Palert Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPad

Get tvOS Like Alerts on iPhone Using Palert Cydia Tweak

Alerts and notifications are a great way to stay updated with the things you like the most. There isn’t a heap of customization available in iOS with reference to alerts. It is possible only if you have Jailbroken your iPhone with iOS 8 or iOS 9. A new Cydia tweak called Palert will help you execute things the way you like.

You can download the tweak from BigBoss repo. After the tweak is installed, it will respring your device. The tweak starts working as soon as the device is back to normal state, without needing anything to configure. Of course, it has its personal preference panel in Settings app.

Palert Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPad

Under Palert preferences, you can customize the tweak to suit your taste. The basic option is to enable/disable the tweak. Other customization features include using wallpaper in the background of alerts, color customization, increase/decrease blur effect, size of alerts, and many others.

In case you mess up the preferences of the tweak, just hit the “Reset Settings” button inside Palert preferences and everything will be back to factory state. The alerts are more like tvOS, so if you want to have Apple TV-like experience on your iPhone; this tweak is made for you.

One of the limitations is that the tweak isn’t free, it costs almost a dollar. Apart from that, Palert is certainly a nifty little tweak to spice up the way the alerts appear on your iPhone.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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