too.

Now navigate to preferences which is located in Top Menu and  now navigate to Parental Control and disable access to iTunes. Now relaunch the application and if you are prompted to iTunes without any issues then do Allow access to iTunes from the parental control settings. Now you don’t face any troubles browsing your favorite content on iTunes.

Incorrect Date and Time

Incorrect Date and Time on your device also causes issues with iTunes Store and You can fix it up easily. Navigate to Settings >> General >> date & time >> automatically >> On. Now navigate to iTunes applications and Tada the error just disappeared.

Keeping the Software Upto Date

keeping your device up to date fixes the issue too. Also make sure that iTunes and Safari browser are up to date. Do update your device if you have any.

Reboot your device

If the above solutions didn’t help you to solve the issue then we recommend you to reboot your device and check whether the error is fixed or not. You can also perform a hard reset by holding Power + Home button for few seconds which will reboot the device.

Troubleshoot Cannot Connect to iTunes store on Windows or Mac

Some times you may face issues while checking iTunes from your Windows or Mac machine you keep on getting the error Cannot connect to iTunes and You may still face the issue then you can overcome the issue with the solution mentioned below. Your machine firewall may be interrupting iTunes connect to the server.

  • Check whether your Hosts file is modified, Sometimes you may face the issues with incorrect host entries.
  • You can check the default host files over the internet.
  • Do revert back to default Hosts files and check whether it helps or not.
  • Restart your device and also make sure that iTunes on your machine is updated to latest version.

These are the most common causes for Cannot Connect to iTunes Store error on your iPhone 4,5, iPad Mini or iPod Touch & How to Fix it. Do let us know if it helped you or not. Do share the article if you liked it.

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