Griddy iPhone App Switcher Cydia Tweak

Get Rid of Boring iPhone App Switcher – Switch to Griddy Cydia Tweak

App Switcher is certainly a nifty way to multitask on your iPhone. Even then, Jailbreak lovers like to customize each and every aspect possible. If you are using Jailbroken iOS 9 on iPhone, then a recently released tweak called Griddy will surely catch your eyes.

The tweak redefines the App Switcher completely. It transforms the way you multitask on your iPhone. Smooth animation is the key factor of this tweak. It is available on Cydia’s BigBoss Repo and will cost you $1.99 to get your hands on it.

Griddy iPhone App Switcher Cydia Tweak

Now talking about the features, the tweak has buttery animations when invoked App Switcher. All your opened apps are displayed in a grid view, which can be scrolled up or down depending on the list of apps open

You can zoom in or out with just a pinch in or out on the screen. You can zoom in up to full-screen view, and then scroll the list to see other apps. Similarly, you can zoom out to tiny apps which can hardly be seen. This is to give you an idea how minute things are taken care of in this tweak.

Griddy Cydia Tweak

The best part of the tweak is that it works seamlessly in landscape mode as well. So far, the App Switcher screen of Griddy does not rotate from landscape to portrait or vice versa. You will need to exit and then turn your iPhone to landscape and then double press the home button to invoke Griddy in landscape mode.

Looking at the customization options, there are many changes you can do according to your interest from the preferences section of the tweak in Settings app. Some of the customization options include changing the size of the grid, replacing app cards into app icons, enabling or disabling grid animations, and much more.

The tweak is definitely worth a purchase, and as said earlier, the key selling point is the way it displays the App Switcher. Your money is worth the smooth animations that Griddy has to offer.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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