Fix Cydia Crashing Issue

Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS 8

Cydia is one of the best and awesome things for a jailbroken iDevice. Saurik the creator of jailbreak and Cydia who has done a great job which is now used by millions of i-Device owners. Cydia is a place where you can find a number of awesome tweaks and applications to customize your device according to your will. The number of users using Cydia are growing rapidly. If you are facing any issues with Cydia app on iOS 8 ? You are unable to use Cydia because it is crashing all the time ? We understand the situation you are facing and we understand the frustration of users who are facing Cydia App Crashing issues on iOS 8.

Fix Cydia Crashing Issue

As an iPad users I recently came across this problem, Cydia application on my iPad keeps on crashing all the time whereas the one on my iPhone 5S is pretty stable. As a normal user I started checking out several forums and websites to Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS 8. I also found that there are few people out their who are also facing the issue. When took a look at the issues faced by other users many of them said that they are unable to Open cydia application or Unable to download any tweaks from Cydia or Cydia App crashing continuously.

So we came up with a few solutions which will help you fix cydia app crashing issue. You can try this guide on any i-Device running any iOS version as the guide will serve the solutions for Cydia App crash fix which work on all versions.

Common Cydia App crashing issues and their fixes

In this guide on “How to Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS” we are covering a few common issues among the users and their fixes so that you can enjoy cydia application without any issues.

#1. Unable to Open Cydia Application

The most common Cydia issue faced by many users is that they are unable to open the application. The application won’t load and you are unable to open the application no matter what you try to do. Sometimes performing a reboot doesn’t help too.

Fix : After digging a bit deep we came to know that the Cydia is hosted on servers and that they make multiple connections with all users. Most of the times the servers can’t handle high traffic which will kick the site off and you can’ use the application as application can’t communicate with the server to get data. You can wait for some time til the administrators make the site live again.

#2. Unable to Load Cydia package you have downloaded

You may notice sometimes that the downloaded packages are not visible in cydia. Many users complained that they have faced the issue at least once. You can check the installed tweaks under Cydia → Manage → Packages → Installed Tweaks and You may not find some tweaks here and on your home screen too. Don’t panic we have a solution.

Fix : We recommend you to reboot the device and check whether the tweaks or showing up or not. If you are still facing the issue we recommend you to remove unused Cydia Repos from your application which will most probably fix the issue.

#3. Cydia Application not loading at all

Now and then you may see the message “Unable to Load” when you try to use the application. The most probable reason might be that your internet connection might be down.

Fix : I faced the issue once and I noticed that I have incorrect date and time on my iPad. If you are facing the issue check the date and time on your device and confirm whether you are having a stable internet connection.

#4. Cydia app keeps crashing all the time

Many users reported that they are facing Cydia app crashing issues after jailbreaking their devices. Some of them reported that they are seeing error message “x HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error” which means that you have incomplete cydia installation on your device. You will keep noticing the issue no matter how many times you reboot your device.

Fix : We recommend you to re-jailbreak your device which will install cydia on your device. It is the easiest way to fix the issue.

Fix Cydia App crashing on iOS 8 for Unknown reasons 

We have covered some of the most common cydia app crashing issues and their fixes. Still many people face cydia app crashing issues for unknown reasons and for that you can try our below solution to fix Cydia App crashing issue on iOS.

Fix : One of my friend installed several tweaks and suddenly one day Cydia app started crashing for no specific reason. After doing a little bit of research we came up with a solution which will solve the issue.

  • Turn off your i-Device and wait for few minutes.
  • Hold the power key for few minutes and Upon seeing Apple logo hold Volume + Key.
  • You will notice that there are no cydia tweaks as they are disabled.
  • Now navigate to Cydia and delete recently installed cydia tweaks.
  • Respring the device and reboot the device.

Hope that you have fixed Cydia App crashing issues on iOS 8 by following our guide. If you are facing issues other than the above mentioned ones do leave your comment so that we can help you out.

  • Christopher Barone

    Adblocker 2 update is trouble! Causes Cydia to crash while trying to load. Had to disable and remove program. No solution as older working version is unavailable! Screwed out of purchase price now.

  • Christopher Barone

    Just updated Adblocker 2 IOS 8+9 and now Lydia is crashing without loading