How to Change Apple Logo Color on iPhone Boot Screen

How to Customize Apple Logo While Your iPhone Reboot

Whenever you switch on your iPhone, an Apple logo will appear on a white background. Why not add few colors to the logo and change the background color? Well, that’s possible by installing a single Cydia tweak.

BootLogoCustomizer is a new Cydia tweak that is released few days back. When installed in your iPhone, it allows you to change the logo color and the background color too. By this, you can set different colors for logo and its background without any hassles. As you are new to the tweak, you might be wondering how to do that? Here’s how you can change everything that appears on the booting screen.

How to Change Apple Logo Color on iPhone Boot Screen

Change the Apple Logo and Background Color Using BootLogoCustomizer

When you use a Cydia tweak for the first time, it takes time to learn to use it. And this is why we are here to guide you to use BootLogoCustomizer with ease. Just follow the below given steps to use this tweak in a perfect way:

  • Right after installing the tweak, Tap on settings on your iPhone → Tap on BootLogoCustomizer.

BootLogo Customizer Cydia Tweak Settings

  • Now enable the tweak by swiping the button to the right.
  • Select the logo color and background color by choosing your favorite shade.
  • Now just tap on Apply Changes and you are all set to see the changes when you boot your device.

BootLogo Cydia Tweak Color Options

Isn’t it pretty simple to use the tweak? There is an additional option to add the color for logo and background and that’s HEX code. If you know the code pretty well, you can just add the code instead of browsing for various colors in the tweak. Take a note that BootLogoCustomizer allows you to just change the color of the logo but not customize the logo shape and design.

The tweak is available for $1 in the BigBoss repo of Cydia store. So if you want to give your booting screen a new look, install BootLogoCustomizer on your iPhone today!

Price: $1 | Repo: BigBoss