Disable Homescreen Rotation on iPhone 6-6s Plus Nuus Cydia Tweak

How to Disable Home Screen Rotation on iPhone 6/6s Plus [Nuus Cydia Tweak]

Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus automatically switches the screen to landscape mode when you turn your iPhone. This is certainly helpful, but it would have been really nice if there was an option to disable rotation of just home screen. The built-in option to disable rotation in iOS 9 has its effect system wide. That means if you are watching a movie and you turn your iPhone to landscape mode, the screen would not rotate.

So, if you want to disable just the home screen to rotate then there’s a Cydia tweak. I personally don’t see any need for this option, but there are users who might be interested in having it.

Disable Homescreen Rotation on iPhone 6-6s Plus Nuus Cydia Tweak

For the users who are looking to disable automatic home screen rotation on their iPhone, there is a Cydia tweak to do the job. The tweak is called Nuus, available for free on BigBoss repo. The tweak is very small in size and hardly takes a few seconds to install.

After you install Nuus, there is no setting or option to be configured. In fact, there is no preference panel for this tweak in Settings app. This is the only drawback of this tweak; it starts working immediately after installation. In case you want to have landscape mode enabled for home screen, then the ultimate solution is to uninstall the tweak. After you are done, you’ll have to again download and install the tweak to disable automatic home screen rotation.

The tweak should have a toggle ON/OFF switch to enable/disable automatic home screen rotation. Almost none of us would want to have portrait mode all the time on our iPhone. Unfortunately, this is the only solution available as of now to disable home screen rotation.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

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