How to Add Souces in Cydia

How To Add Repos/Sources to Cydia in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Cydia has thousands of different tweaks that can optimize performance or apply a new theme to your iPhone or iPad. There are tweaks that can give you features of latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. But from where do all these tweaks come?

The tweaks are developed by their developers and then downloaded by users from their sources in Cydia app. Cydia is like an App store for Jailbreak tweaks. You must know how to add sources to Cydia to enjoy the world of jailbreaking. And here are some of the best Cydia sources you must have on your jailbroken iOS device.

How to Add Souces in Cydia

How to Add Sources/Repos to Cydia in iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad

There are two processes by which sources can be added to Cydia;

Installing Sources from Cydia itself

Step #1. Tap on Cydia app from your home screen.

Tap on Cydia from iPhone Home Screen

Step #2. Tap on the Star Cydia icon located bottom-left side in Cydia app.

Step #3. This will open Cydia home screen; from the option, tap on More Package Sources.

Tap on More Package Sources in Cydia

Step #4. You will be presented with a list of sources recommended by Cydia; select the one you wish to install.

Tap on Default Cydia Source

Step #5. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation; tap on OK to confirm installation.

Install Default Cydia Repo on iPhone

Step #7. Wait until Cydia installs the new source, and then tap Return to Cydia.

Tap on Return To Cydia on iPhone

This process is little easy if you are happy to install it from the sources provided by Cydia. But there are many other sources that are not listed in Cydia. If you want to add such sources, keep reading the guide given below.

How to Add Repos/Sources Manually in Cydia

Step #1. Open the Cydia app from home screen.

Step #2. Tap on Sources located at bottom.

Tap on Sources in Cydia

Step #3. Now tap on Edit located top-right side of Cydia app.

Tap on Edit in Cydia Sources

Step #4. You will notice that existing sources will have a red sign besides them; you can tap on them if you want to delete any of those sources. If not, tap on Add located top-left side of screen.

Tap on Add in Cydia Sources

Step #5. A small pop-up will appear; simply add the URL of the source you wish to add, and tap on Add Sources.

Add Cydia Repo Manually on iPhone

Step #6. Cydia will now verify the URL and then install the packages. Once it is done, you will see Complete on top. Tap on Return to Cydia from the bottom.

(Cydia might warn you about the Repo, simply tap AddAnyway to continue)

Step #7. After installation is completed, you can click the Search icon located in bottom menu to search for tweaks.

That’s it; you are done with adding Repos/Sources to Cydia. You can use the same process again when you try to install a different Source to Cydia app.

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