Did your iPhone 4S stuck in Recovery Loop? Struggling to get it out of recovery mode ? iPhone 4S is pretty old and still constitute a fair amount of users who are still using the device. The device supports iOS 8 and won’t get any further updates as Apple will stop the updates after certain period of time because of the incompatibility of the latest version with the hardware of old devices. Many users complained that their iPhone 4S stuck in recovery mode loop while they trying to upgrade their devices.

If you are also facing the same issue then you can bring your device back to life, Yeah you heard it right you can exit the recovery mode loop on iPhone 4S. You may have tried each and every solution out their to bring your device exit recovery mode loop. You might have tried iTunes to restore a previous backup which might not helped you either. Don’t freak out we have a solution for you which will help you to overcome the recovery mode loop on your iPhone 4S and you can try this on any i-Device including iPhone 4S.

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Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

The reasons for the recovery mode loop may be many which ranges from older iTunes version, Installing wrong firmware on your device, and the list goes on. So lets dive into our guide on “How to Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop“.

Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop iOS 8

I faced the similar situation on my iPhone 4S and my friends iPhone 5c. I have filtered the internet and searched all forums to get a solution to kick my iPhone 4s out of recovery mode which i get anytime whenever I try to switch on my device. I narrowed down the solutions to fix my iPhone 4S which stuck in recovery mode loop which will help you too. The solutions to fix the problem are as follows

  1. RecBoot
  2. TinyUmbrella
  3. Using the DFU Mode

#1.How to Use BootRec to exit an iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

BootRec is a handy tiny piece of software which is available for both Windows and Mac. BootRec is used to enter or exit recovery mode on any iOS device. Here we are going to use it to exit iPhone 4s from the recovery loop. Incase if you don’t know how to use it don’t panic, We are here to help you out.

Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Procedure to use RecBoot :

  1. To use RecBoot you need to download, You can download RecBoot for Windows & RecBoot for Mac before proceeding further.
  2. Now fire up RecBoot on your machine and connect your iPhone 4S to the computer.
  3. After successful recognition you will find buttons on RecBoot window.
  4. Now all you need to do is to tap on “Exit Recovery Mode”.
  5. That’s it now your iPhone 4s will most probably boots normally and there are low chances that the method may not work. You can follow the remaining methods to exit iPhone 4s which is stuck in recovery.

Do let us know if the RecBoot method worked for you or not via comments.

#2.How to use TinyUmbrella to exit an iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

TinyUmbrella is another handy tool, Unlike RecBoot you can do a lot more than just using it to enter or exit from recoevry. TinyUmbrella has many excellent features which is serving the Jailbreak and iOS community from a long time.

Procedure to use TinyUmbrella :

  1. To use TinyUmbrella on your machine you need to have java installed on your machine.
  2. Now download TinyUmbrella for Windows & Mac.
  3. Unzip the package and run the program. On the first run it will fetch some necessary libraries do be patient.
  4. Now connect your iPhone 4S to your computer while TinyUmbrella is still running on your computer.
  5. Now in the left pane click under Recovery Device and click on the number which will look like numeric digits.
  6. Next look for Exit Recovery button and click it.
  7. Now wait for the device to reboot normally and disconnect it afterwards.

The above two methods will most probably work to kick your iPhone 4S stuck in recovery mode loop. Incase if your device stuck in recovery mode loop while upgrading you can also use below method.

#3.Using DFU Mode to exit iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode

DFU mode is used when your device stuck in recovery mode loop while upgrading the firmware of your device. Incase if the above methods didn’t worked for you then you can try this method.

  1. Turn Off your device.
  2. Press & Hold Power button for 3 seconds.
  3. Now hold the home button without leaving power button for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Now release Power button while still holding the home button.
  5. Tada !! Your device will be in DFU mode.

Hope this guide helped you to Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop. Do let us know the methods which worked for you via comments.