Picture in Picture Mode in Older iDevices with Pegasus Cydia Tweak

Get Picture-in-Picture Mode for any iPhone/iPad Running iOS 9 with Pegasus Cydia Tweak

One of the biggest advantages of Jailbreaking an iOS device is that an owner of older iOS devices can easily access features meant only for the latest iOS devices. For example, if a user of iPhone 6 wants to enjoy 3D Touch feature, which is available in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only, on his iPhone 6, he can do this by using some tweaks.

Similarly, users can enjoy a picture-in-picture mode for any iOS 9 compatible device using Pegasus. As of now, picture-in-picture feature is available in iPad Pro that allows you to watch a video or make a FaceTime call while doing some other task in background.

Picture in Picture Mode in Older iDevices with Pegasus Cydia Tweak

Now with the help of Pegasus, you can use this feature on other iOS devices enabled by iOS 9. This tweak is compatible with different iOS devices like iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad 2/3. Note that FaceTime doesn’t work in this tweak as of now; developer is working on this feature.

Pegasus works really well; once you install this tweak, you are not supposed to configure it. You can now see a picture-in-picture button next to the Pause button in video. If you tap on this button, the video will detach itself from the app and you will be able to access other apps while watching the video. Moreover, you can hide video on the brink of the screen, change the size of video and move it around.

While you are watching the video in fullscreen, double tap on it with your two fingers or press the Home button to detach the video. To re-attach the video, double tap on the video again.

There are some downsides of this tweak; for example, when you re-attach the video, it does stop playing. Apart from this, Pegasus doesn’t work on FaceTime.

Want to download Pegasus? The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo at $2.99. VideoPane is another such tweak that functions similarly and boasts more options. The major difference between the two tweaks is that Pegasus uses Apple’s API for this tweak and gives better result.

Price: $2.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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