ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak

How to Change Predictive Text Color on your iPhone [ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak]

Predictive text in Appleā€™s iPhone and iPad is a great feature that gives users an idea of what to type next; or from the typing history of users, predictive text offers suggestions regarding what you would like to type in further. For example, during a calendar year, users wish “Happy Birthday” to many Facebook friends; therefore, when you type “Happy”, the predictive text would offer the next term “Birthday”.

Each time you text something, this predictive text will help you. But if this unwanted help pesters you, it’s time to add some color to the text; because if you disable the predictive text, you will have to use your thumb strength to type in more.

ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak

Before you read further, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is Jailbroken as it is a tweak that is going to change the predictive text color. Once you Jailbreak your device, install ColorPredictive developed by cole cabral from Cydia. Now respring your iPhone/iPhone.

How to Change Predictive Text Color on iPhone Using ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak

Step #1. Launch Settings app.

Step #2. Tap on ColorPredictive from the list of tweaks.

ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak Settings

Step #3. Toggle Enabled option ON.

Enable ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak on iPhone

Step #4. Now tap on “Pick the color of your choice”.

Tap on Pick Color in ColorPredictive Cydia Tweak Settings

Step #5. Select your choice of color and set the RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha).

Change Predictive Keyboard Text on iPhone

Step #6. Now go to any messaging app and type in messages to check whether or not the predictive text shows your choice of color.

How to Change Predictive Text Color on your iPhone

It’s a simple method to follow and the tweak is free. Enjoy typing your messages with the help of colorful predictive text. If you come across any interesting tweak, share with us.

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