How to Access Breadcrumb Links with iPhone Home Button

How to Access Breadcrumb Links with iPhone Home Button [Homemade Bread Cydia Tweak]

There are many Cydia tweaks that have been updated or released for iOS 9. Earlier, there weren’t many choices available, as developers were busy in designing tweaks for iOS 9. Last week, we posted about Melodic 2 Cydia tweak, which enables you to customize music library.

Today, we reviewed a recently launched tweak called: Homemade Bread. There is no need to pull out peanut butter, as we aren’t making a sandwich! The job of this tweak is to let you access breadcrumb links using your Home button.

How to Access Breadcrumb Links with iPhone Home Button

In simple words, when any app forwards you to another app, you get a small “Back to app” message on top of the screen. You’ll need to tap on that message to return to your original app; but with this tweak you can use your home button, instead of tapping on the message.

Well, that’s not much of an impressive thing, but if you are using iPhone Plus series that has a huge screen; you’ll have to use your second hand to reach the message. Yes, there is the reachbility option, but for that you’ll have to touch your home button twice.

Once you install Homemade Bread, there aren’t any options to configure. But you can customize usability of this tweak using Activator as an additional option, by assigning different gestures. If you do not have Activator installed, you can still use this tweak. The only problem is that you’ll be forced to use default Home button to return back to your original app.

Price: $1.50 | Repo: BigBoss

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