How to Get Apple Watch Style Notifications on iPhone

Get Apple Watch Styled Notifications on iPhone with this Cydia Tweak!

Do you love the way the notifications are shown in the Apple Watch lock screen? Then, why not get similar notifications on your iPhone? Now you might be thinking that how that can be possible. When you have a Cydia store in your iPhone, every trick is possible to implement.

Just before few days, WatchNotifications Cydia tweak was released by using which, you can easily get Apple styled lock screen notifications on your iPhone pretty easily. Thomas Finch develops this tweak and it is available in BigBoss repo, which is one of the best Cydia repos of all time. WatchNotifications tweak costs you just $1. Now let’s see how you can use this tweak and get the Apple lock screen notifications on your iPhone.

How to Get Apple Watch Style Notifications on iPhone

How to Get Apple Styled Notifications on iPhone with WatchNotifications Cydia Tweak

The overall process is pretty simple because all you have to do is install WatchNotifications tweak from your BigBoss repo.

  • Once you install the tweak, open settings app on your iPhone and scroll to “WatchNotifications”.

WatchNotifications Cydia Tweak Settings

  • Now, simply tap on Enable button in the WatchNotifications’ tweak settings.

 and simply tap on Enable button in the WatchNotifications' tweak settings.

  • You should be able to receive all the notifications on your iPhone lock screen as similar to Apple Watch styled notifications.

In order to check the tweak functionality you can send test notification by taping “Send Test Notification”.

Send Test Notification from WatchNotification Cydia TweakApple Watch Style Notifications on iPhoneBesides just using the main feature, you can also customize the tweak according to your needs. App icon shadow option lets you see the app icon on the iPhone’s lock screen when you receive notifications.

You just can’t get a better way to get a unique style of receiving notifications on your iPhone.

I personally loved this tweak and $1 is not a big deal if you want to change the lock screen with notifications. What’s your opinion about this tweak? Do share your thoughts with us.

Price: $1 | Repo: BigBoss