Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error

How to Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error iOS 8

Cydia is the best place to download a number of tweaks which helps us to customize our devices according to our needs. But some times we may face problems with cydia and we have covered a few problems and their solutions in our article on Fix Cydia App Crashing on iOS 8. Many users reported that they are facing Cydia Size Mismatch error while adding sources or downloading tweaks from cydia store. So if you are searching for a solution to fix cydia size mismatch error then you are at right place.

Recently when I am trying to download a tweak from cydia I encountered “Size mismatch error” and I am unable to download the tweak. While searching for a solution I found that most of the users face the error and some of them fixed the error some how without their knowledge. After trying several hacks/methods we finally settled on two solutions which will help you to “Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error “.

Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error

Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error [[Solution 1]]

Many users reported that they are facing errors while downloading source or tweak from cydia. We carried out a little bit of research and found the culprit. Lets say you are adding xSellize Repo source and it may be of size 1000 kb but actual size of the repository may be smaller or larger which will lead cydia to throw Size Mismatch Error. You won’t be able to download the tweak or source unless it is corrected by the repo manager.

Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error

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In this scenario you can contact the tweak developer or repo owner and notify them about the error. But if you can’t find a way to communicate then we will advice you to delete and readd the repository which will fix cydia size mismatch error. If you are still getting the error even after re adding the repository then you can try second solution to fix Cydia Size mismatch error.

Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error [[Solution 2]]

The previous solution will help you fix the issue if you are having size issues with tweaks or themes or repositories which you are trying to download. But if you are having any issues with your iPhone, iPad or iPod then we advice you to follow the below fix which will help you to some extent.

  • Turn off WiFi on your device for some time.
  • Now navigate to Settings > General > Network > Vpn > Add Vpn
  • Now underipsec settings enter below configuration.
    • Description – Hotspot Shield
    • Server -
    • password – j8adhk
    • Account – j8adhk
    • Use Certificates – Off
    • Secret – hss
    • Group Name – hss
  • Now save the above settings and Turn on Vpn.
  • Now turn WiFi back on and you will see a Vpn next to your WiFi icon.
  • Navigate to Cydia and try downloading the tweak or adding repo which is throwing Cydia Size Mismatch error.

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You may experience low network speeds as you are using Vpn to connect and download from cydia.  After successful installation of your tweak or repo then you can turnoff Vpn on your device.

Hope this guide helped you to Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error. In case if you are having any issues then do drop your comment below. Do share the article if you like it.

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