How to Hide Photos Videos on iOS 9

How to Hide Photos & Videos on iOS 9

iOS 9 is the latest iOS version which was announced quite a while back. Many users already updated their devices to iSO 9 beta and exploring the features of iOS 9, We published a guide on “Transform your iOS 8 device to iOS 9” without the need of downloading the beta version. iOS 9 has a lot of new features up its sleeve and some of them are increased battery performance, enhanced Siri, Split Screen, Picture in Picture and many more. iOS 9 have also many hidden features which are being explored by many people out there. One such feature is that you can hide photos & videos on iOS 9 without the need of any third-party applications.

I saw many of my friends who use third-party applications available over App Store to hide their pictures from their parents and friends and I know the importance of their privacy. Previously we need to download third-party applications like “App Lock” to hide our pictures on our devices and We don’t need them anymore as Apple introduced an inbuilt feature to hide pictures and videos on iOS 9.

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The process of hiding your pictures and videos on iOS 9 is easy but however if you don’t know how then don’t worry. We are here to help you out. We will be showing you a step by step procedure to do the job done. So let’s dive into our guide on “How to Hide Photos & Videos on iOS 9“.

How to Hide Photos  Videos on iOS 9

How to Hide Photos & Videos on iOS 9 – Fast & Easy

The overall procedure of hiding your photos and videos involves several steps. Make sure that you follow each and every step without skipping.

#Step 1: The guide works on only iOS 9 devices. So make sure that you are running iOS 9 on your device.

#Step 2: Launch Photos application on your device.

#Step 3: After launching the application, You will see folders like “Camera Roll“, etc. Next select the one which contains the pictures or videos which you want to hide.

#Step 4: Next you need to tap the “Select” button which is located at the top right corner.

#Step 5: Now select the photos which you want to hide. You will get a blue mark on selected pictures or videos.

#Step 6: After selecting the pictures, you need to tap on share icon which is located at the left bottom corner.

#Step 7: Now it will open an options pane and you need to tap on “Hide” and You will get a popup, click on hide photos to hide them.Hide Photos Videos on iOS 9

#Step 8: You have successful hidden your pictures or videos. Although they are available in albums, but they remain hidden in their respective folders.

How to UnHide Photos & Videos on iOS 9

In case if you want to Unhide the pictures and videos it is pretty easy. Follow the first two steps and click on the share icon and you can find the Unhide option. Tap on it and Boom all your hidden pictures will be visible now.

Hope this guide helped you to hide pictures & videos on iOS 9. Do drop your comments below. Do share the guide if you liked it.