Add Panorama and Time-lapse to 3D Touch Shortcut on iPhone Camera App

How to Add More 3D Touch Shortcuts to iPhone Camera App using Cydia Tweak

The introduction of 3D Touch has unleashed many new opportunity to use our iPhone or iPad more effectively. There are some drawbacks, but we can expect that the new technology will evolve over a period of time.

The quick action feature of 3D touch is certainly helpful, but there is a small drawback and that is, it only shows you four quick action options in the menu. If you have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad, this limitation can be removed with Cydia tweak.

Add Panorama and Time-lapse to 3D Touch Shortcut on iPhone Camera AppAdd Panorama and Time-Lapse 3D Touch Shortcut to iPhone Camera App

UnlimShortcut Cydia tweak will let you have more than four quick action options when you 3D touch an app on home screen. This tweak is mandatory for using the CamTouch Cydia tweak that gives you more than four quick action options on stock Camera app of iPhone or iPad.

UnlimShortcut and CamTouch Cydia tweaks are developed by PoomSmart. UnlimShortcut is required to use CamTouch and maybe for few other future Cydia tweaks from the developer. For now, we will get back to CamTouch.

CamTouch is a free Cydia tweak available on BigBoss repo. As of now, when you 3D Touch Camera app, you get four quick action options. After you install this tweak, you will have two additional options: Take Panorama and Record Time-Lapse.

Although there are no other preferences to be done, you can still use the Settings app to configure it for customization. You can manage the size of quick action menu from preferences, but make sure you do it with care else you will have a crazy quick action menu.

Lastly, the tweak is very small in size and won’t take more than a minute to download and install. Give it a try to get extra shortcuts on using 3D Touch.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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