How to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources

Many of us jailbreaks an iPhone or iPad to enjoy the tweaks which are exclusively available at Cydia, I bet that at some point you might have thought that “Can I Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources ?” before formatting my device. If you are using a low number of tweaks on your device then it might be not hard for you to remember the name of the tweak to download it again. But what if you have a huge list of tweaks installed on your device ?You might worry about forgetting the name of your most used tweak while you are going to re-jailbreak or format your device or upgrading it to a newer version.

It is quite hard to note down each and every tweak name on a paper or some where so that you can restore it after re-jailbreaking your device. But there are ways which will help you to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources so that you can restore cydia tweaks as well as sources on your device without any issues. We listed down the ways to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources in this article.

How to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources

We are getting queries from users to write a guide on “How to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources” so that they can format or re-jailbreak their devices without loss of their favorite tweaks. So we listened are writing this detailed guide.

We filtered down the Cydia repositories as well as internet to find out the best ways to back up and restore cydia tweaks and we listed 3 cydia tweaks which will help you in doing the job. We have tested the tweaks ourselves on our i-Devices before publishing this guide and you can follow this guide on your devices without any confusions.

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Ways to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources

  • Open Backup
  • PKGBackup
  • APT Backup

#1.Open Backup 

Open Backup is one of the most used Cydia tweak which serves the purpose to restore and backup cydia tweaks on your device. The tweak is available for free in cydia repository. You can take a backup of all the tweaks, sources on your iPhone or iPad and you can restore them too without any hassles.

If you have installed the tweak wondering how to back up cydia tweaks using open backup then you can follow the below step by step procedure.Backup Cydia Tweaks

  • Install Open Backup from Cydia incase if you didn’t install the tweak yet on your device.
  • Respring the device.
  • After respringing the devcie you will find the Open Backup icon on your app screen.
  • Open the application and tap on backup icon.
  • That’s it tweaks ans sources will be saved to your iCloud or iTunes.

The process will take some time depending on the number of tweaks and sources which are available on your device. After the backup process you are free to do whatever you want either you can update your device or format or re-jailbreak. You can restore the tweaks and sources by installing back the tweak on your device and tapping on Restore button which will restore all your tweaks and sources from the backup file.

#2.PKGBackup [[Paid Tweak]]

PKGBackup which is another cydia tweak which is used for the purpose but it is a paid tweak which is available for $9.99 in cydia. The tweak is worth the price and offers a lot of features which you can’t find in free tweaks like Open Backup. Backup Cydia Tweaks

If you bought a lot of paid apps and have premium tweaks on your device you can use the tweak to back up them too so that you can restore them afterwards. The tweak packs a lot of features from backing up apps , Cydia tweaks and sources to uploading them to cloud services like drop box, Address book,Sugar Sync etc. The application is worth the price and best backup tweak if you are looking for a paid one.

The backup procedure is similar to open backup as the user interface is clean and you can perform backup, restore without the need to search for any guides.

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APTBackup is another amazing application which will help you to back up cydia tweaks on your device. The tweak is available for free over cydia and you can install it right away. The tweak does what it says. When you use the tweak to back up tweaks via APTBackup the application creates a list with the applications and tweaks on the device which you can sync with iTunes rather than full backup of applications.

These are the best ways to Backup Cydia Tweaks and Sources so that you can restore them back anytime you want without worrying. Do share the article and spread your love if you liked our article. Don’t forget to drop your favorite backup application in comments.