Tweak Count 2 iOS 9 Cydia Tweak

How to Count Total Number of Cydia Tweak You Installed on Your iPhone/iPad

Gone are the days, when the elderly would advise the young to count their blessings. But now in this digital era, where people own smartphones like iPhone, the advice would be a little out of place.

Instead of blessings, people like to count their tweaks they have installed on their Jailbroken iPhones or iPads. Cydia tweaks are the most popular things next to Taylor Swift, Rihanna or Justin Bieber.

Tweak Count 2 iOS 9 Cydia Tweak

While we keep piling up tweaks after tweaks, we hardly care for the count. And if somebody asks you about the number of tweaks you are using in a day, you are clueless. As an iOS geek, this would rather project a dumb you in front of your friends or relatives at home. Don’t ever think of counting tweaks manually? This would prove that you are a confirmed stupid.

Better be smart and install yet another Cydia tweak, which is Tweak Count 2 from BigBoss repo. This is a free Cydia tweak for Jailbreak users to get the exact number of tweaks they are using currently.

After successful installation of Tweak Count 2, you can launch Settings app on your iOS device. Scroll down to the tweaks and select Tweak Count 2. On the screen, you will find options to enable or disable the tweak, toggle “Count all packages” option ON; on the same screen, you can also enable or disable Grey Color under the NAVIGATION BAR section.

Enable Tweak Count 2 Cydia Tweak on iPhoneHow to Count Total Number of Tweak Installed on iPhone-iPad

Apart from the packages count, users can also check a package number at the bottom of the same tab. Tweak Count 2 is of great help for users who use number of tweaks every day; the tweak gives you a perfect figure as to how many tweaks are actually installed and used.

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