Fix iTunes Error 3194

Fix iTunes Error 3194 ( How to Fix iPhone Could not be restored on Windows or Mac ?)

Almost all the softwares you are using in your daily life throw a variety of errors at some point of them and Apple softwares are not an exception especially iTunes. iTunes is not only used to sync media with your iPhone or iPad, It is also used to update or restore your device. You may face several iTunes errors and I bet that you may come across iTunes Error 3194 when you try to restore or update your i-Device. One can’t explain the situation when he face iTunes Error 3194 when he is trying to update a jailbroken device. Official Apple Guide on Fix iTunes Error 3194 didn’t do much help either.

I too faced the same error when trying to restore my device to 8.1 so that I can enjoy cydia tweaks on my iPad. But iTunes constantly throwing iTunes Error 3194 straight on my face. I searched a lot and figured that you need to try different things to fix iTunes 3194 error. Sometimes you may fix it with one solution but the same may not work for your friends. Hence you need to check between solutions so that you can fix iTunes error with ease.

Apple also restricts its devices to downgrade so that they stay updated iOS on their devices. In case if you are searching for a guide to Fix iTunes Error 3194 while downgrading iPhone  then you can follow below steps to fix it once and forever. We tried our level best to point out the reasons ans fixes for iTunes 3194 error.

Fix iTunes Error 3194

Reasons for getting iTunes 3194 Error

  1. In majority of the cases Antivirus installed on your computer or Mac is the culprit. You can disable it and try you can update or restore your device.
  2. Sometimes firewall on your system might be blocking iTunes. Try to unblock iTunes from firewall.
  3. Incase you are using a VPN or using internet in office or universities you may face problems in connection with the validation server to validate the package.
  4. Last but not the least the problem is with your hosts file which is blocking connection with validation server which you can fix easily.

outdated iTunes on your computer is the root cause of error 3194. You will get the iTunes Error 3194  which looks like the one in below screenshot.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 while updating iPhone 4

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194, iPhone could not be restored or updated (Windows & Mac)

We have discussed the causes of the error and now let’s have a look at the solution to fix iTunes 3194 error. After a lot of research we came up with two solutions which will definitely work as a fix for the problem. We tested them on our friends Mac and Windows machines to check whether they may eliminate the iTunes Error 3194 and it worked like charm. So we thought of sharing them with you all.

Method 1 to fix iTunes Error 3194

As we mentioned above Hosts file mostly cause the error and in this method we are going to carry a little bit of editing the hosts file to enable connection to validation server which will help you restore iPhone by fixing iTunes 3194 error.

  1. Login as admin of your computer.
  2. Close iTunes on your computer if you are running it.
  3. Now you need to locate hosts file on your system.
    • For windows the location is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\Fix iTunes Error 3194 while updating
    • For Mac: /etc/Fix iTunes Error 3194 while restoring
  4. Open hosts file using notepad or any note editing software.
  5. Now you need to find this line “” and remove it.
  6. Start iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone/iPad or iPod to your computer.
  7. Now try to update or restore using iTunes. You won’t face the iTunes Error 3194 again.

Incase if you are still facing the same error while restoring your iPhone or iPad then we advice you to try the second method which will help you restore your iPhone easily.

Method 2 to fix iTunes Error 3194

If you are still facing the error or iTunes is not functioning properly on your computer then we advice you to follow below steps to restore your iPhone or iPad.

  1. In this method we are going to use another software called TinyUmbrella which will help us restore iPhone without iTunes.
  2. Before proceed further make sure that your iPhone and iOS version is compatible with TinyUmbrella.
  3. Close iTunes program on your computer incase you are running it,
  4. Now download TinyUmbrella for Mac or Windows.
  5. Open TinyUmbrella as administrator and select your iPhone/iPod or iPad type.
  6. Now navigate to Advance >> UntickSet hosts to cydia on exit
  7. Save the changes and click on apply.

Hope this guide will help you to overcome “iTunes Error 3194“.  Incase if you are facing any errors then do let us know via comments so that we can help you out. Do share the guide if you liked it.