Fix iTunes Download Error 9006

How to Fix iTunes Download Error 9006 [Working]

iTunes is a life saviour for many people out there which includes me also. Whenever we messed up with the device then iTunes comes to our mind so that we can downgrade iOS firmware of our devices which saves a lot of time. But however we may run into iTunes Errors like “iTunes Error 3194“, “Can not Connect to iTunes Error“, etc. We have published guides to some iTunes errors and got requests to publish solutions to fix iTunes Download Error 9006.

Fix iTunes Download Error 9006

iTunes acts as a complete package to manage your iPhone or iPad or iPad. You can back up your device and also sync your multimedia content on your computer and the list of advantages goes on. But many people reported that they are facing “iTunes Download Error 9006” when they tried to update their devices via iTunes. Most of the problems nowadays have solutions so as the iTunes download error 9006.

iTunes acts a complete PC Suite for Apple devices and offers more features when compared to other companies PC suites. The centralized management system helps you to install updates , restore firmware of your device, sync multimedia content from PC to your i-Device and vice versa, You can even manage the application updates on your device from the iTunes itself. In case if you are facing Cydia Error message or iTunes Download Error 9006 then you can follow our steps to overcome the issue.

Fix iTunes Download Error 9006 while Updating iOS firmware

Many users faced the issue while downloading the update on their devices using iTunes and some even posted about the issue on forums too which made us write a guide on “How to Fix iTunes Download Error 9006“.

  1. Make sure that you have a working internet connection.
  2. Launch iTunes and navigate to “menu“.
  3. Next select Tools >> Internet  options >> Security.
  4. Now you need to click on “Custom Level“.
  5. Next click reset Custom Setting & click on “Reset“.
  6. Now you will be prompted with a dialog then simply click on “OK“.

Other Fixes to iTunes Download Error 9006

We found that many users faced the issue when they are using proxies and forgot to turn them off. The error also pops up when you have outdated iTunes version. So it is advised to make sure that your iTunes version is up to date. You may be also facing issue due to security certificate error and the same is reported by many users while installing sinful repository.

So these are our tips to fix iTunes Download Error 9006 and if you are still facing the issue do drop a comment below so that we can help you out. Do share the guide so that we can publish more articles on Cydia tweak and Cydia errors.