Guide to Fix iMessageWaiting for Activation on iPhone iOS 7/8

Guide to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iPhone iOS 8-7

Apple is trying hard to solve bugs in their iOS and they are trying to level best with every update they push to their device. Some of the bugs or issues can’t be solved while some of them like iMessage Waiting for activation error can be fixed easily. iMessage is one of the best features apple introduced and many users are using it. If you got yourself an iPhone running iOS 7 or 8 and you are unable to use “iMessage” due to “Waiting for Activation” error on the screen. Some users reported that the iMessage waiting for activation error is popping out of nowhere.

If you are also getting the same error then we can understand how frustrated you are as we faced the same situation quite a while back. If you are searching the internet for a fix then I bet that you may come across hundreds of solutions and most of them don’t work. Some even reported that even factory resetting their devices didn’t help them to activate iMessage on their device.

Guide to Fix iMessageWaiting for Activation on iPhone iOS 7/8

We searched all the forums and sites to check whether any methods mentioned will help us overcome the issue. But all our efforts went in vain. Finally, we listed a few methods to overcome imessage waiting for activation screen and tried on our devices as well as our friends devices which are facing the same issue. If you tried several times and didn’t activate iMessage then we advice you to give it one more try with the methods we are going to mention in this article on Guide to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iPhone iOS 7/8.

Prerequisites to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iPhone iOS 7/8

So before jumping into the procedure on How to fix iMessage “Waiting for activation” screen, You need to check a few things which we are going to mention below.

  1. Unlock your device and navigate to “Contacts“, Now you can see your phone number on the top of all contacts. If you are unable to see it then we advice you to set it up by navigating to “Settings>>Phone>>My Number” and enter your “Phone Number“.
  2. We advice you to check your device’s Date & Time settings is up to date. To avoid any issues we advice you to set them to “Set Automatically” which you can find under “Settings >> General“.
  3. Make sure that you are in good reception areas no matter you are using your mobile data or WiFi  as you may face issues while iMessage activation if you are having issues with internet connection.

We noticed that sometimes iMessages send an international message while activation so make sure that you have enough balance. Next, Contact your operator and cross check whether they support iMessage or not. If they support it then you can follow below solutions to fix iMessage waiting for activation error on iPhone 4s,5 or 5s. You can follow this guide on any device as all the steps are same for all of them.

Quick solutions to fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” on iOS 7 , 8 – iPhone / iPad

We found that there are 2 solutions for this problem which are working for all. So do give them a try and do to let us know whether it fixed your iMessage waiting for activation issue on your device.

#1.Try Airplane Mode to fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” issue

You may call me crazy, but it’s true you can try yourself to check if “Airplane Mode” fixes your issue or not. Many users even reported that it fixed the issue and it is also the most simple fix for the problem. So let’s see how Airplane mode fixes the issue.

  1. Navigate to “Settings>>Messages”  >>Turn Off iMessage & FaceTime“.Guide to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation on iPhone iOS 7/8
  2. Next “Enable Airplane Mode” on your device & If you are using WiFi on your device, then it will automatically turned off.
  3. Wait for a minute or two and Turn On Wifi on your device.
  4. Now navigate back to “Settings>>Messages” and turn on “iMessage“.
  5. You need to enter your “Apple ID & Password” if you never used it before. Otherwise, you won’t get any notifications.
  6. Now you can turn off “Airplane Mode” on your device.
  7. You may get a notification saying “Your Carrier may Charge for SMS“, tap on “Ok“.
  8. In a minute or two your “iMessage” will be activated and in some cases it will take around 10-15 mins.

Airplane Mode helped many users to fix the issue which includes me too. So if you are having trouble in fixing the iMessage activation issue then do try the second method to fix it.

#2. Try Sign Out & SignIn to Apple Account

Some users reported that Airplane Mode didn’t help them fix the issue even when their carrier supports iMessage. We found an interesting solution for the problem. Your device is linked with all Apple services using your Apple ID and sometimes the culprit is your “Apple ID“. You can use the steps to fix iMessage waiting for activation error on your device.

  1. Navigate to “Settings” >> “Messages” >> “Send & Receive” and click on it.Guide to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation
  2. Now tap on your “Apple ID” & Sign Out.
  3. Next turn off “iMessage” and your WiFi or Cellular data too.
  4. After a while turn on WiFi or Data and after a minute or two “Turn On iMessage“.
  5. Next repeat the “Step 1” and enter your Apple ID and Password. Enjoy iMessage on your iPhone or iPad.

That’s you can overcome the waiting for activation error and we advice you to follow the solutions mentioned here. If you are having issues don’t hesitate to comment down so that we can help you with a solution. If you are unable to overcome the issue then do a fresh restore or factory restore your device.

The above-mentioned fixes helped many users to overcome iMessage “Waiting for Activation” Error on iOS 7 & iOS 8. Do share the guide if it helped you and Don’t forget your feedback on this guide.