How to Add 3D Touch Gestures to Cydia

How to Add 3D Touch Gestures to Cydia on iPhone

Apple introduced 3D Touch feature in its latest devices – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. And the entire world went gaga over this new feature; needles to mention that everybody wants to experience this tactile feature.

But not everybody could afford the pricey pieces. So how can our Jailbreak community sit quiet & unperturbed by what is happening in the most exciting world of communication technology? Thankfully, they came to the rescue of those who can’t afford the latest iOS devices. Tactful is a new tweak entered the Cydia family.

How to Add 3D Touch Gestures to Cydia

If you want to argue, you may say that there are other tweaks offering 3D Touch feature on previous iPhones. So what is new in this tweak?

Tactful tweak gives you an extra benefit; apart from getting access to 3D Touch shortcuts on Home screen, Tactful lets you view Cydia packages within the app itself.

Tactful Cydia Tweak

Once you install this tweak on your iPhone (not on the latest two iPhones), you can start exploring this tweak. Press and hold your finger on Cydia icon and you will see four options appeared on screen: Refresh Repos, Add Repo, Recent Installations, and Search Cydia.

All the four options can help you make the most of your iPhone. If anybody is leading a busy life, Add Repo shortcut gives him an extra edge. Normally, adding a repo consumes much time as one has to follow a set procedure of four steps; this shortcut cuts the time with a single gesture.

Search Cydia also saves lot of time as it lands a user on the search page; user can put cursor into the search box and raises the keyboard to type anything.

Aside from above four shortcuts, this tweak helps any user take a peek into packages within Cydia; users can also swipe up to uninstall or install a package. For more inquisitive users who like to watch the entire package page, they can hard press to pop into the package details.

For Jailbreak users, Tactful provides many features and facilities. Use it and share your views, reviews and feedback here.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss