Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue (How To)

iPhone’s became part of most of our lives and we may have little troubles using our iPhone’s now & then. One such issue is iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive or frozen and you cannot unlock your iPhone. Many users reported the issue and majority of then are using iPhone 4S or 5. The issue is may be due to older hardware of these devices.  But there are quick fixes to iPhone Lock Screen unresponsive issue.

So if you are facing iPhone Lock Screen unresponsive issue on iPhone 4S or 5 then you are in right place. You can try some quick fixes we are about to mention to overcome the issue. The main reason behind writing this post is because I too faced the issue on my old iPhone 4S which I use as a backup device. I usually freak out and try several things to solve Phone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue on iPhone 4S. Hope these quick fixes will help you too.

Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

You can unlock your device or overcome the lock screen frozen issue on iPhone by using these easy fixes.Try them out and don’t forget to comment which fix helped you to solve iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue. So let’s dive into our guide

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#Quick Fix 1: Ask your Friend  to call you

It may seem a bit weird asking your friend or colleague to call your number. I bet that they will give a weird look at you, but it will help to solve the issue. Most of the times when my iPhone 4S lock screen becomes unresponsive I either grab my other device to call my number or ask a friend to do to solve the issue. It works most of the time like a charm and in case if it didn’t work for you then you can try other quick fixes.

#Quick Fix 2: Reboot your Device to fix unresponsive lock screen issue

So if you tried calling from your friends device and still stuck at frozen lock screen issue then we advice you to reboot your device which will work as an instant fix. All you need to do is turn off your device and turn it back on after few seconds. Many users reported that they fixed the issue by rebooting.

#Quick Fix 3: Try Hard Reset your iPhone

If you tried above 2 solutions and still facing the issue then we advice you to “Hard Reset” your iPhone to fix it. Hard Reset fixes all minor glitches and bugs in most cases. It is advised to use it when you face weird issues with your iDevices. But it is advised to use this feature minimum number of times as it may have effects in thea long run.

Hold “Power” + “Home” button for 10-15 seconds which will turn off your iPhone. Next wait for few seconds and press the power button which will “Power On” your device and the iPhone Lock Screen frozen issue will be fixed.

#Quick Fix 4: Using Siri to Overcome the issue

Yeah, you heard it right and you can try this if you have enabled Siri on your iPhone. Siri seems to solve the issue and all you need to do is “Launch an Application using Siri“. The majority of the users reported that it didn’t help them still minority reported that this helped them to overcome “iPhone Lock Screen Frozen Issue”. So all you need try your luck with “Siri”.

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miscellaneous Fixes to solve iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue

If you tried all the above and still facing the Lock Screen frozen issue on iPhone 4s or 5 then we advice you to remove unnecessary applications from your devices which are culprits for the issue. Freeing memory will fix the issue and moreover maintain free space in your device which will keep you away from weird problems like this one.

Hope this guide on “How to Fix iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive Issue” helped you to fix frozen lock screen on iPhone 4s or 5. Do share the article if it helped you.